How I fuck my hot neighbor girl

Hello, friends how are all of you guys my name is Adrian and I am 23 years old. This story (How I fuck my hot neighbor girl) is about a neighbor’s sexy girl. The name of the girl living in my neighborhood is Sara.

Her age is 22 years, the figure is 36-28-36 which makes her looks beautiful and sexy. Her complexion is fairer than milk. This is from some 6 years ago.

We used to play every day after the lights went off. Her family used to live well with me, they used to let me come to her house and also let him play with his daughter.

I and Sara both studied in the same school also. So that’s why her family members did not have any problem with me. One day, as usual, the light went off in the evening.

We went out to play. We were playing as usual, so this time it took more time for the lights to come back. Sara’s family members asked us to come inside and play.

We both came inside the house. For some time we kept playing like this. They are two sisters, so both of them together started playing battle with me.

Her younger sister catches me from behind and I was holding her elder sister from the front. I held Sara by the hand and Sara’s sister held me.

Due to being caught like this, we came closer and Sara’s butt was rubbing against my cock, so I got a boner due to rubbing. Because of my boner, it was felt on Sara’s ass.

Sara understood what was rubbing on her buttocks. Sara was enjoying it, so she deliberately started pushing her ass closer for funs.

I had put my hand inside Sara’s lower then suddenly the electricity had come back.

I know that Sara was also completely ready for that moment.

She wants to have sex with me. Sara and I both had a chance to do sex for the first time in our life.

but due to electricity, we stopped, Both of us had stayed that day or else Sara and I could have done something on that day.

But we were going to get this opportunity, again and again, so we were not going to have any problems. We just had to wait for the next time for electricity to go on the next day.

The next day when the light went off, we both came to the terrace without wasting time. Sara held me tight and I held Sara tight.

Sara kissed me and put her hand in my pant and started groping my cock. When I put my hand in Sara’s panty, there was thick hair on her pussy.

Sara had never cut her hair before. After sometime the light came on and I told Sara to cut her hair tomorrow. The next day she removes her hair.

This time Sara came to our house when the light went off. I took Sara to my room and started kissing her.

I grabbed Sara tight by her bum and kept kissing her. muaahhh…….. she also kept kissing me.

I pushed Sara on my bed and climbed on top of her, I took off Sara’s t-shirt and started rubbing her boobs.

Sara’s nipples are pink with round white tits. I kissed Sara’s boobs and started sucking her nipples, her tits were too big for her age.

I was having a lot of fun. Sara was shaking my cock with one hand and was rubbing her pussy with one hand.

Sara started taking hissings, sounds of ahhhh aahahhhh oohhhhh were coming from her mouth.

I was engaged in sucking Sara’s boobs.

While kissing, I reached her stomach suddenly the light came on. I dressed Suman and quickly we sat down.

We both started acting like playing. One day my family members were talking about going to the relative’s house, if there was a function in the relative’s house, then it was necessary for them to go.

I refuse because of my exams, the family members left me at home after telling the neighbors. I had 5 days now. How many times can I have sex with Sara in 5 days?

Friends, what did I do when I called Sara at home? when there is no one at home only Sara and me left. You will get to read the full story in Part-2.

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