Today I am going to tell you the story of a friend of mine. This story is fiction, this story two friends lesbian sex started with two of us friends, and going forward there are many twists in it which you guys will love!

I am a girl so I would like girls to write their reactions because maybe girls understand each other better!

I have a very sweet friend, Shalini, she and I have many things in common like age 24, height 5,7 figure 37 A -27 -37 pink color big-2 eyes pink lips! Expansive boobs, full chubby and curvy thighs!

She is a very cute and sexy girl, both of us are together from college and that is not hidden from each other and how can it be! Because during college, I became a relationship between the two of us!

One day when I went with him to his house, I was nobody at home! Both of us were having fun and I was telling him that you had met Ashwin on Sunday, tell me what you both did and she was shy!

Ashwin was her cousin and both loved each other very much! The two often went for walks and went to the movies! On instigating me, she told shyly that Ashwin had kissed her that day! I have kissed her rosy cheek and laughed shyly!

Tell me what you did and what you both did not only kiss, she smiled shyly! aye, Shalu please tell me how did you do it, lovingly pushed me and laughed!

I took it by placing my head on his stuffy thigh, his round milk was on my face! I slowly pointed fingers at his right milk but why didn’t Ashwin press it?

So her face turned red with shame and said slowly, yes, I took her beautiful pink face in both my hands and kissed her cheeks! How was it Shalu, Nikki, what should I tell my life was lost when his hot tongue was in my mouth, I became intoxicated!

He took me in his arms and immediately put his hand here and sobbed Nikki’s hand on his right milk.

I got pity and refused a lot but he did not listen and kept pressing! Then Shalu; Nikki with great difficulty they leave me! Hearing Shalu’s words, my condition started getting strange, it seemed as if ants were running in my whole body!

Seeing this condition of mine, Shalu smiled and said by rubbing my cheek, what happened to you, Nikki? So I shrugged and chuckled at his thighs!

My back was shaking and my condition was getting worse because my face was right on top of his pussy which was getting very hot and smelling! When I slowly fell in love with her pussy, she sobbed!

Ah it this Nikki Oops no no please don’t and raised my face! Both of our faces were turning red, Shalu’s pink lips were trembling, Nikki and I could not stop taking my face in our hands and kissed her pink trembling lips!

There was a fire in both of our bodies! I sobbed keeping my lips on his lips Shalu please tell me how did Ashwin kiss these lovely lips! So I smiled at my delicate pink lips, Nikki, you have to be Shalu for that!

I laughed, let’s be Ashwin! Shalu spread his arms so I got into them and I started loving my cheeks, lips, eyes, nose, and neck! So I was sorry it aah sh shaaloo come mother no oh oh ri oops oh oh oom oom what is this doing this is it it’s just no oomph! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Her lips clung to my lips and her pink tongue started rolling on my lips! As soon as one of his hands came on my milk, my scream came out, naah Shalu oops please don’t do it, then my lips sobbed tight, the same thing that Ashwin had done to me!

Zoomed in from me and her tongue was opening my lips slowly and then I entered inside then I was mad with the heat of her tongue and hugged her!

Shalu put me on the bed and while squeezing both my milk started sucking on my lips Oof his tongue was so smooth, hot and so long that I was running all over my mouth and going till my throat!

Both of our faces were turning red and drenched with spit! I was having a lot of fun and I was also supporting him and I was sucking his lips and tongue and sobbing with his pinkish pink face!

Ah this Shalu Yeh Yeh this Nikki my sweetheart, Oof Shalu, how fun is the tongue, your so long Oof True Ashwin must have enjoyed it, this slowly Nikki This true Nikki had a lot of fun, tell me what you do! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ah slowly, ah Nikki, don’t get up please, now both of us get up then again sucking my lips by hugging me and opened the zip of my kurta and opened the hook of my bra and sob in my mouth, don’t Nikki please and my hands Pulling up and ripping my kurta apart!

Shalu Yeah so kiss my lips sobbing don’t say anything Nikki is really having fun! I was sitting topless in front of him, I was in a bad condition with shame, I hid my full milk with both my hands and saw Shalu also separated his kurta and bra and I kept looking!

Oof what a lovely milk Shalu’s very big and pink colored long breasts, around which there is a red circle around her, she found me looking at her and kissed my eyes and removed both my hands from my milk and took her milk Keep it and chew your lips and sob Uuii mother ah ah and then hold my milk!

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