Hello friends how are you all? I hope you all are doing well. This story is about the girl who is our tenant. So let’s start this story.

It was some 2 years ago that a new beautiful tenant girl came to our house. Our tenant’s girl was very beautiful. Her name is Alka.

She is very beautiful in appearance and her figure is very sexy. From day one, I started liking Alka very much.

I tried a lot to talk to Alka, but she was still too shy to mix with people properly. I used to work online and used to do my work from home.

My room at home was separate and the room was on the terrace. I knew that I would definitely talk to Alka someday or the other.

One day Alka came to the terrace to dry clothes. She was in a good mood that day. When I spoke to Alka that day, Alka spoke to me.

From that day we both started talking every day. We both started mingling with each other. One day I was sitting in my room watching porn.

I didn’t know that the latch of my room was not on. That day Alka had come to dry clothes, she kept the clothes for drying and then came to my room.

I used to enjoy watching porn naked in my room. Suddenly Alka came inside with medicine, she had seen me lying on the bed completely naked.

As soon as I saw Alka, I asked putting a cloth over my cock. I shout Hey Alka when did you come? Alka said when you were shaking your dick, I was standing there looking at this.

Luck was so good that no one was at home that day. I asked Alka to come into the room. Alka came in and sat next to me.

Alka asked me what you were seeing, show me too. I told Alka not to tell anyone else. So Alka said that I will not tell anyone else.

We both started watching porn together. I was getting naked and I had put a sheet over me. While watching porn, both of us also had a desire to have sex.

First, we both came to each other and we tried to kiss. Hesitantly, we both kissed. While kissing, she climbed on me.

The more beautiful she looked, the more she was full of lust. She used to suppress her fashion and favorite things because of her family members.

My hand slowly started moving towards Alka’s pussy. We were both kissing each other. Alka removed the sheet from me and started grabbing my cock.

I started taking off Alka’s clothes. I lifted Alka up a bit and inserted my cock in her pussy.

After sitting on my cock, Alka was doing up and down. I was having a lot of fun and Alka was very happy and was enjoying sex to the fullest.

Whatever poses we saw in porn videos that day, we did every pose in that room. I had a lot of fun.

I woke up and I put Alka on the bed, I spread her legs wide and started rubbing my cock on her pussy.

Rubbing I put the cock in his relaxation again. This time I put my cock completely inside and Alka’s scream came out.

She was also enjoying the fuck. Now after so much sex, I am ready to cum.

I put my cock in Alka’s mouth and she started sucking it, as soon as she sucked for a while, I filled the whole of my cum in Alka’s mouth.

And took out the cock from her mouth and lay down on it. We both enjoy the sex.

I hope you liked this story.

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