"Don't Miss," He Said Ch. 03

Here it is: the next exciting chapter of ‘”Don’t Miss,” He Said.’ I highly recommend you read the first two chapters of this story before continuing. If you don’t, it’s like dividing by zero: either your head explodes into many little logical fallacies, or your eyes turn black. The following takes place about three days … Read more

How Diana Overcame Her Shyness Ch. 04

Diana had been half-hoping, half-terrified that after her last words James would have simply pushed her back onto the floor or thrown her onto the bed, spreading her legs and taking her roughly like the slave-girl she had become. But she should have known better.  Although obviously very much aroused by her words, James spent  … Read more

"Don't Miss," He Said Ch. 02

This is the second chapter of the romance and intrigue that is “Don’t Miss,” he said. Check back for more chapters, and please vote and comment. Any and all constructive criticisms are welcome. So, once again, I’ll turn it over to your humble narrator, Alphonse. Take it away…Al. ************* I wish that I could tell … Read more

"Don't Miss," He Said Ch. 01

All Characters, places and events are fictional. Author reserves rights to use. This is a preliminary exposition chapter, and, as such, is mostly action, not much XXX. More serious stuff to come, though. No fear. The following chapters are greatly influenced by reader votes and feedback, so please, do just that. Enjoy. –Kyoketsu Shoge ************* … Read more

"Dawn" of a New Era for an Author

This a romantic story of a senior citizen who is an author on Literotica, and meets a very attractive, young women, quite by accident, and how their relationship grows. Hey, I can dream can’t I? You probably wouldn’t have my stories on here, if I did not. Despite the way I wrote it, this story … Read more