Maid Hot Sex Story

Due to the lack of money in lockdown, my aunt started sweeping utensils in people‚Äôs homes. I also started going with him. What did I see? Friends, I am your friend Illiana, today I am going to tell you a very big truth about my life in this Maid Hot Sex Story. The thing is that … Read more

Beautiful and Voluptuos Lady

Hello Everybody, I am Amit, married and 30 years of age. I have always been fascinated by the sight of beautiful Indian women in sarees, especially a little plumper, but not fat This particular fantasy is about a beautiful lady I always wanted in my neighborhood.I imagine being a young boy going to school. As … Read more


“Mrs. Tate wishes to seed you in the bathroom, immediately,” Gordon Tate said to the beautiful oriental submissive, “you may finish polishing the silverware later!!!” “Yes, sir,” Miki Lee replied while averting her master’s gaze, “right away!!!” The completely naked young woman quickly made her way to the gigantic bathroom just off Tate’s personal bedroom, … Read more


Hillary Bond looked out the window as the 747 went into a slow bank lining itself up with the runway. It was 9:00 PM in Tokyo and the lights of the world’s largest city showed like a million diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in the clear night sky. This was her first trip to the Far … Read more