The Date


“Yes, sorry. Hi,” I gasped, cradling the phone against my head. I clutched my great-grandmother’s vase in my right hand. I had just managed to catch it before it hit the tile floor. “Charlie decided my vase would be great to hold his matchbox cars. I just managed to save it.” My daughter was a little shrill. It had to be nap time.

“Oh. Yeah. Been there, done that,” Marie laughed. “I wanted to invite you for a play date on Saturday afternoon.”

I am well trained. My eyes shot directly to the oversized calendar on the wall. “I have Charlie down for going out with Chuck, Mike, and Danny. They’ll already be together.” I was confused.

“I know that!” my new friend laughed. Charlie and Danny had recently met at Toddler Time. Marie and I had befriended each other as well. “I just figured while the men were out bonding with the boys, we could have a play date of our own. Some mommy time.”

“Ah,” I said, feeling relieved. Not that I understood. “Sure. What did you want to do?”

“How does nothing sound?” Marie giggled. “Maybe some wine and cheese and some conversation that does not involve, ‘do you have to go potty?’ How’s that grab you?”

“It grabs me just right,” I admitted. “My calendar says the men are meeting up around two. Should I be there at the same time?”

“Sounds good, sister. I’ll see you then!”

Before I could ask if I should bring anything, Marie had hung up. I turned just in time to see Charlie peeing into my potted fern.

“Well,” I sighed, “at least you are getting a general idea. Come on, Mister, nap time.” I couldn’t help but smile when I said it.

I love my son but lately, I felt like I was constantly running on fumes. No real energy. Just coffee and nerves.

I put Charlie down and then laid on the sofa and flipped on the TV. Some mommy time would be nice, I thought, just as I felt myself doze off.


“He seems like a nice enough guy,” Chuck said. He turned onto Willow Way and continued his monologue. “The boys sure get along well. I’m sure we’ll be fine. The Science Center has a lot of cool dinosaur and space stuff. Even at two and a half, they should really get into that, right?”

I tried not to laugh. “Who are you trying to convince?” I snorted, “Me, or yourself?”

“Both,” he said with a grin. “You know I don’t make new friends as easily as you.”

“Hang with Charlie. He’ll show you the ropes. He’ll even teach you to share,” I said and playfully poked him.

“Haha. Very funny, smartass.”

“Language,” I reminded him.

“Oops, sorry.” Chuck glanced in the rearview mirror to see if Charlie had heard him. “Nope. He’s totally engrossed with those cars.”

“Good thing for you.”

“You should have fun. You seem to like Marie a lot. I’m glad you’re getting some time off. A little break.”

“That will be nice,” I sighed. “Some wine, some cheese, some quiet. Talking to an adult is always a perk. I swear, some days, if I hear one more Dora the Explorer song I think I’ll die.”

Chuck patted my leg and then settled his hand near the vee of my thighs. “Maybe some relaxation could lead to some mommy and daddy time tonight,” he said, waggling his eyebrows at me.

“You never can tell,” I laughed as he parked the minivan in front of Marie’s house.

Marie answered with a smile. Marie always smiles. The thing about her is that she makes me feel frumpy. For my average height, average brown hair, average brown-eyed self, Marie represents all that is exotic to me. Tall and willowy and put together. Her hair was so dark it was nearly black, eyes so blue they almost glowed. She was nearly as tall as my husband and the way she carried herself reminded me of a ballerina or royalty. She always made me feel small and clumsy.

“There you are! Danny is driving Mike insane asking if it’s time to go yet.” Even her laughter was exotic, deep, and throaty for a woman. She ushered us in with a sweeping gesture and I saw Chuck check her out for just a beat too long. A small spark of jealousy shot through me but I let it go. Hell, even I had a hard time not staring at Marie.

“We are definitely ready,” Chuck said, hefting Charlie a little higher on his hip, “aren’t we, buddy?”

“Ready!” Charlie chirped and then dissolved into giggles that only a two-year-old would understand.

“Then let’s get you all on the road,” Marie said, tweaking my son’s chin.

She amazed me. She had them gathered, kissed, and gone in under ten minutes. It usually takes me ten minutes just to get Charlie’s shoes on.

“And how are you ready for our playdate?” she asked, turning those eyes on me.

I felt myself blush at her direct gaze. I was used to the boys being here to focus on, I had yet to have Marie’s undivided attention. I realized that I liked having her to myself. It was an odd thought, but true. I nodded and spoke with a suddenly dry mouth. “I am. I am ready for mommy time. More ready than you know.”

Marie put one slender arm around my shoulder and walked me up the steps to the living room. “Well, let’s get with it then. Have a seat. I’ll pour the wine.”

I watched her long white skirt dance around her long legs. She really was quite beautiful. I wondered briefly if Mike knew how beautiful she was. I shook my head at the thought and helped myself to some green grapes and cheddar cheese. “The spread is beautiful,” I said. The entire coffee table was covered with an elegant array of fruits, cheeses, cookies, and tiny quiches. “You really shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble. A cheap bottle of wine and a tin of nuts would have done,” I joked.

