I would want a good group of six people. I’d like to be divided evenly, men and women. Of course, it would help if all were bi-sexual. That way, I wouldn’t have to look up when a large cock would be near me. I could suck it dry just as easily as I would eat a piece of twat. If some of the folks would be into water sports as well, that would be icing on the cake.

Where to start? I’d begin by having dinner at someone’s house. Let’s name my partners for the evening. I’m Steve with my wife Ann. Mike and Joy and Dan and Cathy make up the rest of the crew. We’ve known each other for quite a while and we know about each other’s fantasies and pleasures. This is important since, well, you know, who wants to establish ground rules every time out. Tonight we’re at Mike and Joy’s house. I can’t “pass” so I travel in male clothing, but change when we arrive at our host’s house. We actually eat dinner so we have some time to catch up on our crazy lives. We make it a potluck and there is never a shortage of things to eat. Or drink. That’s important. The wine flows which creates a wonderful ambiance, and breaks down the barriers even faster. But who needs barriers.

We were the last to arrive. Mike took me into a spare room so I could change my clothing. Mike and I do some business, so he stayed in the room as I changed to discuss some things. “It never fails to amaze me how you wear that stuff. How do you feel in it?”

Mike, “I’ve been dressing for ages since I was a kid praying for my parents to leave so I could raid my mother’s stuff – generally stuff in the dirty laundry. I feel so comfortable. I feel at ease. Look, we’ve discussed this in the past. Remember when you sucked your first dick? You were scared. Now, it’s no hassle at all. You crossed ‘a line’ and nothing happened. I crossed two lines, bisexual and homosexual. It’s fun.

Tonight I was wearing a red wool skirt with a pink long-sleeved blouse with a rolled collar. White tights and red heels made up the other clothing you could see. Of course, I was properly decked out underneath. I don’t wear a gaffe to hold my cock in place, I generally wear a panty girdle until it’s time to party.

I emerged from the room with Mike. As my friends have seen me dressed as a woman on numerous occasions, there were no caustic comments. Quite the opposite, Dan complimented me on my looks, Ann commented on my shoes, and Joy just smiled and kissed me on the mouth.

Dinner was wonderful. Crepes, salad, roast, fried potato rounds, and fruit salad. There was a great deal of wine and water. All hands helped to remove the dirty dishes from the table; the washing would wait until after the fun. We took some wine and moved into the den which was quite spacious. You know, it’s funny. We all know what was going to happen, yet, to break the ice was similar to the first date we had back in junior high school as kids. I sat on a couch between Joy and Cathy, Ann sat on a love seat with Dan and Mike sat in his favorite director’s chair. We were sitting and laughing as we drank more and more wine. Cathy turned to me and said, “Steve, I bet my bra has more lace than yours.” Now the challenge had been thrust and we knew this was the start of the best part of the evening.

“Well, you’ll have to show me yours and I’ll have to show you mine,” I said, returning her shot. “Joy will be the judge.” I lifted my blouse up to reveal a pink bra which was totally lace. My breast forms filled them nicely. Cathy stood up and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a very sexy red underwired bra controlling her 38 D. “Okay Joy, who wins?” I asked.

Joy had to come over and do a complete inspection. She cupped my breasts and saw that my bra was as I said, totally lace. Of course, she had to cup Cathy’s breast as well. She got very close to Cathy to give a visual inspection as well. Then she leaned forward and grabbed onto Cathy’s tit with her mouth and took her nipple between her teeth. Cathy moaned with pleasure. Joy took Cathy’s other boob in her hand and rolled the other nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Cathy was beginning to be in rapture.

Dan was enthralled to see his wife with another woman. He was rubbing his crotch. My wife, Ann, reached over to relieve Dan of the burden. She grabbed his package and then unzipped his pants to spring his hardening dick from the confines of his underwear. I looked at Mike and said with a grin, “I guess there isn’t a winner in this contest.” Mike watched with pleasure as his wife sucked on Cathy’s orb. I looked over at my wife again and now her head was bobbing up and down as she took Dan’s engorged shaft into her mouth.

Cathy reached over and pulled me towards her. We kissed deeply and passionately as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Cathy held me close with one hand as she massaged Joy’s neck with the other. Joy then reached up with one hand and reached under my skirt to feel my bulging cock held tightly by my panty girdle.

