A Change of Heart

Grace Elle Louise Granthom-Wesley, the only child of Sir Edward Granthom-Wesley and Lady Louise Granthom-Wesley of Fellows Park in Surrey, is to be married to the Honourable Captain Charles Montgomery, youngest son of the late Earl Partington and Mrs Elisabeth Bennow. So ran the announcement in London’s Tatler magazine, the wedding to be held in … Read more

Second Chance At The Beach With Kate

I never would have expected it, but I should of, because just last year, I told myself they’d be back, and like clockwork, they showed up. Every time I headed over to the beach, I hoped that the family from before would be there, but they never were. However, this time as I went over, … Read more

My Son's Migraines (Ch 5 & Epilogue)

This story is a work of fantasy. None of it is true. Don’t use it for inspiration. Don’t hurt people you love. [Read previous chapters before proceeding] Chapter 1: sexstories.com/story/104332/ (4100 words) Chapter 2: sexstories.com/story/104363/ (1650 words) Chapter 3: sexstories.com/story/104365/ (2300 words) Chapter 4: sexstories.com/story/104377/ (3500 words) Chapter 5/Epilogue is 2000 words [AUTHORS NOTE: I … Read more

College Daze – Chapter 2

College Daze – Chapter 2 “I need an honest answer, Keith” my girlfriend, Cassie Mansden, let out in a quiet and sombre tone. “Is there someone else?” “Yeah, I think there might be, Cassie. It’s too early to tell yet, though.” Cassie? I never called her Cassie. It had always been my favourite nickname, Kitten, … Read more

When the Need Strikes – Chapter 6 (Final)

Neither sibling got out of bed the next day. They each just lay in their respective bedrooms, staring at the ceiling, remembering what they’d done. The positions…the locations…the sensations. They told their parents that they’d come down with some kind of stomach flu, and it wasn’t until noon the day after that either of them … Read more

Southern Hospitality Ch.01

Ash gawped at his mother, incredulous as to what she had just said. He understood the basic premise of what had happened, but the reasoning she must have had absolutely baffled him. “Why?! Why would you do that?!” He pleaded, voice light and desperate. She shrugged, looking across at him with a raised eyebrow, chewing … Read more