Neighborhood Girl

I’d been lusting after the neighborhood tart Cheryl for weeks. Everyone had seen her naked but me. I guess she “Liked” me so she wasn’t ready to let me see her naked. She’d played strip poker with the other neighborhood boys and gone skinny dipping a few times too in my friend’s pool. But not me. So I called her up one afternoon after school and asked her to meet me at our “Fort” which was actually just a clearing inside a bunch of overgrown bamboo plants behind a neighbor’s house. When she got there I showed her some nudie magazines I had found and, while she was looking, I pulled out a copy of “Young Donny’s Mother”, the dirtiest book I’d ever read. Cheryl looked through the magazine while I began to read: “Now Donny, I…I want you to take off my panties….that’s it, son, just pull them down. There! Do you like my pussy?” Cheryl was nervously laughing as she listened and I asked if her tits were as big as the ones in the magazine. “Oh, maybe!” she teased. I read some more: “Now Son, I want you to take the lips of my pussy in your little fingers and slowly spread me open…just like that! Now you can see what a girl really looks like down there.” Cheryl was looking right at me when I looked up. “Would you like to see my pussy?” She grinned. I didn’t verbally respond but she could see I was really interested. “Then you must come over here and pull down my panties!” With that, she lifted her skirt and displayed her little white panties to me. I crawled over to where she was half laying and took the waistband of her panties in my hands and slowly pulled down Chery’s panties exposing her fresh young pussy. She had just a bit of recently sprouted hair above her lips and, otherwise, it was a simple vertical line. “Would you like me to show you more…’ Donny?'” She asked. Cheryl then opened her legs and reached down to her virgin pussy and spread it open, just as Donny’s mother had done. There it was! cheryl’s bare pussy was completely naked! I couldn’t help myself and asked if she wanted to see me as I was already opening my pants. I don’t think Cheryl was expecting to see a hard-on but I was so excited I couldn’t help myself. In no time my cock was bobbing free before my neighborhood pal. She reached out to touch it and then used her hand to softly stroke me, laughing nervously all the while. “We can’t do it, but you can rub it on my pussy for a minute…” She told me, her eyes never leaving my stiff penis. I quickly moved up to her and Cherly laid back on the ground opening her legs to accommodate me. I touched my cock to the tightly closed lips of her pouting pussy and began to slide it up and down the entire length of her cunt. “OH, that feels kind of weird,” She gasped. “But do it some more…and do it a little harder.” I needed no more encouragement and began to attempt to drive my cock right into her tight little pussy. We knew nothing of fucking but I was driven by instinct and, I guess, so was she as she is suddenly lifted up and my dick began to penetrate her virgin pussy. She yelped when I got it halfway home and then, gloriously, I was fucking Cheryl’s little pink pussy! “Oh, slow down,” She begged, “Don’t fuck me so deep!” I was trying to be a good guy about it but the desire for deeper and deeper penetration overcame me and I drove it all the way into the balls. When I felt that sensation for the first time in my sweet short life, I began to ejaculate and, not wanting to impregnate my little girlfriend, I pulled my erupting cock free and my semen splashed onto Cheryl’s exposed and no longer virgin pussy. “Ooo, look at that!” She exclaimed as Cheryl watched my jism spurting onto her loins. We used her still warm panties to wipe up the semen from her thighs and I walked her home after. I kissed Cheryl at her front door and reached down for one last feel of her sexy ass. “Don’t!” she sassily told me, “I haven’t got any panties on!” That was no reason to stop in my opinion so I reached under her skirt and felt up her plump ass cheeks while we kissed. I tried to touch her little asshole while we kissed but she wouldn’t let me. I never got to be with Cheryl again and I moved only a few months later.

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