Jill, a College Girl

She was angled back in the passenger seat; legs stretched, heels on the dash, purple tinted toe nails reflecting the high sun. “Don’t make marks with your sandals on the dashboard.” I cautioned her. “I’m horny,” she said, “I need to get laid.” Her statement caught me off guard, “Why you telling me?” My sister … Read more

A New Day, A New Us part 6

20 comments «1234» StorysmithReport  2019-04-07 22:47:40 I didn’t care for it, but you obviously have a lot of fans, so keep writing for them. I just won’t read any more. BTW, I don’t believe anything that’s from anonymous readers. They could all be one person. anonymous readerReport  2013-11-07 22:38:00 Love the stories omg there amazing … Read more