Honeymoon Hayride

The summer sun’s hot rays were abruptly shut out as Nicole and Heath crept into the barn. The spacious cavity within was deserted, and it looked as though the absent farmer hadn’t used the barn in months. It smelled of splintered wood and straw, and the sun sent thin slants of light across the earthen floor.

Heath smiled conspiratorially at Nicole and, taking her hand, led her to a hay-filled corner. They’d acted on impulse, letting their sudden aching desires dictate their actions. So much of the honeymoon had been this way; spontaneous sidetracks from the main road, urgent fucking in barely concealed public places: the park, the information booth, the gas station toilet. Their hunger for each other was paramount. They could have gone sightseeing in a desert and it wouldn’t have made a difference. Every place was an Eden and every moment was marked by wet, hard obsession.

Heath pulled Nicole close and kissed her, sliding his hand up her smooth brown thigh as he did so. His kiss was passionate, full of urgency, and she felt a wave of heat well up within her. She put her hand to his crotch and felt the warm hardness of his cock as it strained against his jeans. She kissed her way down his chest, once again admiring the firm muscles of his abdomen, and released him from the denim, taking the shaft of his cock into her mouth. She heard him groan and reveled in the sound. She loved the way he became helpless beneath her lips, disarmed by the pleasure she exacted from him.

Smiling, he dropped to his knees and rewarded her with another kiss, his hands cupping her cheeks gently. Then he pushed her back onto the straw and applied his mouth to her breasts, teasing her nipples with his tongue while his fingers gently probed between her legs. She felt him ease her labia apart and sighed as he stroked his index finger up and down her wet, warm slit.

It wasn’t long before his tongue replaced his fingers, and she moaned as he licked her hard bud with delicate strokes, small at first and then harder and longer. He was an expert at this. He knew how to titillate her pussy and tease out the tendrils of pleasure so that every touch was more exquisite than the last. She opened herself to his ministrations, a smile forming at the corners of her mouth as she thought to herself, He’s mine, all mine.

She rode him harder, eager to extract the ultimate rush of ecstasy from him…

It didn’t take long. Her orgasm exploded from her almost before she was ready, drawing a shuddering moan from the back of her throat as her cunt contracted against his face.

Now it was his turn. He sat ready for her, his hard cock jutting upwards as if it were straining to find her. She straddled him, impaling herself on him and feeling his flesh fill her completely. They fit together perfectly, like a well-formed puzzle, and she simply sat astride him for a few moments, gazing into his eyes and admiring the wonder of her new husband.

She began to move, slowly at first, sliding his hardness in and out of her just the way he liked it. She watched his face, loving the way his forehead became creased as the pleasure mounted. Soon, however, she felt her own excitement growing and reached down to stroke her own clit. She surprised herself; her ability to orgasm had seemed insatiable on this trip.

The pace increased, and Heath began to moan. She rode him harder, eager to extract the ultimate rush of ecstasy from him. Her fingers moved at her clit, faster and faster, until she came again, her pussy squeezing his cock and bringing on his own orgasm. He bucked under her, and they both groaned with satisfaction as their climaxes subsided. They collapsed together onto the hay, spent and smiling.

Nicole lay and looked up at the barn roof for a few moments, but then she noticed that Heath had stood up and moved away. She barely had time to register what he was doing before a spray of cool water splashed across her naked body.

“Water fight!” he yelled, brandishing a hose that had been laying nearby.

Within seconds she was soaked and giggling like a child. Not willing to let him get away with it she dodged the jet of water and began to grapple with him, trying to wrest the hose away to get her revenge. They wrestled playfully and soon they were both dripping and breathless with laughter, the water washing the straw, and the smell of sex from their bodies.

Heath turned off the hose, drew him to her, and kissed her lips with a possessive tenderness. It had been another wonderful sidetrack to an already blissful honeymoon.

Still damp, they dressed and left the barn, holding hands and wondering where the road would lead them next.

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