Honeymoon Hayride

The summer sun’s hot rays were abruptly shut out as Nicole and Heath crept into the barn. The spacious cavity within was deserted, and it looked as though the absent farmer hadn’t used the barn in months. It smelled of splintered wood and straw, and the sun sent thin slants of light across the earthen … Read more

Everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 2

To read this story in its entirety, you must first read this part, everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 1 only then will enjoy the story! I came to my sister-in-law’s room, sister-in-law felt that I was brother, so she said, turn off the light! I slept quietly with the lights off, I had … Read more

Everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 1

Friends, the name of today’s story is Everyone should get such a sister-in-law and this story is of mine and my sister-in-law! My name is Sid and I am 22 years old, I am fine with height and appearance. My sister-in-law’s name is Ros. Age is 28 years, beautiful in appearance, the body is fully … Read more

How I fuck my distant sister – 2

I remained silent as if nothing had happened and he didn’t even say anything! My anxiety did subside a bit but it didn’t end! The next day it was her holiday and my college so when I came home I saw both the mesh of bathroom and her room’s clothes are covered! Seeing this my … Read more