Friends, my name is Harsh and I am from Delhi. I am 25 years old and today I am going to tell you the story of a Muslim Sister-In-Law Sex Story!

Friends, a Muslim family lives in front of my house, all are good people and are doing government jobs!

In the same house, there lives a Muslim sister-in-law who is as beautiful as Apsara in appearance!

So her husband has been posted in Kerala and it was from the stomach!

So sister-in-law has come back to her home ie our neighborhood and this time she has brought a wonderful figure!

Since the lockdown has been imposed, her husband is stuck in the same government job, so he used to study to go!

It’s been a year in the lockdown, her husband has not come yet, just talks in video calls!

A year ago I was not that special in appearance but I did a lot of exercises and made healthy during the entire lockdown!

This means now I have become very good-looking! Me and sister-in-law used to have a match, which meant that sometimes they used to see each other!

But there was no such scene that there would be sex in lockdown, sometimes she used to see me, I am doing a lot of exercises!

This series started two months ago when she was watching me secretly and when I saw her she started acting!

I was not able to understand that how should I try to hit the line on him, he has not had any affair to date, second, he is a government job!

And brother-in-law, two months passed after thinking about all these things with a private job, and then came the hour when everything was cleared!

She was on the terrace and it was 12 o’clock at night.

Something different happened that day, I came for a walk and I saw the door of his room is slightly open!

I turned off the ceiling light so that I couldn’t see and looked at the room!

She came out and I was in the dark, she looked at me and then started looking here and there!

I was suspicious because he looked straight into my eyes but still ignored it!

I didn’t move, stood in the dark, went to the room, didn’t close the gate, and started taking off my clothes!

My mind got disturbed that Apsara was taking off her clothes and I started looking at her restlessly!

She took off all her clothes and then put on a maxi and slept with the door closed!

That night, I came with my fist twice, then I fell asleep because all night I could see his white nipples and hairy pussy!

She had a very beautiful figure, she had also become a little fat and the boobs had become very big!

The next day I was going by bike, so I found him on the way, I dared him and told him, I will leave you till the stand!

She first refused then sat down and then I took her to the stand! When she got down, I asked you are going to Kanha? He named the place!

So I said hey then why are you waiting for the bus? I’m going the same you sit with me!

I convinced her and then I took her to her place, she asked me to wait for two minutes and then after a while she came out!

I asked what happened, he said that the work for which he had come, will not be possible today! I said good, let’s do one thing, there is a restaurant nearby, sit there for a while, it is very hot!

She agreed and we sat in the restaurant, she loved sweets, so I ordered good ice cream for her and we started eating!

He told me that you have made the body very good, I said yes I have seen online videos and I have got a very good knowledge of the body!

He said okay so I want to lose weight, will you help? I said I’ll do it, tell me when to do it!

So he said that it will not be possible to do some work in the house, so here I had rented a room nearby, I had to teach there to teach the children!

I said, let’s talk about something, at least on this pretext, I will come closer!

The next day in the evening my sister-in-law called me and said that if you come, then I went, she was in a suit!

Did I ask Jim in the suit? He said no, I have taken gym clothes, so I change them now!

I knew yoga and some exercises, I was going to make them do the same! After some time, he was wearing gym wear and wearing a cool gym outfit from above too!

Seeing them, my cock stood up because I had seen them in such clothes for the first time!

She had a different smile on her face as if whatever she wanted was happening! So I made him do yoga and after half an hour got him some exercise!

When she was jumping the rope, her boobs were more than half out, which were so big!

Didn’t get much done on the first day and went on like this for a few days!

Now while teaching them, I would hold their waist or ask them to hold the ass properly!

She was going to me every day, so one day she was skipping and one of her nipples came out and the nipple was clearly visible!

She stopped and I also started looking at her, she started doing boobs inside and started looking at me, now I had lost my temper!

I caught her and started kissing, she first started pushing me away but I did not agree! I held both his hands and kept on kissing!

She was trying very hard at first that I should leave her, then knowing that I stopped kissing her at once!

She started staring at me what are you doing? I got angry that she is refusing, so I said, leave your hands, I am not doing anything now!

So she kissed me again and started saying how can you leave me cold like this, I have been cold for so many months!

Then she started kissing me like crazy, I knew she was sitting full, I was sure yes and I started feeling very happy inside!

She started banging her nails like wild on my waist and kissing me! I took off her top, she came not wearing a bra!

Then I understood how his nipple came out, and seeing him naked in front, I started pressing his big boobs!

She started shouting, bite me, give me love, was crying a lot, I will not do it today!

She took off her leggings and immediately took off her panties and got naked! He knocked me down and laid me on the ground!

Caught the cock and started sucking ah man it was fun, he said, stand up quickly, put him in my pussy!

As soon as I stood up, she opened her pussy in front of me and started saying please fold my hands, do not delay, quench my thirst!

I directly put a cock in her pussy, she started screaming that she is enjoying the same kind of fuck ah haha ​​ah!

Now when I was going back and forth to fuck her, she herself jumped up and started kissing! It happens friends when you keep your feeling suppressed, all its heat has gone out immediately!

Seeing her so excited, I fell in her hairy pussy and that day we had sex three times!

Then she started crying and folded her hands not to tell anyone and I explained to her and assured her that no one will know!

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