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I have been reading the story on this site since last year so I thought why not share my story! So I am present with my story, before the story, let me tell about myself, normal-looking 5″11 Dick is 6 inches!

Now I come to my sex story of mother and daughter. This is the story of my neighbor Danica who is short in height but very long in getting sex!

She is not very beautiful in appearance, let me tell you in general how I fucked her she is still a first-year student and was worried about her studies! I used to read throughout the day and her eyes had met many times and she probably knew what I wanted!

One day the gas cylinder of her house ran out and there was no one other than her mother and her in her house, so she came to my house and started asking me to fill the cylinder, I call her mother sister-in-law!

So our jokes keep going on, so I said I will get the cylinder filled, but what will I get in return, then she started saying whatever she wants (I have kissed my sister-in-law many times before and have pressed her boobs) so I said again. So she says she will not and I got her cylinder filled and went to her house to keep it, then sister-in-law was not there, only Danica was there!

So when I asked Danica, she said that she has gone outside and started going in, then Danica started saying to put the cylinder! So I put the cylinder and started leaving, then Danica said that now you have worked so hard, then let’s drink tea! So I said okay make and she started making tea, I sat in her room and started watching her books, then Danica brought tea and we started drinking tea!

So Danica asked me what I was going to take in return for filling the cylinder from my mother, then I said nothing, then she started looking at me with suspicious eyes as if she knew what I was going to take from her mother and When I started going to drink tea, Danica said brother, I have some problem in math’s, teach me, then I said I will teach at all!

So she started saying that they will teach this or at my house, She said that when your mother comes, I will come to my house and study! As long as I was not thinking of such a thing about him and I came from her house to my house, I was standing outside!

Then the sister-in-law came, I said that she did not fulfill my promise, all this Danica was listening and watching from the roof! So sister-in-law said this is what you want or will you come inside and come with me to my house and both of us hugged each other and started kissing!

I was going to press on the boobs of my sister-in-law along with Kiss! There was no one in my house for 2 days, so I put the top up of my sister-in-law and took her boobs in my mouth, and started sucking it from the top of the bra.

I put my hand on my sister-in-law’s pussy and started caressing! Caught her sister-in-law and slammed her on the bed. I had never done anything more with my sister-in-law before today because she had never allowed them to do so! Then she opened her eyes and started saying that I had paid the price of filling a cylinder and got up and started leaving, then I said sister-in-law, let me do more than this, then she started refusing and started leaving, then I grabbed her from behind and then went to bed. When pulled, she started saying that do everything in the evening!

So I said sure then she started saying today your brother has gone out for 7 days and there is no one other than me and Danica at home! So I said what will you do with Danica, then you started saying don’t worry about her and left after giving a kiss!

After she left, I started seeing ice in my fridge, I forgot that the door was left open! I was engrossed in watching the snow and was playing outside my dick and masturbating! As soon as I got up after my masturbation, I saw that Danica was standing behind me, seeing this, I was terrified and sweating!

Danica was smiling seeing this, even before I could say anything, Danica started saying what you were doing, now I was looking at her and she was smiling looking at me! I told her to sit and I wash my hand and close the door, Danica started smiling at me and sat next to me and picked up her book and started reading.

But we did not feel like it and Danica was also not reading from the mind and we started talking and I held her hand in the conversation! At first, I started to feel like it, then when I was persuaded, I agreed and stuck with her and we both started kissing!

After a vigorous kiss of about 15-20 minutes, Danica took off her clothes and sat on my lap! I grabbed her and started kissing and kissing his little boobs and put him on the same bed and started kissing and mashing her whole body!

She was giving me full support, now I took off my clothes and climbed on top of her and then started doing the same thing, I was constantly kissing her nipples and lips and rubbing her pussy with one hand!

Now she said, put dick inside in a hurry, then I picked up her legs and put my cock on the hole of her pussy and lay down in the direction and started fucking the direction!

With a strong blow, half of my cock got down in her pussy and I did not waste time, trying the second blow, the whole cock got down in her pussy!

Tears came from her eyes and she started pushing me, I stopped fucking, then she started saying it is hurting, take it out, I started jerking without listening to her, after some time she started enjoying it and was giving full support!

Half an hour later, I got swept away in her pussy and lay on top of her, both of us were sweating! At 15 minutes we both got up and I wiped my cock with a cloth and she cleaned her pussy, she may have got her pussy fucked by someone before!

That’s why there was not much pain of sex on her and then I ask him tea one-way and taught him in talks, she asked me what did you do with mom today, I know everything, so I told him that in the night her mother should be fucked. I’m gonna

So when she started saying that I would stay with my mother, then I say I will fuck her in front of you. She says you have guts? I say let’s see tonight.

After that, I came to her mother at night and her mother says that Danica is sleeping in my room. So, I say I fucked Danica today, her mother anger on me and slap me then start kissing me. I fucked her mother in the same room where Danica is sleeping.

In the middle of sex, Danica wakes up and starts touching my chest then I start kissing her. Her mom also enjoy this moment and after her, I also fucked Danica along with her!

Then the three of us slept with each other naked and we had sex together for a whole week!

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