Friends, my name is Justin and I am a delivery person, I will not write the name of the company I work for!

I am 23 years old now and I look simple! So this story Lucky Delivery Boy’s Fucked a Hot Girl has been written by the delivery boy of New York City, where I keep delivering nearby places!

So there was no girl in my life anyway and I used to be very happy to see girls from the rich area!

It was the age of youth and I still haven’t found a girlfriend!

anyways leave it is a matter of the new year which has gone recently! Everyone was very happy and I was happy to deliver to everyone I made a lot of money!

20 minutes before the new year I got an order which was my last order! At around 12.05 am I reached the address where it was making a lot of noise!

The party was going on there, the party was going on all over the world! Everyone was screaming like crazy and I was banging on someone’s door because they were not listening!

I do lots of calls to a girl named Rosy whose order was there but she did not pick up!

There was another gate behind, if the food was late, I would have been scolded, that’s why I started making noise from the back door!

But no one came outside, the gate was open so I went inside and after a while, I saw at least 5 girls dancing in bras and panties!

I looked for a while and panicked then I went back I called again and she picked up!

I told him how long I had been standing outside and now waiting for him at the back gate!

Then she said that the gate is open, come inside and by the time I went inside, the girls were wearing clothes!

I give the food and took the money and said Happy New Year to them and started leaving!

Then the sound of the Rosy came, wait, then I stopped, I say yes mam!

She told me that “are you not celebrating the new year?”
, so I said no, I do not have friends, that’s why I will go home and sleep, this is the fun of my new year and that’s how I celebrate!

So she said is someone waiting at home? no, I live alone!

So she asked, now you have to go to work, I said that it’s my last delivery and I am on leave tomorrow!

So she stopped me so that I could have a New Year’s party with them! I stopped because I am not so stupid that invited by beautiful girls to the party and I don’t go!

I came in they asked me to drink whiskey I drank and we had a lot of fun then they asked me to take off my clothes and dance!

I started to shy away anyway I had become Drunk, so the girls said why are you shy!

She took off her clothes and started dancing! No, she was not naked, she was just in bra panties, I could not understand what was going on!

Not a single girl was found at one time and today 5 girls are dancing half-naked with me!

It was 4 o’clock in the night, all had calmed down, the girls had fallen on the couch half-naked and some on the ground!

The nipples of one of them were visible and the hair of one’s pussy!

I ignored everything because I know who am I (just a delivery guy) and went to sleep alone in the other room!

I’m drunk and suddenly I felt wet and saw Rosy is sucking my cock!

I was shocked and came to the senses.

I explained to her that she is drunk, and in this situation, you do not do this, then she said that she is not drunk, I am!

That’s why I’ve been sucking your dick for so long and you don’t know about it.

She explained to me why all this happened, explain why she is ready to suck my dick. She said that you were seeing that the girls are lying naked outside, completely unconscious intoxicated!

Anyone in your place would have taken advantage of them and I was not drunk I was watching you! You quietly went to sleep and I found you so sweet!

I’m horny and alone like you and we both want to bang each other but you don’t have guts.

She is definitely right and not drunk, so I say nothing.

After that, she started licking my body, she sucked my nipples, then I got excited, I lowered her and saw she was already naked!

Her body was fair, fair complexion, soft and fragrant, even better than I always thought!

I started sucking her nipples and slowly started licking the rich pussy between the legs!

It was a pleasure, these rich people spend a lot of money on their bodies, how smooth the skin was, soft too!

Then I put a cock in her smooth pussy and fuck! It was a beautiful velvet pussy, it was fun!

It happened for the first time that happiness came into my life and I got a chance to sleep with a beautiful girl!

we exchange numbers and now whenever we feel like we both are horny and want sex, we do it again!

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