Me and my wife affair – 1

How are you my friends my name is Sahil and I am 30 years old!

It’s been 4 years since I got married and I came to know about my wife’s affair!

At first, I didn’t understand anything, I got very angry, but instead of talking to him, I fucked her in anger!

She was screaming in pain, slow down but I remember all that!

You must be thinking why didn’t I tell her that you are having an affair?

Because the day she was heating the bed with a foreign man, I had fucked my office girl in the car!

I was very happy but felt bad for the wife, I came home and I found the wife leaving that she is going to her maternal home!

The problem happened when the time of my maternal relative’s call came after many months, they ask the condition of both of us and say a long time no see!

I didn’t understand, it’s been an hour since the wife went, she still hasn’t reached what these people are talking like!

He said son, please can we talk to our daughter?

Just then I understood the whole game that what was happening, she was talking more to a guy named Sammy in her office!

I never doubted her, so today I understand that she has gone there for fun!

I disconnected the phone of maternal parents and said that wife was fallen asleep, I will call later!

I went to my car and Sammy’s house, had kept the folding ladders outside the house, planted it, and climbed up!

Went in through the window I knew if caught, the scene would happen if the wife was not there!

But I secretly went inside and heard the sound from the room, the room was open!

I was just a few steps away from turning my doubts into a belief

I peeped through the door and my eyes widened!

My wife was sucking Sammy’s cock, which she has not sucked mine to date!

She was completely naked and her body had turned red as if she was having a lot of fun!

Don’t know why I thought it better to see her from outside instead of sneaking in!

I wanted to see what limits my wife is making, she was licking Sammy’s balls!

Seeing whom my blood should be boiled, but instead of that my cock stood up!

My mind went back to how she could do this, she tied my wife’s hand and put her on the bed!

Both are naked that boy’s cock was bigger than me and strength too!

He opened both the legs of my wife and started licking her clean pussy!

While she never used to keep it clean, she kept it clean today!

I got very angry seeing this, after putting a finger in the pussy, my wife was fully enjoying it!

After that he put the cloth on his eyes and also on my wife’s eyes and then lying down himself put my wife on his cock, he started fucking my wife’s pussy!

Both could not see anything but were touching each other’s body to feel!

My wife was happily bouncing on his cock, a smile on her face!

I got angry seeing his smile and I entered the room!

Thought I should catch both of them red-handed, but then the wife said, do it hard, I just stopped because the girl whom I fucked in the car today also said this line!

Hearing this line, I remembered my scandals, that’s why I stopped and thought that if they are wrong then I am also wrong!

I was sitting so close to him that I could feel the heat of the body!

I took out my mobile and made a video of both of them fucking and I pulled my wife’s nipples loudly!

she thought it was Sammy but it was me, both of them were having sex like blind people!

I left and came home and started watching videos!

I don’t know I should have cried but after watching the video, I started masturbating after seeing my wife’s nude sex video!

After the masturbation, I found peace and my anger subsided, the next day I went to the office!

I stopped talking to the girl I had sex with because I was shocked to see my wife sex with someone!

We came home and my wife, then all the same things that I told at the beginning of the story that I could not speak, she had some more angry sex!

A few days later I apologized to her and said I love her so much!

she asked what happened to you? are all ok?

I said just like this and got a hug!

I had become emotional, the situation was like this, I thought everything would be fine with what I am doing!

but I was wrong

The next day she again went in front of me with a lie that I am going to my maternal home!

I followed and then she was going to Sammy’s house!

This time my head turned around, I turned the phone to my office girl!

went to her house and ripped her clothes and started having sex with her like crazy!

She was happy she wanted sex and I was banging her hard on the wall!

Yesterday was my anniversary and I made a plan with him!

A big surprise to my surprising wife!

Me and my wife affair – 2!

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