Mike was the “odd man out” as he wasn’t coupled with anyone yet. Calmly, he stood and undressed. He walked over toward the couch where the three of us were and got down on his knees next to Joy and in front of me. He too reached up under my skirt and massaged by private parts. He reached up and curled a finger from both hands into the band of my girdle and started to pull. I raised my hips to accommodate. He pulled it off and pulled my pantyhose down a few inches to release my cock from its prison. He leaned forward and took my hard penis into his mouth. Cathy and I were still able to kiss deeply as Joy worked on her boobs. Ann still had Dan’s tool in her mouth.

Everyone was enjoying him/herself. As you can imagine, this setup wasn’t to last. As the only one completely nude, Mike passed a huge amount of gas. The group broke out in laughter. Joy teasingly pushed Mike down and he played along with it and fell to the floor. Joy jumped on him and started to suck his dick. Mike’s destiny this night was to help people remove clothing and he reached up and unbuttoned Joy’s pants and pulled them down so he could complete his end of the sixty-nine even with Joy’s pants at her knees. Cathy and I turned to each other. I removed her blouse and pulled down her skirt and panties. We turned and started to sixty-nine as well. Dan and Ann, not to be left out did likewise. All that could be heard was the slurping of lips on genitals. Ann couldn’t hold back any longer as Dan’s tongue wrapped itself around her clit and the orgasm racked her body. Now my wife has a nasty habit in that when orgasm hits her and she hasn’t peed in a while, well you can guess the result. Not only did her cum juices flow, but she peed a bit onto Dan’s face. “Between your piss and Mike’s farts, we’ll have a grand old time tonight. Let me help you relieve your bladder.” Dan got up and fetched a porcelain bowl that was on the sideboard. “Here, pee in this. We may use it later.” Ann squat over the bowl and emptied her load.

Cathy was turned on by the noise and watched my wife finish her business. Then Cathy crawled over, picked up the bowl, and drank a little from it. Of course, the bowl was too big for her mouth and some urine dribbled down over her. I licked the pee from her chest and sucked on her now urine-drenched bra. This was a chance for everyone to change partners. Ann came over to Cathy, Joy, and Mike, and I was paired with Dan.

People’s hands roamed over bodies, cocks and cunts were sucked. I took Dan’s dick into my mouth. I swayed my head to and fro putting Dan into total ecstasy. I reached behind Dan and put a finger into his rectum. This put him over the top. I could feel him tense up as he thrust his cock deeper into my mouth. Then his penis started to spasm as he shot wad after wad of warm cum into my waiting mouth. I took my finger from his ass so I could milk his throbbing member to receive every drop of his elixir. Ann broke off with Cathy to kiss me so I could pass her some of Dan’s sperm.

We changed partners often. One of the best parts was when I was fucking Joy’s saturated twat as Mike was fucking my ass and I was sucking off Dan (again). Life isn’t like the movies in that we all cum at once. I shot my load deep into Joy. A few minutes later, Mike shot his load deep into my ass. Since he had already shot once, it took Dan even longer to cum again. He did so. His first shot landed in my mouth but he took his dick out of my mouth and shot some on my face and blouse.

“Get on your back, Steve,” cried Cathy. I did so and she squatted over my chest. She peed for quite a while. My lingerie was plastered against my blouse. I think I would have won the lace contest. Dan, who shot down my throat twice, now loomed over me and aimed his dick at me. He started with my skirt-covered cock and peed over it, moved up to blast my chest, and finished off by splashing his warm golden water over my face. I was able to drink two mouthfuls. It seemed that I was the “waterboy” for the night. My own wife then straddled my face and let go a stream of her own. I could see her ass muscles start to pucker and she then unleashed her load from her back door. Some of her poop hit my chin, but most of it landed on my neck and upper torso. Not to be outdone, Joy was next. She too peed and defecated on me.

I stayed on my back. We had played water and poop games in the past. This wasn’t new. Mike knelt down on one side and Cathy on the other and started to smear the smelly ointment over me. They painted my face first. Then lifted my skirt high and took some of the now cooling turds and smeared it over my still hard cock. Joy took some and rubbed some over my blouse.

To my surprise, my wife lay down on top of me, placed my brown encrusted member into her twat, and began to fuck me. Of course, by now she was nude and my brown covering was rubbed into her skin. She picked up a small piece that fell to the floor and put it into her mouth. She passed it to me and I back to her. As it happened, both Dan and Mike started to fuck their own wives as the party continued until later.



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