Her eyes flashed at me. “Nonsense. We deserve to be pampered and spoiled, too. Don’t we spend most of our time pampering, spoiling, and caring for the men and the boys?”

I swallowed hard to force the food down my throat. Her voice held just a hint of harshness. “Well, yes, I suppose we do. Is that…are you unhappy?”

“Of course not,” Marie said more softly. She handed me a glass of red wine and settled on the sofa next to me. She even sat with an amazing amount of grace. “I love being Mike’s wife. I love being Danny’s mom. More than anything in the world, I love being a mom. It’s just sometimes,” she sighed and stared at her lap.

“Sometimes?” I prompted.

“Sometimes, I miss being just me. Marie. I miss doing what I want when I want. I miss being allowed to have things that are just mine. Does that make sense?”

“You feel like you lost yourself some days?” I said. It wasn’t really a question. At least not for me. Sometimes I did feel as if Susan was gone. All that remained was wife and mom.

“Exactly. I feel like who I am has been swallowed. Not always,” she rushed on. “Just sometimes. In college, I was wild. I did everything and anything I wanted. I took risks and went after things I desired. When I married Mike, I still was that way to a degree. But Danny. Well, having Danny took some of that from me. Rightfully so, I imagine. You can’t go about climbing two-hundred-foot cliffs drunk and in the dark when you have a child. Well, you could, but that would just be stupid.” She sipped her wine and licked her lips.

I watched her long pink tongue travel her full lips. Her lips were the color of strawberries. And they appeared to be completely devoid of lipstick. She licked them again and I felt a shiver of excitement work through me. It scared me.

“I…um…yes,” I finished weakly. I wasn’t even entirely sure what I was responding to at that point.

“Were you like that in college?” she asked, grabbing a grape and peeling it slowly with her fingernails. I had never seen anyone actually peel a grape before. I had also never seen fingers quite as long or quite as slender as Marie’s. Her fingers were nothing short of perfect.

My nipples hardened at the sight of her gently working the fruit. My head seemed to buzz softly and I realized I was getting turned on. That sealed it, I was sleep-deprived. Or was I sensually deprived, I suddenly wondered.

“No. I was very much like this. Safe, cautious, and quiet. Not very exciting, I know,” I laughed and then took a hearty gulp of wine. I had never in my life been attracted to another woman. I found that I was very much attracted to Marie.

“Wouldn’t you like something for yourself? A secret maybe.”

I looked into her blue stare and the words refused to come. I simply nodded. I would like something for myself. Very much. I hadn’t even realized it until she asked.

“So would I,” she said. Her hand found my leg and she rubbed very gently. So softly that if I hadn’t seen her hand moving on my thigh, I would have doubted myself.

“What would you like?” Somehow I formed the sentence despite the surge of attraction and arousal mixed with confusion. My body did not normally respond to other women. No matter how beautiful.

“I’d like you, Susan.”

I knew that would be the answer but I was surprised nonetheless. “Me?”

“You.“ She studied my face for a moment, “You think you’re plain and boring don’t you?” she laughed softly. Her hand crept a little higher. The tips of her fingers were mere inches from the place I wanted them badly. I fought the urge to squirm lower to meet her hand.

“I know I am.”

“No. You’re really not. Let’s see,” she whispered, “you are beautiful. You are funny. You are a wonderful mother. You have a great sense of humor.”

I listened but couldn’t believe she was talking about me. Plain, boring me.

“And I want you.”

“I’ve never been with a woman,” I blurted and my face went fiery in an instant. I had no doubt that my cheeks were a flaming red.

“I have. Not in a very long time. I hadn’t even given it a second thought until we met.”

“Oh.” That was my witty retort. It didn’t matter, though, because she leaned in to kiss me. Those strawberry-colored lips met mine and my brain went foggy. My entire focus was on the sweet intensity of her mouth. How her tongue tasted like fruit. How her kiss was just as demanding as a man’s but in an entirely different way. Her tongue made long lazy swirls against mine and I moaned. Her kiss was heaven.

“Come upstairs with me,” Marie said, clasping my hand and pulling me up.

“What are we doing?” I yelped. My nerves were jangling.

“Spa day. I told Mike we were having a spa day. Girly stuff, he called it,” she said and grinned. The smile touched her eyes and transformed her whole face. She looked magical. My cunt answered for me. A thumping, pulsing demand to do as she asked and follow her upstairs.

She tugged me along the hall dotted with family portraits and expensive paintings. The bathroom was enormous like something from a magazine. I had been in the guest bath but the master bathroom was four times the size. In the center was a huge, square tub. Something from a magazine.

Marie dropped my hand and started the tub running. “There’s a robe on the door for you,” she said, adjusting the hot water and adding some bubble bath. It smelled like lavender. My favorite. “And don’t worry, Susan. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You don’t have to do anything at all.”

I nodded and moved on numb legs to the door and took down the robe. As I shed my clothes, I could feel her eyes on me. I could feel the heat shooting from my pussy to my belly and bleeding up into my chest where a flush would be creeping up my skin like a stain. I knew I didn’t have to do anything. The truth was, I wanted to. I wanted to do everything I could with Marie. Something just for me. My secret.

