As you guys must have come to know after reading in the previous part that my family members had gone to the villages and no one is at home.

Next day when I called Sara to my house. At first, we both made things to eat. After having dinner, we both came to the room.

We both played for a while and then we started studying, we both had a lot of time to have sex, so we already did not want to spend our time in sex.

We both talked a lot, Sara was in a hurry to have sex. I was too hasty but I still had 5 more days.

I waited for the perfect time to happen. Sara’s mom came to my house, they cooked food for us and saw that both of us were studying.

She was happy to see this and she did not even doubt us. When Sara’s family members had left after having dinner, Sara and I went to my room and slept together.

Sara and I both were sleeping hugging each other. My cock stood up as soon as I was sticking to Sara. Sara got up and opened my pant shirt and said that you sleep with me like this.

My cock came out of my shorts and was touching Sara’s body. And Sara was enjoying her touch only. Sara turned to me and closed her eyes and started kissing me.

I kissed Sara and started taking off her clothes. We were both laying on the bed. Sara is above me and I am under Sara. Sara’s hair was scattered and she was sitting completely naked on my lap.

I also took off all my shorts and get completely naked. Sometimes Sara would climb on top of me and kiss me, and sometimes I would climb on top of Sara and kiss her.

Now Sara took my cock in her hand and while shaking it started spitting on it so that the cock becomes smooth. After shaking for a while, she took my cock in her mouth.

I remember even today if I see Sara sucking my cock while sleeping, then I got nightfall. Sara used to suck the cock very lovingly.

After Sara sucking my cock for some time, then lay on the bed.

I climbed on her and spread both the legs of Sara and started licking her pussy. Sara’s pussy was very tight and she is a virgin like me.

I spit on Sara’s pussy and slowly inserted the cock inside the pussy. When I suddenly put my whole cock inside Sara’s pussy.

As soon as I gave full cock to Sara’s pussy, blood started coming from her pussy. I first cleaned the blood from Sara’s pussy and again fuck her vagina.

Sara was in pain and was enjoying it too. She was talking and was having fun kissing her.

then we changed position to doggy style and licked her pussy in different ways. I was thinking of fucking Sara’s ass.

I turned Sara upside down and spit on Sara’s ass hole to lubricate it. When I slowly inserted a cock into Sara’s ass, she screamed.

She was making ahhh aahahhh sounds from her mouth. I was really enjoying fucking her ass. After some time I started getting tired and my cock going to cum.

I removed all my cum inside Sara’s ass. For some time both of us slept together like this and after some time Sara also went to her house.

We had sex several times in those 5 days and we had a lot of fun.

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