Due to the lack of money in lockdown, my aunt started sweeping utensils in people’s homes. I also started going with him. What did I see?

Friends, I am your friend Illiana, today I am going to tell you a very big truth about my life in this Maid Hot Sex Story.

The thing is that I am from a very poor family. My Dad drives a car and the maintenance of the house was going well, but due to the lockdown, Dad’s work stopped, so there was a lack of food in the house. Now when people cannot go out of the house, people are also sitting inside their houses, so how do poor people like us earn money. So these days in an attempt to improve the condition of the house, Mom talked to Dad that if he can do the work of utensils and brooms in people’s homes, then some money will come into the house.

Dad also compulsively said yes. After a few days, Mom got work in two or three houses. Mom started working in people’s homes. I too had grown up now so Mom would often take me along with her to help her. As Mom washed the dishes, I did the broom. In this way, both of us mother and daughter started working for our household expenses. But still, it was not working; yes we can eat food but it’s not enough to run a house. It went on like this for about one and a half months. But one thing I noticed is that Mom’s attitude starts changing.

Because Dad was sitting empty at home and Mom was earning, she would often misbehave with Dad, rubbish on Dad, and tell him the truth. I could not understand that if Mom has started earning then why she is starting to dominate Dad. But the reason behind this was something else, which I came to know one day. It happened that the house very close to us belongs to our uncle. He also used to drive auto like Dad but now he too was useless. And Auntie also used to work in people’s homes like Mom. Mom and aunty had a lot to do with each other, both were very good friends.

And at the behest of the aunt, Mom started doing household chores for the people. And for this, uncle and aunt had put a lot of effort into persuading Dad. Sometimes my aunt would also take me with her and both I and the aunt would work together. One such day both my aunt and I went to work at Mr. Smith’s house. Those who are Smith are often used to keep some laughter or joke with the aunt. Aunt would also answer them with a lot of laughter. Now I was not even such a child, I started feeling that something is going on between Smith and aunty.

But it was not revealed yet, but for how long it was hidden. One day I was wiping in the drawing-room and my aunt was washing dishes in the kitchen when suddenly there was a loud sound of falling utensils. When I immediately looked towards the kitchen, my eyes were torn apart. Mr. Smith was holding the aunt from behind, and he was pressing the aunt’s boobs with both hands and the aunt was tearing her teeth. I was surprised to see it. After that, I started keeping an eye on them often.

Whenever I used to go with my aunty, all my attention was on this side that when Mr. Smith would do any wrong thing with aunty and I would hide and see. Now my hormones were starting to take their color on my body too. My boobs were starting to form, thighs were getting thick, and butts were starting to come out. The sides, shoulders, back, waist were everywhere as if meat was filling. These bulges of my body used to incite me more for such sensual things. Whenever Aunt and Mr. Smith used to suppress her boobs, my heart would have been that Mr. Smith should suppress my boobs in the same way someday.

But his attention was more towards his aunt because I was young and he often referred to me as daughter and child. I too often went with my aunt instead of my mother so that I could see more of my aunt’s desires. One day when we went to work, it came to know that Mr. Smith’s wife has gone home with her children. So the aunt said to me – Hey Illiana, by doing this you just sweep and go to your mother, I will come after completing the rest of the work. I said yes but I realized that the aunt just wanted to drive me out of here. (Hot Maid Sex Story)

That’s why I started wiping after going to the bedroom without asking my aunt with a broom. Aunt thought that maybe I had gone, so after a while, she took wipes and started wiping in the drawing-room. In this, Mr. Smith also came from outside. When he saw that the aunt was alone, he quickly went and caught the aunt. Auntie started laughing too. Mr. Smith said – did that small girl go away? Aunt said – yes I had said, must have gone.

