Another Lesbian Sex Story

I’m in my dressing room; my bosom still clutched tightly by the boning and laces of a purple silk corset. My full-length skirt hangs over the seat of a chair, and I am adjusting my stockings, as my garter belt has begun to allow the fabric to slip down my thigh. There’s a knock on … Read more


I entered the room and closed the front door. White votive candles, set everywhere, illuminated the darkness. Shadows danced on the walls. Soft music floated through the air. It felt warm and inviting. Celeste sounded excited when she had called me at work. “Hurry home, I’ve got a surprise for you.” It was our special … Read more

The New Year

I’ve had some memorable New Year’s Eve is my time. I’ve watched the ball drop in Times Square with tens of thousands of other revelers. I even snuck in backstage and met Beyonce. In my early twenties, I attended one of Thailand’s infamous full moon parties, danced in the sand until dawn then sang ‘Auld … Read more

The Date

“Susan?” “Yes, sorry. Hi,” I gasped, cradling the phone against my head. I clutched my great-grandmother’s vase in my right hand. I had just managed to catch it before it hit the tile floor. “Charlie decided my vase would be great to hold his matchbox cars. I just managed to save it.” My daughter was … Read more

A Night of Firsts

My hubby has a friend, Jim, who has been trying to get into my pants for years. Over a year ago, he started dating this cute brunette. From what my hubby told me, Jim’s girlfriend, Heather, is a wild girl. I figured that I could finally let down my guard around Jim since he is … Read more

Everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 2

To read this story in its entirety, you must first read this part, everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 1 only then will enjoy the story! I came to my sister-in-law’s room, sister-in-law felt that I was brother, so she said, turn off the light! I slept quietly with the lights off, I had … Read more

Everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 1

Friends, the name of today’s story is Everyone should get such a sister-in-law and this story is of mine and my sister-in-law! My name is Sid and I am 22 years old, I am fine with height and appearance. My sister-in-law’s name is Ros. Age is 28 years, beautiful in appearance, the body is fully … Read more

Fuck My Wife in Rain

If you have also had sex in the rain, then you can write us your story and send it to! This is the story of my friend who got inspired by our website story and coax his angry wife! My friend’s name is Randy, he is a little angry man like all the other … Read more