Friends with Benefits – A Friend Sex Story

Hello friends how are you all? My name is Ava and I am 23 years old.

My figure is 36 28 36. I live in Canada.

This story Friends with Benefits is about sex with a friend who is my friend whose name is Rocky, I had a lot of fun with Rocky’s big cock.

This is from my school time. I used to like Rocky since school time but I could never say that.

He was so intelligent in studies and used to teach tuition to the children of our own class.

And it was very beautiful to look at. We were in class 12th when I asked Rocky if you could teach me tuition.

So Rocky has said why don’t you come to my house with all these.

So I told Rocky no, I have to understand separately, and even in the right way, Rocky thought a little and said it is fine.

But I will tell you tomorrow when the time to come. Then Rocky took my number and called the next day and said that you come to my house at 6 in the evening or will I come to your house? as you like.

So I told Rocky that it is fine for 3 days at your house and 3 days at my house, so Rocky had given yes for this too.

From the next day onwards, I started going to Rocky to study at the right time. Some days we were studying peacefully.

Now the conversation between the two of us also started happening properly. We both started joking with each other.

Sometime back I was too nervous to talk to Rocky and now we started talking like we were friends since childhood.

It is a matter of one day that, I went to Rocky’s house wearing a skirt, then Rocky’s eyes were torn after seeing me.

His eyes were not going away from me. I catch him many times that he was repeatedly trying to see my legs.

I already wanted to have fun with Rocky. Rocky dropped his pen under the table and, on the pretext of picking it up, was trying to peek inside my skirt and see if I was even wearing panties.

I had come from a home that day in full mood that today I have to do something with Rocky its do or go home opportunity.

When Rocky looked down, he saw my cleaned pussy that I did not even wear my panty.

When he woke up, he acted strangely and start coughing.

I said directly what happened Rocky, do you want to say something? So Rocky said that hey, have you forgotten to wear full clothes today?

So I said that I have come wearing full clothes. So Rocky said that just look down on what you have forgotten.

I knew because I had come intentionally not wearing it. I blushed in front of Rocky and rolled my eyes.

I tightly grabbed his hand and took it inside my skirt.

Rocky suddenly choked. I told Rocky that since when I am yearning to have sex with you.

I deliberately did not come today wearing a panty. Rocky put out his hand and stood up.

I thought Rocky would slap me right now but as soon as he stood up he kissed me.

He kept on kissing my lips for about 5 minutes. Rocky was also thirsty for pussy, he was also caressing my pussy with his hands.

When I gave vent to Rocky’s lust, even Rocky could not stay in control.

He started taking off my clothes.

I had already come without wearing anything, so it did not take even a second to get off from it.

I started sucking his dick, I was sitting so thirsty that what should I tell.

He put me on his bed and climbed on top of me.

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