How are you guys, today I am going to tell you the story of my sexual relationship with two boys from my college i.e. college sex story Fucked by Two Boys!

Friends, two boys named Diego and Antonio used to study in my college. It’s been a few months now and I’m having a relationship with both of them!

The relation is such that both of them are trying to make me crazy that they love while both have to have sex with me!

First Antonio had proposed to me, I thought its college time and everyone had a boyfriend, so I told him yes!

The very next day he entrapped me and asked me for nudes and don’t know what happen with me I send my nudes because the guy is damn good!

The next day Antonio might have told Diego everything as both of them were good friends!

Then the same night Diego’s call came and he trapped me in such a way and finally told me clearly that he wants to have sex with me!

I refused sex but not nudes, so I sent her a nude photo!

Friends, this was not the first time, I have come in relation, I have talked to many people and I understand how they are!

These two boys may have come just for sex but I really liked them and they were not even going to tell anyone except each other!

So I couldn’t refuse him even if he spoke for nude photos or video calls!

Diego was very stubborn in the video call, repeatedly talking, show the pussy, show the ass or rub your nipples!

If I refused, he would have felt bad, then I would not have refused!

Antonio would tell me, don’t tell Diego about us and Diego would also say the same thing, don’t tell Antonio!

But both were bastards, both used to tell all the things to each other, one day Diego was even caught in the talks!

I made a video call to Antonio, he saw my new bra, it was red, after that in the night, Diego said, I refused to see the bra!

In anger, he said that I want to see your new red bra! I asked how did you know that? Then he said that I see your bra strip and then he changes the topic.

One day he called me to the room, I knew Antonio that he was calling for a fuck but Diego didn’t know what to do!

they both stay in the same room and Diego goes outside for some work.

We were sitting in the room, Diego’s call had come, then he was walking in the street outside!

In this, Antonio said to me, listen, I love you very much and started kissing me on the lips!

I loved her so it was fun kissing her lips!

She took advantage of Diego’s departure and implied in such a way that baby for the first time we are alone, there will not be a better chance than this!

He seduced me and persuaded me to open my clothes, I was afraid Diego might not come!

If he comes, what will he think and or else he also asks for sex but Diego did not come and Antonio was trying to convince me to suck cock!

I was not agreeing, he took out his cock and was treating me in a rude way, he put my mouth on the cock and say suck it for me!

I thought man when I am sucking, I like to think so much and I like him and I sucked his cock fiercely and gave him all the fun!

He undressed me and started licking my pussy and kissed me well for about 20 minutes!

After that, he cum in my mouth and I take his cum in my mouth then spit it outside.

When I went out wearing clothes and washing my hands, Diego was coming in!

He looked into my eyes and he understood that what I do inside with Antonio.

I felt bad for Diego that man he likes me and he got to know everything!

He just kissed my cheek and ate quietly and fell asleep!

Antonio ate delicious food and slept! But Diego was lying, he could not sleep, I knew he must be thinking of me!

Antonio was sleeping so I slept on another bed with Diego!

He turned his back to me. I kissed his neck. He refused. I kept on kissing. He agreed again!

I put my hand in his shorts, caressed his fat cock for a while and his mood was made!

He turned towards me and started kissing my lips, enjoyed it, today the second sex was going to happen!

He slid my clothes down and slowly put the cock in the pussy and slowly started fucking my pussy!

I was having a lot of fun sucking my boobs and biting my nipples! He was fucking slowly so that Antonio would not wake up!

I love the way he fucked me, softly for about half an hour, and after that removed all his cum in the condom!

Then we quickly got dressed and slept with Diego till morning!

So, friends, this was my sex story of mine, hope this will help you to fap!

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