Judy lay in her bed reading a book while the ten p.m. news played in the background. She was so engrossed by the trashy novel, that she wasn’t paying attention when the news announcer spent a good two minutes on a story about a series of assaults on single women in the metropolitan area! All … Read more

Wake Up Gay Sex Story

It was earlier than usual when Tom opened his eyes from a good night’s sleep, and while looking over at Gary who was still fast asleep, Tom could help but think of how lucky he was to have someone like Gary as a roommate and lover. Both in their early twenties, they were different as … Read more


Claire finished the breakfast dishes and was on her way out the door from her upscale suburban home and into the big four-wheel-drive Ford Explorer. Gliding smoothly into traffic, she thought that lately, shopping seemed to be her only outlet. Her husband Frank was away on business at least three nights a week, and usually … Read more

Fucked by 5 Guys in a day – 2 | Horny Girl

You need to read the first part of the story then you will understand this part. Fucked by 5 Guys in a day – 1 After that at 11 o’clock Harry came looking hot, he did foreplay very well, sucked my lips, sucked my tongue, and kissed on the neck! My mood was set but … Read more