“I’m sorry, Miss Ross,” the conductor explained, “I know you have a reservation for a private berth, but due to overbooking all we have left is a compartment for two. Your berth mate is a very attractive young woman, so we hope you can see your way clear to accept these alternate accommodations at no … Read more


The screaming, yelling, and clapping of two hundred crazed women, combined with the relentless beat of a hard rock CD, never failed to get Rolando whipped into a frenzy before he hit the stage! Dressed in leather chaps, a g-string, cowboy boots, and a ten-gallon hat, he looked anything like an all-American cowboy, but with … Read more

Threesome By Appointment

Lisa found herself wondering about the whole situation. Here she was, sitting half-dressed on the couch between her husband of six years and a gorgeously well-built. They were all sipping drinks and courteously discussing the weather as if what was about to happen was a normal, everyday occurrence. Her heart was beating madly, her panties … Read more


Erin let her hand roam over Vanna’s tight ass as the two lesbian lovers kissed passionately underneath the stinging rays of their morning shower!!! The two women couldn’t have been more different, with Erin tall and lean with almost a dancer’s body, perfect 36B cup breasts, and short blonde hair that framed her beautiful face, … Read more

Beautiful And Voluptuous Lady.

Hello Everybody, I am Amit, married and 30 years of age. I have always been fascinated at the sight of beautiful Indian women in sarees, especially a little plumper, but not fat This particular fantasy is about a beautiful lady I always wanted in my neighborhood.I imagine being a young boy going to school. As … Read more

Friend’s Visit

My wife and I were married for 4 years and had a good relationship. We loved being nude all the time when we were home. It didn’t bother us if someone came to the door and saw us.A friend of mine from college who lived in Florida came up for a visit. The day he … Read more


Erica Daniels was dead tired, and all she wanted was a hot shower and a good night’s sleep! A full day of meetings with designers and financial officers had left her totally spent. She always hated coming to New York, not only because of the endless traffic jams but because it always seemed like everything … Read more


Jimmy walked through the locker room on his way to showers thinking about the upcoming report he would have to give at the quarterly meeting later that afternoon, and while he was well prepared, this was a very important presentation what with the head of marketing from the home office due in town to attend … Read more


Claire finished the breakfast dishes and was on her way out the door from her upscale suburban home and into the big four-wheel-drive Ford Explorer. Gliding smoothly into traffic, she thought that lately, shopping seemed to be her only outlet. Her husband Frank was away on business at least three nights a week, and usually … Read more

Honeymoon Hayride´┐╝

The hot rays of the summer sun were abruptly shut out as Nicole and Heath crept into the barn. The spacious cavity within was deserted, and it looked as though the absent farmer hadn’t used the barn in months. It smelled of splintered wood and straw, and the sun sent thin slants of light across … Read more