Hello Everybody, I am Amit, married and 30 years of age. I have always been fascinated by the sight of beautiful Indian women in sarees, especially a little plumper, but not fat This particular fantasy is about a beautiful lady I always wanted in my neighborhood.
I imagine being a young boy going to school. As I am growing up, I begin to get attracted to beautiful women around me on roads, in gardens, or in any other public place where I see them. One day, as I returned from school, I found that one new neighbor had shifted to our adjoining vacant flat for quite some time. For a few days, I do not pay any attention to our new neighbor. One afternoon I am busy doing my studies and the doorbell rings. My mother opens the door and I see for the first time the lady staying next to us.

She had come to make friends with my mother. My mouth is left wide open as I see her. I had never seen such a beautiful lady ever before. I really felt very lucky now that she had come to stay next to our flat. To describe her, she is of around 5ft 7” height, well built, very fair with big beautiful eyes, slim nose, red cheeks, puffy lips, long black hairs, and perfect tight figure. She is wearing a dark-colored sari with a matching blouse. The Pallu of her sari is folded into thin layers which are passing through her belly and from in between her two breasts.

Her long and slim belly is wide open and I could see that it is very soft, white, voluptuous & a little plumper, smooth and slippery. She has a round and deep holed navel exactly in the center of her plump belly. Her pallu covered the right breast and was revealing the whole of her left breast. The breasts are big, firm, round, tight, and standing just erect facing in front. The breasts are big enough that they would not fit in one hand and so succulent to satisfy one’s desire. I could make out that her nipples were pointed and were exactly in the center of her breasts. In totality, she was extraordinarily beautiful with all the features of a beautiful woman.

From that day onwards I could not stop thinking about her and just imagined kissing her on the belly and navel and sucking her enormous breasts. I was always looking for a chance to have a glimpse of her and her beautiful assets. Sometimes I would go to her house to play with her children and watch her doing her household work. I loved watching her hips from her saree swaying up and down to her beautiful catwalk. Her belly, navel, and breasts would shake and bulge in such a rhythmic motion that they were a good feast to my eyes and desires.

One day my parents had to go out of Mumbai urgently for a few days, and I am all alone in my home. My mother requests the neighborhood auntie to take good care of me. The whole day auntie takes good care of me and I enjoy her company. At night I tell her that I am afraid of sleeping alone in my house and it would be better if she slept with me my house. She informs her husband and comes along with me to my house. I really feel on top of the world. After completing her household work in my house she puts off the lights and lies down on the bed next to me.

I am aroused just at the thought that my dream lady is sleeping next to me. Some light is coming from outside the house which is enough to watch her beauty. I stare at her pretending to be asleep for a long time. After some time I fell asleep. I wake again at the noise of the utensils and see that my auntie has woken up to drink water. Still, I am pretending that I am asleep. It is a summer night and she is feeling very hot. She comes onto the bed and removes the pallu of her sari from her shoulders and puts it aside and lies down again on her back next to me.

This sends an electric shock into my body. Pretending to be asleep I see for the first time so close, her plump belly and the deep holed navel. Her breasts are standing firm and erect facing the ceiling. I could clearly see the soft white cleavage formed for the first time. It is very huge and deep-valleyed. While sleeping as she is breathing I could see the slow movements of her belly and breast moving up and down. I just cannot control myself now and feel like kissing and licking her navel. My hands begin to tremble from squeezing both her succulent breasts. After some time my auntie is in a deep sleep. But my sleep is stolen away. I gather some courage within me because I think this is the only lifetime chance for me to touch and feel her.

Pretending to be asleep I turn towards her, and put my hand on her stomach and begin to feel the plump creamy softness of her belly. I put one of my fingers into her voluptuous navel and lie there for some time in such a position. Her navel is about an inch deep, feathery, and very creamy. As my hand gets numb after some time, I remove it from her navel and put it on the belly below her navel to feel the plumpness of her stomach. She is still in her deep sleep. I am greatly enjoying it and feel very lucky myself. Little later she shrugs and turns her back towards me and goes to sleep again.

Her tight hips are facing me. I feel like touching my full-sized erection to her hips, but I control myself as I do not want to lose the chance of enjoyment I am getting by touching her. Her soft shining back is towards me. I move a little towards her so that my lips touch her naked back and pretend to be asleep. I still do not remove my hand from her stomach but slowly and steadily move my hands upwards feeling the juicy belly. My hands reach at the end of her blouse and, I find that, with the pressure of both the boobs falling downwards, her blouse and bra are open from below.

As a result, some parts of her boobs have come out from below. The gap is enough for me to insert my fingers and feel her heavenly boobs. Slowly I insert my fingers and begin to touch her creamy and milky breasts. At that time I am getting beyond control and wanted to squeeze both her breasts very hard. But I have to control myself. For quite some time I lay there in such a position enjoying myself. I am in no mood to sleep in that night. After some time she shrugs again. I remove my hands suddenly from her body so that she does not wake up and lie down on my back. Now her face is towards me. She is ignorant about the fact that the pallu of her sari is not on her body and I am sleeping beside her.

Maybe she thinks of me to be a child. Now for the first time, I could see her full-sized, white, deep cut lining of cleavage between her two breasts which are shining like two bulbs in the dark. Her belly and navel were falling downwards and forming a provoking breathing movement. The breasts are of perfect size and really very heavy, juicy, and well-formed. I wait for some time so that she is in a deep sleep again I turn towards her again and move a little closer to her. I put my hand on her hips now and begin to feel the size of her hips. It was really beautiful and sexy. I get a strong feeling, to rub my hand on her hips but I control myself. She moves a little and puts one of her hands around me. As a result of which, my cheeks and lips are pressed in between her cleavage. I do not make any attempt to move, but instead, slowly press my head further into her enormous breasts. Though I get a very strong desire to remove her breasts from their prison and suck those two melons, at that moment, I am satisfied with whatever I am enjoying. I lay there until morning pretending to be asleep enjoying my full erection the whole night with my fantasy lady. I would really love to enjoy the company of a beautifully plump woman who could be my fantasy lady.


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