Friends, my name is Anwar and I am 25 years old. I’m good-looking and a bit funny that’s why or some other reason girls get attracted to me!

Today I am going to tell you the story of tremendous sex the name of the story is My Beautiful Aunt Sex Story!

So friends, first of all, I will tell you about my aunt, her name is Naira and she is a beautiful 35-year-old MILF!

They have two kids who live in hostels and come to visit sometimes! The husband would either go to work or drink and come to the wife, it was not a good relationship neither proper sex!

She kept comes to our house, she had a very good relationship with us, which love and belongingness she did not get in her house, she got it here!

I’ve been in love with her since the first time I saw her and she used to talk to me well too!

She considered me very good, I used to take her on a bike with her to the hospital or whatever she used to do there!

But I used to think that maybe she considers me like her own child and I used to try hard on her but every time I fail!

I did not know how to speak to her directly, just used to make some gestures but she could not understand!

I saw her many times without clothes and I can’t believe her figure is so sexy yet she keeps hiding it!

The aunt was one of those who looked beautiful without makeup and simply wore a dress and did not have many dresses!

If someone shows her the way, she will become a model, it was such that you must have understood!

When I used to go with my friends, they used to tell me their own sex stories! Hearing them made me want to fuck more!

So one day I drank a lot, I dared to message him that I like him and then fell asleep waiting for the message!

She didn’t come online till the next day I thought maybe I’m not in luck!

After a few days, I had to go to her house, so I went there was no one at home, so I thought maybe today is the chance!

She was making tea in the kitchen, I came from behind her and hugged her!

She didn’t say anything at first, then suddenly she was stunned and said what are you doing!

My condition got worse than, what I have done and I did not dare to say anything!

I had tears in my eyes and I said forgive me and I went home!

After two nights I got his message, how can I accept it? Which was a reply to the message I like you!

I don’t understand why two days ago they stunned me and why are they sending a reply after so many days!

I thought there is someone else who is messaging from their phone that’s why I didn’t reply.

she said in a message that comes home but I was scared that’s why I didn’t go! ( Milf Sex Story )

One day the aunt was ill, there was no one at her house, so my mother told me to take the aunt to the hospital and go to her house soon!

I am on the bike to her house and saw in the house she is sleeping on the bed!

I went to him, she opened her eyes and pulled me over him!

I wondered what happened she kissed my lips all of a sudden but I didn’t support him!

She said sorry for the kitchen that day, I was nervous, sorry, I like you too!

I said why did you not reply to the message, then she said that her phone was not working and when it was fixed, after that she sent a message but your answer did not come!

I said that I was nervous about the kitchen thing, that’s why I thought someone else is messaging me, that’s why I didn’t even come home to you!

She again apologized and started kissing, I got a boner immediately and I was at her home, so I had to do sex fastly!

I quickly took off her nipples from her blouse and started kissing her madly!

Pressing her boobs well and lifting her legs and sliding her outfit, she was not wearing panties!

The pussy was clean, which means she was planning to have sex today, then she called me on the pretext of illness by telling lies!

I put cock in her pussy and she held me tightly in her arms, I was laughing and pity seeing him!

Laughter because she was lying like a child clinging to me and pity because she did not get love at all!

My cock was going out inside her pussy and it was so much fun!

I also saw her ass was fair and round, I had thought that I would definitely fuck her ass next time!

I was kissing her lips, cock inside out, and pressing her boobs and she was doing it well!

sweetness sex sounds by her voice, my flood broke out and I put all the cum in her pussy!

Ah the fun has come, man, then I stayed the same and in this, her family members came, or else there would have been one more round!

Will definitely tell his assfucking story next time!

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