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After a while, Shabrin put her hand on my shoulder and said “Hey you are fine where do you get lost, relax”

Saying this she laughed and left.

Maybe I was thinking too much she didn’t know she was just questioning my getting out on 0!

Some days everything was normal everyone was playing great laughs!

I called Shabrin to play, she said there is no one at home today and left with a strange smile!

I remembered all that again and got a little nervous!

I thought maybe she is not in a mood to play cricket, no problem, all my friends had come but all that was in my mind was that she is home alone, must be having sex with her sure brother!

I wanted to see her again, her sweaty body, her round boobs, and her fucks!

then I refused to play today that I have to go somewhere!

Everyone else started playing and I started looking for a chance to get her home!

Slowly, I went to the roof of her house again and put my hand on the door of the roof, then it was open!

I became happy, the heartbeat also increased and slowly I entered her house!

Went to her room but no one was there but the sound was coming from inside!

I thought the bathroom was attached inside the room!

As soon as I went inside the room, suddenly from behind Shabrin closed the door of the room and pushed me like a wall, and said

“Oh, you were the one who got caught that day, it was you who came through the roof”

I panicked I told Shabrien that I tell all the truth, let me go!

She said okay so we relaxed and I can’t believe that I got caught in Shabrin’s trap!

She said now tell me what did you see that day?

I told him the whole story of how I came down on the way to the roof unknowingly thinking that someone had entered the house!

Then I saw you having sex with your brother!

She got angry, she cried that you even know what you have seen?

I said yes I know, she said did you tell anyone?

I said no, did not tell anyone, no one will understand, everyone will start defaming you!

She said why didn’t you tell like that?

I said look I like you means I consider it good!

Seeing all that broke my mind but I enjoyed seeing you without clothes!

That’s why today I left cricket and went to you!

She said yes it is surprising that you left cricket!

She said then what now? I said let me go now, I will not say anything to anyone!

I started leaving. She took my hand and said I did not invite you to tell my story here!

I said to mean, he said that you were out on 0 and your rumblings clearly showed that it was you!

I know you knew everything, I said then why did you call me?

She said that because there is no one at home, that’s why I called you!

She came close to me, I came close to her, I kissed her!

A tremendous kiss started between the two of us, slowly the clothes started coming off and in the end, both of us became completely naked!

She grabbed my cock and said that it is fat right and took me to the bed by holding the cock!

She herself became a Doggystyle and grabbed my cock and placed it on her soft pussy and say lets start

I inserted the cock and ah yes it was fun, very hot pussy and tight!

I put both hands on her ass and started to fuck her hard!

She started screaming uhh ummm hai ammi ah aaaaaah. ……

I grabbed her boobs with both hands and pulled her upwards!

I kissed her neck and lips and kept on fucking!

She was saying that from now on you will fuck me every day, will you come?

I said yes, I will definitely come and fuck, so much excitement was filled that I went out soon and put all the cum in her pussy!

We lay naked for a while, then got dressed and I realized that my friends must be looking for me!

I kissed him and said next time I want to change the timing, I have to play cricket too!

She started laughing and then since then we meet and make a fuck!

I have never seen her brother with him, maybe both of them must have stopped all this!

Well this was my story which I hope you like it!

I Cricket and Muslim Friend - 1
Me and my wife affair - 1

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