My Uncle's New Wife; Part 5 Call Me Jill

My Uncle’s New Wife; Part 5 Call Me Jill “I think that’s a great idea Mrs. Johnson” I told her….. right before she kissed me. Her lips were soft against mine as her body pressed to my chest. When my lips parted, her agile tongue found its way into my mouth where it hungrily explored … Read more

A Broken Heart Ch. 07

“So what did you do today?” Jake asked casually over the phone. Heidi was surprised when he had called, but realized that it was silly to have been. Of course he would call. Heidi was hesitant to answer for the briefest of moments. “Nothing,” she lied, thinking of her meeting with her parents. “How’s Fitz?” … Read more

A Broken Heart Ch. 06

Heidi quietly sat on the warm park bench, watching Fitz who was happily running around swings and going down slides. It had been two weeks since her wedding, a two weeks that Heidi could only describe as static. Jake had been unfailingly pleasant and kind. He held her in his arms every night, though he … Read more

CAHILL–Part 1 of 6

CAHILL—Part 1 of 6 by Senorlongo The characters in all of my stories are fictitious, but most—if not all—of the places are usually real. Included are towns, cities, roads, restaurants, and even menus. In this story, however, virtually all of the places are figments of my imagination. There is no Bascomb County, no Bascomb’s Landing, … Read more

A Broken Heart Ch. 05

“Everything is okay, baby,” Heidi whispered to her son, “Time to go back to bed.” She lifted him up into her arms and kissed his head. “Where’s Ben?” Fitz asked, eyeing the strange man as his mother carried him into his room. “He went home. Try to go back to sleep sweetheart,” Heidi laid him … Read more

A Broken Heart Ch. 04

“What do you mean you still haven’t told him about Fitz? It’s been two weeks!” Fran said vehemently, her head snapping up from to look at Heidi with raised eyebrows. Heidi put a chair up on a table and turned to face her friend. She felt bad enough as it was without Fran lecturing her. … Read more

A Broken Heart Ch. 03

Heidi slipped into a tight red dress. It was one of the few dresses she owned, since she hardly ever had a place to wear them. She had gotten it for a friend’s wedding, it was a splurge and she was glad she was having another chance to wear it. “Mommy?” Fitzroy walked into the … Read more

I'd Never View it as Cheating–Part 1

This is a work of fiction—I made it up. None of the characters are real. Any relationship to real people is unintentional and coincidental. ©2015 by Senorlongo. This is a story unlike anything I’ve ever written. It describes a family’s struggle to deal with a major health issue and a wife’s total love for her … Read more

A Broken Heart Ch. 02

The jukebox whispered out a gentle melody as Heidi shuffled around the room, wiping up tables and stacking chairs. She didn’t make much money waitressing, but she needed all she could get. She had just finished a double shift and her bones ached with weariness by the time she was done. Four years. Four years … Read more