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Fucked by 5 Guys in a day – 1

After that at 11 o’clock Harry came looking hot, he did foreplay very well, sucked my lips, sucked my tongue, and kissed on the neck!

My mood was set but I was thinking that man please don’t spoil the lipstick!

He put his tongue in my navel and I went crazy! Then I sucked his cock and wet it well!

He then kissed me lusciously and after a while, start fucking me badly.

I really want to fucked by these 5 guys but I’m afraid a little.

Then he went, now the third came at 1 o’clock I turned on the AC of the house! I was wearing only a bra and panties and as soon as he came, seeing me, he lashed out at me!

We went on the sofa and started kissing each other and he took off my bra, started sucking the boobs and sliding the panties, and put the cock in the pussy!

This guy was a bodybuilder, so he kissed me tightly and my pussy started hurting, finally, he fell!

The fun was coming with everyone but the pain was starting but the hunger for sex did not disappear!

Fourth came at 4 o’clock so I rested and ate food too! I thought I should refuse to fuck him because it was a hurting man in the pussy!

But now I was not wearing clothes, knew I had to get dressed, the bell rang and I saw 4 boys have come!

I opened the gate, he saw me naked and broke down! We came kissing each other in the bedroom!

I sucked his cock and he sucks my boobs then he started putting a finger in my pussy and said baby why is your pussy so wet?

I said that baby it was waiting for you, on hearing this, he started kissing me!

He was putting his finger in my ass and I was having fun!
He pulled my nipples and made me a bitch (doggy position), and after some time it also fell off!

Then the 5th boy had time to come and he was the straightest!

He came home around 7 o’clock and was very shy but I started kissing him slowly!

Put lips on her lips and mix tongue with her tongue! It was so much fun feeling at peace that hush I finished all the fuck and no one even knew! ( Literotica )

But now it was time to fuck, so I got myself comfortably! He slowly sucked my boobs, kissed my bareback! It was fun, but the fun came with everyone, everyone had a different fun!

Everyone had their own different style, everyone fuck me in different positions! Some made a mare, some in the doggy style, some by lifting one leg, and some by lying on the back!

Now I opened both my legs and took the last boy’s cock inside! I asked him to fuck slowly, he agreed and slowly started kissing!

It was a pleasure to have drunkenness, it was a different pleasure to fuck with sweet pain!

He slowly took the cock out inside and kept kissing my lips! I would take hissings and as soon as his cock went inside, my ahh uhhhhh sass voice started coming!

After a great fuck, his cum went out and he hugged me tightly and lay down!

After some time we got dressed and he left and I went to take a bath!

Today I made myself a whore, and I started remembering how I sucked everyone’s cocks, kissed, and most of all!

So even while taking a bath, I started caressing the pussy and water started pouring on the pussy from above!

Do all the sex today, that too with five favorite hot boys, what more do you need!

Fucked by 5 Guys in a day - 1
Find Two To Fuck One For Night Another For Day | Aunt Sex Story

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