Before reading this story, you will have to understand Part 1 of the story, which will be Me and my wife affair – 1 only then this Part – 2 will be understood!

She agreed and the next morning I reached home, cleaned and decorated the whole room!

Big surprise to be given!

Ordered the cake and decorated everything wonderfully!

In the evening the wife came to the house and was very happy to see all the decorations and started hugging me!

We cut the cake and started laughing!

Then I told her baby, you sit on that chair, there is a big surprise for you!

My wife happily sat on the chair and I asked her to close her eyes!

After a while, she opened her eyes and saw me without clothes and started saying oh this is a surprise, and started laughing!

I said no no no no it is not there and knocked on the door of the other room from where my office girl whom I had fucked, the girl came out naked!

My wife was surprised and shouted angrily who is she and what is she doing here?

What is all this happening?

I said, let me tell you now, I tied a cloth on the eyes of the office girl and drew her nipples!

She said the same lines which my wife said while cheating on me, slow down or not so that my wife understood what was going on!

I put a cock in the mouth of the office worker in front of my wife, and after a while, she started sucking my balls!

My wife was frozen on the chair and started seeing everything with teary eyes!

I put the office worker on the bed and made her climb on me, just like my wife was having sex with another guy!

She jumped up smiling and my wife started hiding her face in shame, she couldn’t believe what was happening!

And yet another surprise left was Sammy’s entry which I had called myself!

When Sammy came, the gate was open, he came inside and shouted seeing what is happening?

Now you must be thinking why Sammy was called, then listen!

The office girl with whom I had sex got involved with me because her boyfriend was in an affair with a married girl!

Her boyfriend was Sammy and the married girl was my wife, I didn’t know all this before!

All this came to light when my wife went to sleep with Sammy for the second time and I angrily went to the office house and started having sex!

I cried after sex and the office worker asked what happened to me, I showed her my wife’s sex video thinking that she would understand my pain!

But she told that Sammy is my boyfriend, just then we both made this plan together!

Sammy came to fight angrily but my wife calmed him down, told him that he had found us out!

Both of them started watching us having sex quietly and after the great sex, I cum on the face of the office worker!

That bastard too drank my cum to burn her boyfriend!

Her boyfriend broke down seeing all this and started crying and my wife too!

Everyone realized their mistake, friends, this was my story!

Me and my wife affair - 1
Sex in a moving bus between Mountains – 1

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