Hello friends my name is Sonam and today I will tell you how my boyfriend broke my seal (hymen)! It’s an Indian Sex Story.

I was 20 at that time and my boyfriend was 21 and we had just entered a new relationship!

My boyfriend had sex before, he told me he had a girlfriend who was three years older than him! That girl was very fond of sex, so she pops my boyfriend’s cherry and many times she had sex!

Now coming back to the story, my boyfriend and I had met several times and till now we just hold hands and kiss!

I used to think a lot that I was afraid to do sex but how it would be painful, why would all this happen in my mind!

I had told all these things to my boyfriend, then he told me, don’t worry, your first-time sex will be with me only!

He had the experience of sex and used to tell me that it is so much fun, this is how it happens! Hearing his words, feel that I should be kissed now!

One day I told my boyfriend that I am ready to call him whenever the house is empty!

My boyfriend was very happy that he was getting the virgin pussy! Well, the day has come for which both of them were waiting, his house was empty and I left the house at 4 in the evening and reached his house after some time!

All the way I was having strange thoughts that I am not going to do anything wrong! I was afraid that how it would hurt, blood would come out, the pussy would break, but I took a deep breath and reached!

My boyfriend opens the door and we both smile looking at each other! That smile was the smile of the fuck coming and then we went in!

We hugged, chatted a little, and drank juices! After that, he told me to watch some porn to set the mood! I said yes and he turned porn on his TV!

Clear porn and loud noises were coming on such a big TV! I didn’t watch porn that’s why my body turned red in the first five minutes!

In porn the guy was taking off the girl’s clothes, giving a cock in her mouth and then he put the cock in the girl’s pussy, I’m watching this seriously than from behind my boyfriend kissed my neck!

goosebumps from his kiss and I started moaning and touching his face.

He kissed my neck and started opening the buttons of my shirt and I was watching porn and was thinking that this is all I have to do today!

He took off my shirt and opened the bra from behind and took it off too! He started pressing my boobs and kissing my lips from my back!

I can’t tell how much fun I was having, I was feeling heaven! Then I made her lie down and climbed on him!

We had been kissing for about 15 minutes and the sound of porn behind would have made us even more excited!

I took off his shirt and started kissing his chest! The tongue started moving on his nipple and slowly came to the stomach!

I took off his jeans and he took off mine too! Now both of us were just in tights and were shy! He took off his tights and it was the first time I’m going to be naked in front of someone!

Then he kissed my lips and started putting his tongue on! I liked it and started putting my tongue in too!

He put my hand on the cock which was very thick! I started touching his cock! Read this type of hot story at Literotica.

Now I forgot to shy away and when he took off my panties, I didn’t even know in a daze!

I was masturbating him and he was fingering me in my pussy! We both were going to kiss each other.

Sometimes I would get my legs apart and sometimes his cocks would touch on my pussy while kissing! After a while, I cum because I was very excited and after 5 minutes she also cummed!

All his stuff fell on my feet and I love seeing him! I had a hot lacy rash on my leg and I loved it!

Then he came with the cloth and cleaned his cock and my pussy well! Then again started kissing me and pressing my boobs, which made me swoon again!

He started licking my boobs and rubbing my nipples and I started breathing! He started to caress my pussy and came on the kissing pussy!

I just cut my hair this morning knew it was going to be fucked and it was cleaned too!

He started licking my pussy, the fun came when he started licking my pussy inside!

It went on like this for some time and I was now completely under his control, I would do whatever he said in a daze!

He asked me to suck cock and I started sucking his cock! It was thick, so my mouth did not even come properly, I do not know how it will go in a small pussy!

After sucking his cock well, he stood hard and now he kissed my lips and put me on the bed!

Raised both my legs and I was holding him for fear that if there is pain, then I should push him back!

He put dick in the pussy and slowly put it inside, which was causing me pain! Then he started kissing me and jerked me and his cock half penetrated my pussy!

I cried out of pain ueeee mother, I died, please take it out please and he gave a jolt and the whole cock went in!

I started crying in pain and she started to calm me down and said Happy, now you are not a virgin!

I am glad to hear that for the first time I just had sex and the seal(hymen) is broken! Now after kissing for a while, my pain turned into fun and slowly kept hitting my pussy!

I got completely intoxicated and started enjoying the fuck! My nipples were raised and he still fucking me!

I kept rolling my hand on his back and when he stopped, I would go back and forth and kiss!

After some time his speed started increasing and he removed all the cum in my pussy!

I had a lot of fun and when I stood up I saw that there was blood coming out of my pussy, then the boyfriend said that he did not tell so that I do not get scared!

After that, when we met, we fuck on every meeting, so this was my story friends, hope you liked it!

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