Two Friends Lesbian Sex Story – 3

Read part-1 Shalllu tells me the truth, how long is your tongue, what should I do? My milk came, my gosh, ah, slowly, don’t poke so hard, my milk ah ah oh shalu please no lesbian sex! It’s just like getting sucked in, it’s a lot of fun! Where did Nikki hide my true life, … Read more

Two Friends Lesbian Sex Story – 2

to understand this part you need to read our previous story from where this story begins when you will understand this storyy completely. “Part -1 of this story“ I aaaar ah this aaah we aaaaaah not shallu (moaning sounds) and I also press her milk hard then Shalu also hugged me sobbed Iea this this … Read more

Two Friends Lesbian Sex Story – 1

Today I am going to tell you the story of a friend of mine. This story is fiction, this story two friends lesbian sex started with two of us friends, and going forward there are many twists in it which you guys will love! I am a girl so I would like girls to write … Read more

First Time Sex – Virgin Girl – Indian Sex Story

Hello friends my name is Sonam and today I will tell you how my boyfriend broke my seal (hymen)! It’s an Indian Sex Story. I was 20 at that time and my boyfriend was 21 and we had just entered a new relationship! My boyfriend had sex before, he told me he had a girlfriend … Read more

My Virgin Sister Persuade Me To Fuck!

Today, I will tell you a very sensational My Virgin Sister in which my sister force me to make some erotic love on the bed to prove that there is indeed some love in the relationship between brother and sister. It will be actually very exciting to read the complete story as my sister actually … Read more

Mom found a cure for viagra (Mom Sex Story)

Hi guys, I am back with my mom sex story, which is an erotic story of my mom, me, and a viagra tablet. Hope you like it so let’s get into the story. Before going into the story, let me introduce myself and my mother. I am Justin 21 years old. I have just completed … Read more