Wake Up Gay Sex Story

It was earlier than usual when Tom opened his eyes from a good night’s sleep, and while looking over at Gary who was still fast asleep, Tom could help but think of how lucky he was to have someone like Gary as a roommate and lover. Both in their early twenties, they were different as … Read more


The screaming, yelling, and clapping of two hundred crazed women, combined with the relentless beat of a hard rock CD, never failed to get Rolando whipped into a frenzy before he hit the stage! Dressed in leather chaps, a g-string, cowboy boots, and a ten-gallon hat, he looked anything like an all-American cowboy, but with … Read more


Claire finished the breakfast dishes and was on her way out the door from her upscale suburban home and into the big four-wheel-drive Ford Explorer. Gliding smoothly into traffic, she thought that lately, shopping seemed to be her only outlet. Her husband Frank was away on business at least three nights a week, and usually … Read more

Bondage Story – Hypnotic Encounters

“Christina, I want you to become very, very horny,” I said as I purposely rubbed my growing member. “I am your master. You must obey me. You are totally mine. Now spread your legs and let me explore your body.” “Yes, master,” she said as she parted her legs. Her legs were silky smooth and … Read more

My First Gay Experience

My name is Robert and I am now married to Ania, who I have written true stories about, but this story is about my first gay experience. While I was living in the West Country I learned massage as a second income to my small business that I was running. It only took a few … Read more

The Door Bell

Ding-dong. “Who in the world could that be this early in the morning?” Judy thought as she moved to the door. Judy’s husband had left for work about a half-hour ago and the kids had gotten on the school bus just moments before. Maybe one of them had forgotten something she thought as she moved … Read more

A Night of Firsts

My hubby has a friend, Jim, who has been trying to get into my pants for years. Over a year ago, he started dating this cute brunette. From what my hubby told me, Jim’s girlfriend, Heather, is a wild girl. I figured that I could finally let down my guard around Jim since he is … Read more

Everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 2

To read this story in its entirety, you must first read this part, everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 1 only then will enjoy the story! I came to my sister-in-law’s room, sister-in-law felt that I was brother, so she said, turn off the light! I slept quietly with the lights off, I had … Read more

Everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 1

Friends, the name of today’s story is Everyone should get such a sister-in-law and this story is of mine and my sister-in-law! My name is Sid and I am 22 years old, I am fine with height and appearance. My sister-in-law’s name is Ros. Age is 28 years, beautiful in appearance, the body is fully … Read more

Me and my wife affair – 1

How are you my friends my name is Sahil and I am 30 years old! It’s been 4 years since I got married and I came to know about my wife’s affair! At first, I didn’t understand anything, I got very angry, but instead of talking to him, I fucked her in anger! She was … Read more