Neighborhood Girl

I’d been lusting after the neighborhood tart Cheryl for weeks. Everyone had seen her naked but me. I guess she “Liked” me so she wasn’t ready to let me see her naked. She’d played strip poker with the other neighborhood boys and gone skinny dipping a few times too in my friend’s pool. But not … Read more

A Random Girl’s Story

 It was our second time visiting the old farmhouse. Memories of our first time there flooded my mind as we entered the vestibule. The sight of the fireplace brought back a vision of that night… the glowing fire, me lying on the floor in that red silk slip, cradled in your big warm body, with … Read more

Random Guy’s True story

When we bought our house, there was a fellow who kept his lawn mowing equipment in our garage in exchange for mowing the lawns. I was working out of town and my wife didn’t drive so he would also take her shopping and help around the house a bit – very convenient. After a few … Read more

Honeymoon Hayride´┐╝

The summer sun’s hot rays were abruptly shut out as Nicole and Heath crept into the barn. The spacious cavity within was deserted, and it looked as though the absent farmer hadn’t used the barn in months. It smelled of splintered wood and straw, and the sun sent thin slants of light across the earthen … Read more

One Hour

She didn’t know why he made her do this, but every week she did it. Their car was pulling into a large, circular driveway, and she gazed out at the rolling expanses of lawn surrounding the stately home. Her husband was silent, as he always was on this drive. She didn’t know who the man … Read more


Erica Daniels was dead tired, and all she wanted was a hot shower and a good night’s sleep! A full day of meetings with designers and financial officers had left her totally spent. She always hated coming to New York, not only because of the endless traffic jams but because it always seemed like everything … Read more

Slut Wife Story

Gina Day 1: Gina came back from a shopping trip. Said she’d met Mark, one of her ex-boyfriends. Mark had invited Gina out for a drink one evening. She wasn’t sure whether she should go. Day 2: I asked Gina whether she was going to see Mark or not. She asked whether I’d mind. I … Read more


After having read it for the third time, Danny shoved it into the envelope and dropped it through the mail slot. For better or worse it was on its way now. The “it” was an ad in a local swingers magazine. Danny had seen ads by women and couples wanting to meet a guy with … Read more

Threesome By Appointment

Lisa found herself wondering about the whole situation. Here she was, sitting half-dressed on the couch between her husband of six years and a gorgeously well-built. They were all sipping drinks and courteously discussing the weather as if what was about to happen was a normal, everyday occurrence. Her heart was beating madly, her panties … Read more

Friend’s Visit

My wife and I were married for 4 years and had a good relationship. We loved being nude all the time when we were home. It didn’t bother us if someone came to the door and saw us.A friend of mine from college who lived in Florida came up for a visit. The day he … Read more