I barely got the robe tied before she beckoned me into the tub. “Come on, now. Don’t be shy. It’s just us girls,” she said. She smiled as she shucked her skirt and top. Bare of panties or a bra, she was nude before I could get the robe off. Her body was beautiful. Long and lean. Her breasts were large but firm. Her belly is slightly soft from having Danny. I liked that. Not a perfect body but a perfectly beautiful body. It gave me courage as I dropped the robe to reveal my own imperfections.

“See how beautiful,” she laughed, “as if I had any doubts.”

I followed her lead and stepped into the tub. The water was the perfect temperature and the bubbles floating around me, cuddling close to my body and filling my head with the scent of flowers. When she pulled me back against her, I went willingly. I sank back against her wet warm skin and closed my eyes. I soaked in the sensation of soft breasts against my naked back, of the tickle of her pubic hair against my bottom. Completely new and exotic; the feel of a woman against me.

Marie kept her hand at my sides but she stroked me softly. My skin sang at her touch. Her long fingers dancing along my flanks made me feel drunk. My nipples grew hard and without thinking, I took her hand and let her touch. Let her feel what she was doing to me.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Thank you,” I laughed, feeling both nervous and completely at ease.

She hefted my breasts in her hands, rolling my nipples between her fingers until I thought I would cry from the pleasure that sparked from chest to groin. I pushed back against her, deliberately grinding my ass against her pelvis. She kissed the back of my neck and tweaked my nipples until I wanted to beg her. To touch me. To fuck me. To do whatever it was she wanted to do.

I didn’t have to beg. Her hands slid down my torso, over my belly, and met in a beautiful wave of the movement against my clit. She fluttered her fingers over my mound, through my outer lips, over my throbbing clit. The way her hands danced together and around each other, I couldn’t tell where she would touch me next or how she was touching me at all. All I could absorb was the intensity of sensation and touch and pleasure.

“Marie, please?” I started but she didn’t let me finish.

Her fingers found my cunt and she slid into me in a swirl of warm water. Her other hand continued its beautiful torture of my clit. Steady heavy stroking alternating with a light feathery touch. She finger fucked me until I lost all thought and my hips rose up to meet her hand, bumping against her greedily. I had lost all shame. All shyness. Now I just wanted to come against her elegant hands, wrapped in her arms.

“Come for me, Susan,” she whispered in my ear. I felt my body tighten at just her voice. Felt myself clamp hesitantly around the fingers that she thrust deep inside of me. “I want you to come for me. I want to be the first woman to ever hear you come. To make you come.”

She kissed the side of my neck, my ear. Her fingers continued, thrusting, probing, stroking deep inside of me. She rolled my clit between her fingers and strummed it harder and harder until my head seemed to swim. She pushed against my G-spot and bit me gently on the back of my neck. The warm water swirling around us. I came. Toes pressing against the porcelain, body rocking back against her breasts. I came with a cry that did not sound like me. It sounded wild and untamed. Not like me at all.

“That was nice,” she laughed.

I nodded dumbly, finding my breath. Giggles escaped me and before I could stop, I was shaking with laughter.

“Careful, or you’ll spill all the water,” she chuckled. “What’s so funny?”

“I have never…I never thought that I would do that. Be with another woman. It just never occurred to me. And to think that I am laying here naked in the tub with you. And that you just made me come. And now I guess…it’s my turn?” I asked feeling both extremely scared and extremely eager.

“Nope. Now it’s my turn again. Upon the tub ledge with you,” she said. Her voice said there was no point in arguing.

The cold air shocked my body and the cold porcelain set goosebumps marched across my skin. I watched, transfixed as she took a washrag and ran it under the tap. Then she gently spread my legs and wiped the soap from my pussy lips. They were red and puffy from my orgasm and my need. When she swiped me with the washcloth a fresh rush of fluid seeped from me. I watched her lower her perfect mouth. Watched that beautiful pink tongue as it emerged. Watched, mesmerized as she touched her tongue to my swollen clit and watched her lick me. My body turned soft. I felt boneless from the pleasure. From her tongue on my body.

She licked and suckled at me, taking her time. Her eyes would gaze up at me. Blue eyes flashed as she nuzzled against my slit. I sighed, closing my eyes for just a moment but not too long. The sight of her eating me was as good as the feel of her mouth lapping at my cunt.

Her rigid tongue forced into me. Opened me and wriggled as deep as she could. She cupped my ass in her hands and pulled me harder against her face until her nose was pressed against me and I could hear her labored breathing. My hips bucked up to meet her, pushing harder against her face. Blindly seeking tongue and lips and teeth.

The second orgasm was slower and longer, and the flickers made my fingers tingle and the muscles in my belly flutter. I wrapped my hands in her long dark hair and came against her strawberry lips. I let her lick me clean as I sat, head bowed, drained of energy. Grateful for the taste of my own juices on her lips when she leaned up and kissed me.

“Now?” I asked softly. Wanting to show her how much she had taught me. How much I had liked it. Show her that I liked having her as my secret.

“Soon,” she said on another kiss. “That’s the beautiful thing about our play date. We still have hours to go.”

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