A Christmas Wish

I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts were filled with images of my best friend, my confidante, a man I wished was lying next to me and holding me. We’d known each other for years but only recently had we declared any types of feelings for each other. And now, things were somewhat…skewed…between us. And I couldn’t … Read more

A Christmas Story

Christmas is not such a good time for me … it’s too easy to recall good times with kids I will never see again … so I decided that it was time to change the way I was thinking +++++++ He sighed as he hit the ‘Pay Now’ button and waited for the confirmation that … Read more


ABBY & THE CEO CHAPTER 1: THE JOB INTERVIEW “How is it you are applying for this position?” He had identified himself as Dan, the Human Resources Director for the Executive staff floor. “The position wasn’t listed in any open position publication, website or generally available to job recruiters. We generally expect these positions to … Read more

A Christmas Romance Ch. 03

I had a favor that I would soon redeem, from one of my pals from high school. He owned a classy nightclub a few blocks away, and I was certain that even at this late hour, the place would still be open. I wasn’t sure how it would look, the two of us arriving at … Read more

A Christmas Romance Ch. 02

Her kisses were like tasting a sweet fruit for the first time, and her body was untouchable. At the time I decided that letting my urges get the best of me, it wouldn’t be the best idea, causing my thoughts to be encased with wants for more. I was insistent that I keep my pants … Read more

A Christmas Romance Ch. 01

It was my first year of university, the year that is supposed to be full of parties, and most of all girls. Let’s just say that this isn’t the way that it went for the first three months. It wasn’t until the Christmas bug hit, which occurred when I had a major paper due. (Figures, … Read more

Enjoying His Daughters . . . Episode One.

Jerry’s wife had just left for the doctors, leaving him alone with his 16-year-old daughter Mindy at their house. She was tall for her age, almost as tall as her 17-year-old sister Laura who had left early for cheer leading practice. Laura had begun to fill out her cheer leading sweater rather nicely, but Mindy … Read more

A Christmas Miracle

A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE DB86 Xmas special Edited by Pat A miracle changed their lives for the better. *** CHAPTER 1 “It looks like the same vehicle that caused the accident on the Interstate.” Bert advised me, while he called in the license plate number of the SUV to the dispatcher. “Could be a DUI, but … Read more