Today, I will tell you a very sensational My Virgin Sister in which my sister force me to make some erotic love on the bed to prove that there is indeed some love in the relationship between brother and sister. It will be actually very exciting to read the complete story as my sister actually very horny and stunning who blows my mind while I was fucking her with dedicated passion. So, let’s begin the passionate and pleasurable story in which brother and sister cross all the limits to show their love for each other.

My sister was of marriageable age and now she had become beautiful in appearance too. The size of my sister’s breasts was very thick and could not be hidden. Mother was also very afraid to see my sister, no one should catch her.

But my sister had different ideas for me. Everyone in our house used to think of the new age, in which mommy told us that if we both like any boy or girl, then we can tell them.

Because of this, we did not hide anything in the house and mother and father also used to treat both of us very well and everyone lived like a friend. But my sister took this thing in a different way.

Due to the new age, mom and dad used to fuck many times, which we both could hear up to the top. Both of us used to stay up late at night, so we used to hear the sound of mom and dad’s fuck.

Now this was not a new thing for us, but tonight My Virgin Sister came down from the top and started asking me whether I can hear the voice of mom and dad too.

Initially, I postponed the talk, but after some time I had to say yes and my daughter asked why do mom and dad do these things even at this age?

I had no answer for this, but I told my beloved that this is also a kind of love that everyone should do and it is good too. My sister laughed and said then why don’t we do this.

I was shocked and I said that brothers and sisters do not love this one because they do not like it. My sister said that if there is nothing like brother and sister in the new age, then we can also do it.

I could not understand anything, but on my sister’s saying this, I got deluded and I thought of fuck about my sister and started talking further.

I told my sister that it is okay but she will find it strange. My Virgin Sister said that she has grown up now and it will not be strange to do anything for her who has love. Along with it, she also wanted me to give her Antarvasna that fulfill her all naughty and lusty desires without any shortage.

I said yes to my sister and now made her sit beside me. Now I asked my sister to close her eyes and as soon as she closed her eyes I gave my cock in her hand.

Sister asked me what that fat little thing is, then I said that this thing has to be loved by her which is the beginning work in this love. Now my sister started stroking and moving the cock, which made it quite fat.
Now I took out my cock and my sister opened her eyes. She was happy to see my cock and I asked her to lick it now. Sister sucked my cock well and made it wet with spit.

Now I also undressed my sister, stripped her naked and patted her pussy with my tongue for some time, due to which she became very sensual and started sighing.

I also pressed hard on both the boobs of my sister, so that it becomes even hotter and now it was time for sister’s fuck. I opened both the petals of sister’s pussy with fingers and started moving my cock inside.

As soon as the cock went to the hole, I inserted the cock into the pussy of the My Virgin Sister with a loud push. A loud sigh came from the sister’s mouth and which I stopped by pressing her mouth with my hand and I slowly started increasing the speed of sex.

In no time, the sister also started enjoying sex and started getting her pussy killed. Loudly my cock was going in and out of sister’s pussy and now both sister’s pussy and my cock were getting very glum.

After a while, I increased the speed of sex and the sister started moaning and the semen started falling from my cock, which I threw in the sister’s mouth and gave her a drink. Now, if you are eager to read some more pleasurable and soothing stories of sex then you just need to stick with Lit Erotica Story as we are here providing some best and most sensual stories to amuse our kind-hearted and enthusiastic users.

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