Hello friends.. today I am sharing my story with you guys, which is a true incident that happened to me some time back. My name is Selena and I am 26 years old. but I don’t see from my face that I am that old. I am a very beautiful and sexy woman and I have a very good figure. Today, I will go to tell an Aunt Sex Story in which I found two men with big dicks to fuck me hard one at night another at day.

My boobs are very big and whenever my husband gets time..he always fucks me and he plays with my boobs every day. Whenever my husband stays at home.. my boobs are always busy. I have two kids.. a daughter and a son, they are 6 and 4 years old and we are from California.

One day my husband’s nephew came to stay at our house. He came to our house from the village to complete his college studies. Because there was no good college in the vicinity of the village and it was so far away. His name is Alen, he is about 20 years old. But he has lived with me before. When we used to stay at our house in the village. but then Alen was very young and his age was around 13-14 years and he always used to stare at me. Then when I used to give milk to my daughter, her eyes could not move from my boobs. She has seen my bare body many times and just wants to create an Aunt Sex Story. There is a vacant room in our house. We have kept it there.

Alen did not talk to me much. But his eyes were always on my boobs. I used to live mostly without clothes and I wear frocks at home. Alen mostly stayed at home. Because he did not have many classes and he used to go to college only two, three days in a week and during the day time we both stay at home. He was always without a T-shirt during the summer and I used to see his naked body.

Once I came out of the bathroom after taking a bath and I had only tied a towel on my boobs and was wearing only panties at the bottom and when I looked outside, Alen was playing with my son and when I passed by those people Suddenly my son pulled my panties down and in order to save the panties, my towel also fell on the ground and my whole body was clearly visible in my Aunt Sex Story. Then my eyes went towards Alen and I saw that his eyes were not moving away from my boobs. And I pulled the panties up.

Then suddenly I looked at Alen’s cock.

His cock stood on seeing my bare body and the size of his penis emerged on top of his paint and I did not say anything and went to my room. Then one night Alen me, and my children were watching TV and then my son came in my lap and he was pressing my boobs and playing with them. Then slowly he opened my blouse and my boobs became completely bare and he was mashing my bare boobs.. but I did not stop him and then I saw that Alen’s eyes are on my boobs not on TV.

So I told my son that now just looking after your brother, my boobs are staring at me as she just wants to create an Aunt Sex Story.

Then suddenly my son said to Alen that brother, have you ever pressed her boobs, it is very funny. But Alen did not say anything, just was silent and went to his room after sitting for a while. Then one day no one was at home. Except for me and Alen. I woke up at that time and went to Alen’s room. The door of his room was open and when I went inside and saw Alen was masturbating.

He was holding his cock in one of his hands and was shaking hard and for the first time, I saw his cock. He was very big and then Alen also saw me and my eyes were only on his cock. but he quickly put the cock in his underwear and I could not say anything to him, just quietly walked away.

Then once I noticed that many times my bra panty is missing from the bathroom and my suspicion was directly on Alen and once I caught him red-handed. He was pressing my bra on the pillow and pressing on it and was chugging along. So I went straight in and scolded him a lot. But he suddenly pressed my boobs on top of my blouse and slammed me on his bed and himself climbed on me and he smelled his cock in my nose. So I pushed him back and started shouting.. then he started requesting me that he wants to fuck me once and I agree to his words.. but I did not listen and I left from there. Then after some time he came to my room and started requesting again. Then I threatened to tell all these things to his uncle and he again started apologizing and left.

From that day onwards, we didn’t talk at all.

Then one night I had a dream in which he was fucking me a lot. After that many times, he started coming into my dreams. The picture of his cock had settled in my mind and I wanted to see his cock.. but I was not able to speak to him. Then one day I went to his room and asked him for help in cleaning my room.. so he came to my room in a hurry. There was no one at home that day.

Then after a few minutes of cleaning work, I took off my blouse and my boobs started hanging in front of him. I put on my bra and wrapped my towel and put on my panties and now his eyes were fixed on me. So, I gave him a smile as I read from Literotica that girls pleasing guys for sex like this and now he probably understood what I wanted to say to him. Then he held me tightly in his arms and started kissing my lips and I also replied to him.

So he took off my bra and threw it away and started sucking my boobs. just like his uncle, he was playing with my boobs and he pressed my boobs a lot and took out his cock and put it in front of my face. And, I looked at his cock for a long time and then he said that suck my cock. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked for a long time. did not leave even his balls. Then he said having fun that he wanted to fuck me since childhood and he made me lie on the bed and took his mouth till the pussy and started licking the pussy. As soon as he put his tongue on my pussy.. Current started running in my whole body and I started sobbing. Then he wet my pussy by licking it and after about ten minutes it fell and he licked all my juice. Then he suddenly got up and started rubbing his cock on my pussy and then he put the cock on the pussy and with one push put the cock in the pussy and he banged me hard for a long time.

I was helpless under him. He was fucking with eye contact in my eyes and I could not make eye contact with him and after about twenty minutes of sex he erupted for the first time and he put all his semen in my pussy. My Aunt Sex Story is actually very sensual and he fucked me very hard that I never stand up from the bed for a time.

Then he finally kicked my ass once and after that day both of us had sex several times. I was very happy with his sex.

I was getting two cocks now.

Sometimes my husband’s in the night and sometimes his day in the afternoon. But after his studies, he left me and I was thirsty again. But after a year we found an Asian master at our house. Called for son’s studies. To know the further story, you just need to wait for a while. I will also reveal what happens with an Asian teacher as I truly fall in love with her big dick. So, stay connected with us to get some more sensational and erotic stories.

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