What a bad man. But I wanted to see the work of both of them, so I hid under the bed silently. At first, Mr. Smith hugged my aunt and kept on kissing. Then she herself took off her aunt’s blouse and the aunt herself started wearing off her saree. In 1 minute the aunt became completely naked. So Mr. Smith also took off his pajamas. His cock in the tights was visible from below. Aunt herself got down on her knees and she grabbed Mr. Smith’s hard cock in her hand and pulled it back. So Mr. Smith’s thick white cap came out.

Aunt smiled seeing Smith’s penis. So Smith said – see what the slut is … sucking it! I liked calling him his slut; my heart wanted him to call me slut too. Auntie opened her mouth and started sucking Mr. Smith’s white cock in her mouth. Seeing this, I felt nauseous, ‘Ooo…’ How my auntie … Mr. Smith’s dick did was taken in her mouth. I felt strange but the aunt was sucking after taking a lot of fun. Then after seeing him sucking cock for a while, I also thought that maybe it is fun to suck it. Mr. Smith also took off his vest, now he too was completely bare.

He maid the aunt lie down on the carpet. Auntie opened both her legs. Mr. Smith, sitting between the legs of the aunt, placed his cock on the aunt’s pussy and then moved forward. Meaning his cock had entered the aunt’s pussy. After that Mr. Smith started moving back and forth. Both seemed very happy. Mr. Smith** said – You enjoy by choking, Sisterfucker… but I have to take your sister-in-law, lay her under me. Aunt said – why what is lacking in me that you are after her?

He said – Hey there is no shortage in you, just the heart has come on her, I feel very much that she is lying like this in this place and I am fucking her. Aunt said – Hey I am trying, I will give you the money sent by you. I provoke her against her husband. And I praise you very much, so that she hates her husband, and draws towards you. Mr. Smith said – So it was of any use? Aunt said – Oh it has been very beneficial. Now there is a fight in their house every day. Looks like soon she will listen to me and make friend with you. I am also bringing his girl on the line, one day you will fuck her too.

Mr. Smith said – Hey now she is small, how can I fuck her now. Aunty said- Hey she is totally a slut, she has turned 19 years old. One I saw him doing fingering. Now if she is fingering her pussy, then it means she wants a cock. And do you mind if that cock is yours? Mr. Smith was happy and said – Oh wow, and then it will be fun. It has been many years that I didn’t fucked hairy pussy. The hair of sister-in-law’s pussy may not have come yet Aunty said – Hey, I saw where his hair came or not… you have to see for yourself. Absolutely raw, completely bud.

Mr. Smith said – listen to me, I don’t know how I want to fuck those two mothers, daughter first, and then mother. On that day when she came here with you, I saw her nipples on the same day, what cool boobs. You get me her pussy, Rs 10000 yours! Aunt became happy – Oh wow sir, so kind! Looks like today I myself have to give you my ass. Mr. Smith said – Yes, why not unless I love your ass, I don’t feel like someone is fucking crazy. After that Mr. Smith said to the aunt – go become a doggy! (Read Sexy Stories Like this at Literotica )

Auntie turned her back to Mr. Smith with great joy and became like a bitch in Doggystyle. And then Mr. Smith spits on his cock and inserted his cock in the aunt’s ass. Aunt was tormented by pain – Oh sir, take it easy… It hurts a lot, pour it slowly. Mr. Smith said – Hey I am putting it slowly, just once let it enter completely, after that I will fuck you comfortably. After that Mr. Smith rubbed his aunt a lot. I put my finger in my pussy while lying under the bed. Their aunt was kissing and here I was fingering my pussy. For how long both of them kept having sex like this, my pussy also left the water twice.

When Mr. Smith dropped his cum on the aunt’s mouth, then both of them went to the bathroom to wash. Then I quickly got out from under the bed and breathed my way home. After two days the aunt went to her village and both of us started doing the household work of Mr. Smith. One day Mom took us to the market and got us all clothes. After that now Mom takes me with her to work in every house but dad does not let her go to Mr. Smith’s house, she herself goes to work there alone. Yes, the fights between mom and dad have intensified.

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