A Random Girl’s Story

 It was our second time visiting the old farmhouse. Memories of our first time there flooded my mind as we entered the vestibule. The sight of the fireplace brought back a vision of that night… the glowing fire, me lying on the floor in that red silk slip, cradled in your big warm body, with my wrists bound together by handcuffs. That was the first time you used the handcuffs on me. I melted with desire for you that night from the way you held me, lovingly took control of my hands, and then the rest of my body.

Knowing how intense and erotic our first visit as I was very anxious about what our second experience would be like. I was filled with anticipation about what you would ask of me this time… how you would use my body for your pleasure and tease mine until I begged for more. I wanted nothing more than to please you and to feel your hard cock inside me.

“Give me your bags, babe, and I’ll meet you on the porch in a minute,” you said to me after closing the front door behind you. “Thanks, baby… Should I roll us one?” I responded as I mischievously sauntered away. “You already know…and take off those sexy tight jeans,” you said with an approving laugh.

How you smiled at me when you watched my mouth seal up the blunt made me hot. Feeling you walk up to me made me wet, by the time you wrapped your arms around me I was fully and completely yours. And you already knew this…. and knew what to do. Instinctually. You kissed me firmly and let me soak in your embrace for a few moments, before redirecting our attention to my smoking creation and directing me to light it. You began to ask me about our last time there and told me things you remembered.

You remembered I wouldn’t go outdoors naked. “I was too cold and wet” you mocked me. The weather was perfect this time and you knew exactly what to do to make sure this time was different. I had grown with you and for you in the past months, and you took full enjoyment in that.

Why oh why did you grab my pussy in the middle of our conversation like that, knowing I would be so overcome with longing I wouldn’t even be able to finish my sentence? You love controlling me. “Stop talking and feel that babygirl…” you whispered as you drew me in. “I have something for you,” you said. “What is it, baby?” I asked awaiting my surprise. “Shhhh… I’ll show you when it’s time,” you said. I knew this meant I was not to ask questions or to speak. I was to listen, to be seen and not heard… until otherwise told of course. I love submitting to you. With your hand still on the outside of my panties you kissed my forehead, and then my lips, and then my neck, as you began to explain that I was in for a wild time and reminded me that you own me.

You directed me to remove my shirt and told me I was a good girl for not wearing a bra today. You wanted to see my nipples stare are you knowing they craved your touch… your grasp. As you pinched one of my nipples to full stiffness you placed the tip of your finger inside my pussy to appraise for wetness as you do. “You’re already getting so wet, my good girl” you encouraged me. You removed the tip of your finger and rubbed my clit just enough as you slowly removed your hand from my panties and slowly raised it to my mouth. I stood there without your touch for a moment and quivered at the absence. I was so relieved to feel your touch again as you pressed your finger into my mouth. You tilted my chin up with your thumb, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Your mouth is mine and your pussy is mine.” With your other hand, you began to loosen your pants and exposed your fucking cock. You put it in my hand and gave me the pleasure of feeling it grow. “Your surprise in my back pocket… take your other hand and pull it out now,” you instructed as you slid your hand back into my panties, firmly rubbing my whole pussy very slowly…back and forth…drawing out a slight moan from me. I was so turned on and excited. When I pulled out the handcuffs it only heightened the excitement plus added all these other feelings and sensations throughout my body. Nervousness, apprehension. “Would I be able to do what comes next?” I asked myself. “Would I be able to show you how far I was willing to go to please you?”

“We are going outside now.” was all you had to say. You took my hand and had me follow you down the steps into the grass. I only had panties and flip-flops on and I was embarrassed, but I went with you. It was so dark, with just the light from inside the kitchen shining through the window.

When we reached the edge of the trees out front, you instructed me to walk up next to one of them and face it. You were standing behind me now. When I felt the blindfold wrap around my eyes I was so surprised – I did not know you had one with you. You told me to put my arms up in front of me and swing my wrists around the tree trunk. You cuffed my hands around the tree. I could not see, and now, I could not leave. I was there, captive to your whim and under your supervision. I felt scared yet somehow secure. You whispered, “This is how you show me your mine… how you show me you need me.” You asked me if I wanted you inside me. You asked me if I wanted your cock. Of course, I said yes. You came closer and grabbed my breast and chin from behind me when you strictly told me I’d have to wait until I NEEDED it. You kept your hand firmly around my neck feeling every breath, every gulp, every beat of my pulse. You touched my nipples with your pinches and pulls and sent shocks to my pussy. You rubbed my clit until I was just about to cum, and you pulled your hand away. I moaned with longing. “I’ll be right back.” is all you said and walked away leaving me there, throbbing, dripping, needing your cock. You were only gone a couple of minutes but I thought I might explode. You found me standing there, whimpering, secretively trying to grind my hips against the tree trunk. “I’m so disappointed in you,” you said “You couldn’t stop moving those hips for two minutes while I was gone? You know you were supposed to wait for me to return.” “I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry, I just need you so bad.”

“Oh you do?” you said as you pressed into my back. You pulled my panties to the side, feeling just how soaked my hot pussy was, and rammed your hard cock deep inside me but then pulled it almost all the way right back out. “This is what you need?” you barked at me. “Yes, baby, yes.” I pleaded.

You let me feel the tip of your cock rocking back and forth just inside my pussy. I tried to push my pussy back onto it and feel it slide deeper, but you kept just enough distance. Each time I pushed back you pulled back and instructed me to spread my legs farther apart. ‘Farther, farther.” you commanded as you kicked my ankles farther apart. My ass was pushed so far back, and my legs were spread so far apart, and when you finally let me feel the full length of your cock push inside me. You began fucking my pussy so hard and so deep I could hardly contain myself. You began to rub my clit and felt my pussy get tighter and wetter. I was about to cum again when you pulled your hand back and stopped moving your cock. You left it inside me for a moment while I panted. “No cumming yet. Now, let me show you what need. You need me to fuck you in your ass for not behaving when I stepped away just now. You didn’t think I was just going to let you have my cock in your pussy and let you cum just like that, did you? I know you weren’t thinking clearly from all that craving, but you’re such a smart girl, right?” you asked sarcastically. “Right, baby.” I quickly responded, wanting to please you and feel you in any way you would allow me. “Take this cock in your ass little girl,” you said sadistically as you slowly rubbed the head of your cock against my wet pussy and up toward my asshole. You reached around and rubbed my clit as you made your initial thrust into my ass. I let out an eclectic sound of pain and pleasure. “Such a good girl,” you said approvingly. We were both breathing so heavily. “Such a sexy tight ass… take it like a big girl for me.” You began to rub my clit faster and fuck my ass deeper and harder. “Tell me you need my cock in your ass” you commanded me. “Tell me!” you repeated as you grabbed my hair and pulled my neck back. “Ahhhhh. I need your cock in my ass. I need it! I need it!” I promised and begged as you gave my ass a hard pounding. You could tell I was ready to cum again, and this time you told me to do so. As you were rubbing my clit you could feel my pussy dripping. You pumped harder and harder “That’s it, baby girl, let it out you needy bitch… that’s my pussy… cum for me.” And the explosion that I felt rocked my entire body. My body shook, and my pussy and ass pulsed with such a long and hard orgasm all over you. It brought me to a new level of pleasure and watching me explode only made you want to do the same. You pumped harder and harder and just as my orgasmic vibrations were subsiding you let me have your hot cum deep inside me. “Thank you, baby,” I said as you hunched over on my back in pure delight and exhaustion. You kissed my neck and replied, “You’re welcome.”

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