to understand this part you need to read our previous story from where this story begins when you will understand this storyy completely. “Part -1 of this story

I aaaar ah this aaah we aaaaaah not shallu (moaning sounds) and I also press her milk hard then Shalu also hugged me sobbed Iea this this this slowly sigh nikkkki slowly ah keep my lips and lips on my lips then both of us together tongue Enter inside the mouth! (moaning sounds)

Her long smooth and hot tongue drove me crazy and then lay me down, I also lay on top of me. As soon as our milk collided with each other, both of them screamed and we both jumped and my relaxation was filled with love!

I indulged her and her back and smooth waist and soft licking started moving, then she started moving on me, I raised her pink face!

So her eyes could not open, she was laughing a lot! Shalu I started sucking her cheeks and lips, if her round soft milk would hit my lips, it would have caught fire!

I raised her a little, then her beautiful soft pink milk was in front of me, I could not stop myself and turned my tongue on her pink nipple! ( Literotica )

Wow fun I scream par oh my gosh I will die I ah this oh oof this Nikki ah ahh yes this also did this Ash… this Ashwani did it.! (moaning sounds)
I took all his whole milk in my mouth, then it was fun and Shalu stopped my face and entered her milk and started shaking!

Come to Nikki slowly please Oops “gosh slowly, I don’t feel so good, don’t suck, don’t suck my milk, this Nikki is not true, don’t bite as this please!” (moaning sounds)

You are better than this Ashwin ahhhh good agility, my life and I have started suppressing my milk, how true is your milk, don’t give me your Nikki, please Nikki, then I separate these lips! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Seeing more from her milk, her milk was becoming red and smooth with my sucking, so as soon as I wanted to take the second milk in my mouth, Nikki please give me this sweet- how soft are these 2 nipples!

True me and my nipples, then I kissed her wet red lips, this Shalu comfortably sighed my life and what else I had done Ashwin told neither my milk: Keeping her cheeky cheeks, she smiled and spoke softly and nothing to do I have given!

Why Shalu’s heart did not want yours. I got down from my feet and sat down on my feet and made me sit by sticking to myself and while playing with my milk, Nikki really wanted a lot but I could hardly stop myself. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . really

Why was I feeling scared, then my tongue started spitting on my milk, then my eyes closed. Have fun and my hand came on her smooth belly and the finger started moving in his round belly! readahead

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