A Casual Night's Sex

This story is based on mine and my sexy partners evening sharing each other’s bodies with a few fantasy bits added. My partner is a beautiful BBW and I’m very lucky to have her. Later this year we will be celebrating 12 years together. We have a nice four poster pine bed in our room, … Read more

A Dom Loves Their Subs Ch. 07

Beth put on a pair of red kitten heels that she’d never worn before. With her shimmery, green cocktail dress and Christmas tree earrings, she looked festive. And… very attractive. The dress wasn’t revealing but showed enough skin to tease whoever chose to look at her. She couldn’t wait for Val to see her! She … Read more

A Dom Loves Their Subs Ch. 06

Beth lounged on Val’s couch, watching TV with Katie. “Ahem.” Val cleared their throat and they both turned to look at them. “Beth, could I interest you in, uh, visiting for Christmas dinner next week?” “Absolutely! Do I need to bring presents?” “Only if you really want to.” She nodded and they smiled. “You look … Read more

A Christmas Guest

I fought back tears as I tried again to plead with the perfectly made-up lady on the desk. “But I have told you, I left twice as much time as recommended to get here, and was caught in the huge accident that everyone in this queue was also caught up in. It was not my … Read more

A Chubby Romance Ch. 01

Lisa walked up the stairs and into the loft where youth group was taking place, it was the Sunday morning routine. She was modestly dressed in khakis and a loose dress shirt. She had short hair that complimented her pretty face perfectly. Josh was sitting in a small wooden chair, with a stack of books … Read more

A Chance Encounter Pt. 02

A CHANCE ENCOUNTER Part Two of Two ~~~~~ SOLUTIONS I. THE REVEAL We drove back to Griff’s and pulled into the drive around three. It was a typical day for early fall in San Diego, sunny, mid to high 60’s, a light breeze off the ocean – pretty much idyllic. When we entered the house, … Read more

A Chance Encounter Pt. 01

A CHANCE ENCOUNTER Part One of Two ~~~~~ PROBLEMS PROLOGUE I had come to an impasse in my life. The path I was on had become problematic and I had accumulated some baggage along the way. I needed a change – didn’t want one, but needed one. Fortunately, an opportunity had presented itself. But, as … Read more

A Different Proposition Pt. 02

Author’s Note: When writing stories about my main couple, Ted and Jan, my mind sometimes goes down different paths to shape their characters. “How do they think?” “How would they talk about something.” And I sometimes revisit previous stories when these thoughts come to mind. This is one such short discussion when I thought about … Read more

A Discouraging Word

Summary: A bad breakup. A beach trip. Can Sophie bounce back? Author’s Note: This is my entry in the Summer Lovin’ Story Contest 2022 so thanks for reading and rating it. It’s a slow burn romance with the heroine struggling with her past, her present and the expectations of those around her, and what she … Read more

A Drunken Tale Ch. 02

The sun was beaming through her window and Mary felt like her head was going to explode, or maybe just crack down the middle. She couldn’t decide what was worse, the sunlight, the loud, unidentified clanks, or the fact that she wasn’t precisely sure what happened last night. Either way she knew she smelled like … Read more