Hello friends, my name is Shelly and today I am going to tell you a compelling story Fucked by 5 Guys in a day – 1!

My dear, you must have heard so many stories somewhere, but today I am going to tell you a unique story which is fictional!

So sit down and read the story which begins now!

As soon as I passed the 12th class, I felt the air of my city which was the trend nowadays girlfriend boyfriend and gossip!

My hormones burst, which you call youth bursting, if I see any hot boy, I feel like just start this!

I’ve had sex before but this time it was a bit itchier! So I started talking to a lot of guys!

One day I got into a fight with a boy and in anger, I hit the phone on the wall! The touch screen of the phone was damaged, meaning the touch was running automatically sometimes!

So I used to talk to about 5 different guys, one of whom was ready to have sex! I could not understand how to read the rest 4!

However, if I ask directly, none of them will refuse because they were so ready, it was just too late to speak!

Anyway, who would refuse to a sexy girl with such a hot, blonde chitty, big boobs, and round ass!

So it happened that a boy who was ready for sex, I sent him a message on mobile that “my house is empty, meet me here tomorrow and bring a condom”!

fuck happened, my touch was bad, so my message that “my house is empty, meet me here tomorrow and bring condom” to all of them was automatically forwarded due to bad touch!

Means “My house is empty, meet me here tomorrow and bring condoms” This message went to those five boys!

One was ready and had to see the response of the other 4 because they were all online and talking to me!

Now I can’t even tell them it happened by mistake or was sending it to someone else! But instead of asking really or something? They asked the time when to come!

It’s a pain in my ass, how can I manage five people at once? So I gave different times to everyone and said that after this time mom will come!

Everyone agreed that my brain didn’t work because they were all hot-looking, I didn’t want to miss this chance by refusing them!

The next day the family members left in the morning and at 9 o’clock the first boy came, whose name was Danny, it was already ready! I was scared that’s why I thought I would finish this as soon as possible.

Danny came I took him to the room and started kissing him! He sucks my lips with pleasure! I frantically took off my clothes and went completely naked!

He said it is very early, I said if mommy has come, then hurry madly! But inside I knew mommy would come at night!

I caught his cock and started sucking so that he gets out soon but I sucked it for a while and then he started licking my pussy!

For about 20 minutes, the pussy was wet and he kept pressing my boobs, then he put the cock in the pussy!

Ah it was fun, all the tension ended, he kept on fucking me and I got drunk, ah Danny, keep fucking please fuck!

Danny took about 30 minutes and all his stuff went out in the condom! I asked her to throw that condom on the way because maybe mom will catch it in the dustbin of the house!

Kissed a little more, then he went away, then I take a deep breath and corrected my appearance, back to makeup, etc.! Cleaned my whole body with tissue and also cleaned the pussy well!

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