Friends, I am Ragini and I am 26 years old! My complexion is light brown like that of an Indian girl also I’m an Indian girl!

I’m good-looking my friend calls me a girl with a sexy face!

But I feel horny so much that I have come to this website to write my own sex story!

Friends, although I have had sex many times, this story is an American Guy sex story!

That’s the story of the American guy I had sex with!

You must have read a lot of Indian sex stories but have ever wondered what kind of sexual life will be outside!

So let me tell you my father is the owner of the company in Bangalore, India, and sent me to new york (city of America) for studies!

There was my friend Alex was very fair-skinned and shy! He was 25 years old but we used to study together!

People here respect each other’s thinking especially Alex, I had a fantasy of having sex with an American guy!

I finally dared Alex to call him home one day and now I need to give my 100%!

I had to convince Alex in every way so he came to my house, we drank red wine and then danced to a romantic song!

Alex understood but did he want to do it with me too?

While dancing I looked at him and he looked at me! We looked into each other’s eyes and started coming closer and then I kissed his lips!

It was fun before Alex said anything, I put my hand in his pants and started caressing his cock!

Touching his private parts turn him on and then he put his hands on my boobs and started pressing it!

It was so much fun thinking that An American Boy fucked an Indian Girl and I started taking off Alex’s clothes!

I wanted to taste the American cock, so I stripped him naked and took off his brief!

Oh, yours was a big fat and fair cock, I have found only one or two like this in India!

Well, the average Indian penis color is brown and the biggest cock I still got is in India which is 10 inches.

That 10 inches dick was torn my pussy Lol.

Anyways back to the story, seeing his white cock, I felt like taking it in my mouth, so I took it in my mouth!

I sucked his 7 inches cock well then Alex said you suck very well(You are very agile)!

I was so happy that I had another fantasy that was to suck the cock of an American guy!

Its taste was mildly sweet and Indian’s is salty!

By the way, I like salty taste only because I’m Indian!

Alex was too hot, his skin turned pink, so he picked me up and put me on the bed!

When I took off my clothes, Alex climbed up on me, he asked me – “do you really want to do this?”

so sweet !!! I said yes right after that he started licking my pussy and said I always wanted to taste an Indian pussy.

I told him to taste it, it’s only yours tonight!

He licked in a cool way, man, you people should also learn from it!

He was sticking his tongue in my pussy and licking my clitoris to turn me on!

It’s fun, man, then I turned on, I’m going to fuck the thing!

I told him Let’s start fucking!

Alex asked for a condom I took it off the rack and wearing a condom, he slowly inserted his fat cock into my pussy!

Ah, the pain happened after a long time, the last time such pain was given by That guy of Delhi with 10 inches!

Alex put his hands in both of my hands and started fucking!

And I’m having fun now ah ahhhh ahhhh ohh yes Alex fuck me ohh yes because it was so much fun!

Alex was having a great time kissing me and putting his tongue inside my mouth!

He was holding my ass with both hands and started to kiss me tightly because he was about to cum!

Alex slammed my pussy badly a lot of fun guys after that we had one more round fuck!

So this was my beautiful moment which I spent in the USA, in which I had a lot of pain and fun, thanks for reading friends!

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