A Casual Night's Sex

This story is based on mine and my sexy partners evening sharing each other’s bodies with a few fantasy bits added.

My partner is a beautiful BBW and I’m very lucky to have her.

Later this year we will be celebrating 12 years together.

We have a nice four poster pine bed in our room, complete with nets around top and decorative net curtains hung at each corner right down to floor.

Draped over bed is a king duvet on the double bed as give a good overhang on sides.

Laying on top of the duvet talking… she has on her bottom a lounge type trousers with flower print. Not tight but hugs her curvy hips quite well and show off her wonderful round ass. On the top she is wearing a strappy vest top not tight as she not like tight tops but even this top is struggling a little to hold her large F cup breasts from escaping

I had a loose-fitting T-shirt and boxers laying next to her very much enjoying the view in front of me.

With the view before me does not take long before test my luck and move in closer and start running my hands over her amazing curves. I love her wide and curvy hips which are only being emphasized by the bottoms she is wearing. Running my hands up over her hips, up and down her thicc thighs and over her round butt. In doing so I am fast turning myself on. I’m a small framed guy but my nine-inch cock is almost instantly hard and has made my loose boxer shorts now very tight across my ass as there is a very large tent in the front of my boxers at this point.

She knows what I’m trying and she removes her bottoms and reveals her thicc thighs, and tight slot on her mound for me to see in all their glory. My cock is throbbing hard at the sight before me. I want explore that mount and the slot to her tight pussy.

I moved so I’m upside down as it where, next to her, as she lays on her back I’m next to her with my head down near her mound and thighs. I start with running my hands over her tummy and over her mound while I lean in and kiss her mound all around her pussy. While doing this she reaches over and turns out the bedside light, leaving only the flickering LED candles on the unit at base of bed to light up her body and sensuous curves in the otherwise darkness.

I kiss and play bite her mound all over, with one hand reached up under her vest top and cupping and massaging her large F cup breasts. In doing so can feel her nipples becoming erect. My other hand is slowing running a couple finger up and down the slot on her mount leading to her tight pussy. While doing this I feel her hand run up my leg and in the leg of my boxers. First, she finds my balls and runs her fingers over my balls making my body jolt a little with pleasure as she does so.

Still kissing her mound with one hand still on her breasts the other hand slowly slides two fingers inside her tight pussy which is already feeling a little wet from playing with her breasts and running my fingers over the entrance to her pussy. She now moves her hand in my boxers to find my hard nine-inch cock. She grips the shaft of my cock soft but firm as slides her hand slowly up and down the length of my shaft causing my body to jolt a little with pleasure as with every stroke she seems hit just the right spot. While doing this my fingers inside her pussy has found just the right spot it seems as I pulse them in and out at a steady rhythm her breathing has changed and now and then her body has small jolts like mine when she playing with my cock.

She moves back to playing with my balls as I still sliding two fingers in and out of her now very wet tight pussy, still kissing and nibbling her mound and playing with her breasts.

Her breathing has gotten a little more rapid and her little jolts have gotten more frequent and did not take long her tummy tensed up, her legs closed and she had a strong orgasm. I kept the two fingers going for a few more seconds to push her over edge a bit more before letting her relax.

Now was my turn. I move myself so I’m kneeling between her beautiful thicc thighs looking up at her mound with a now wet slot before me. Her tight pussy is hidden inside this slot.

Cannot help myself have lean in and kiss both her inner thighs moving up until at her mount then kiss her mound. I then lay my body on top of hers, my hard, erect cock up against the slot on her mound while I kiss her nipples through her vest top and then rest fully on her and kiss her neck.

While kissing her neck I use on hand to hold my cock and slide the tip of my cock up and down the slot that is the entrance of her pussy, using her wet entrance to lube the tip of my cock as I slowly slide it inside her very tight pussy. She is so tight having to slide my cock out a little then back in and do this a few times until can get the full length of my shaft inside her. In doing this and because she is tight her pussy has rubbed my cock on the way in and is now quite sensitive.

Her body is now also quite sensitive after her orgasm and her tight pussy gripping my cock as I slide the length of my shaft in and out of her wet pussy is making it very hard not to instantly cum myself. I try hold back while sliding in and out of her tight pussy, I try shorter thrusts pulling less of my shaft out of her before going back in. My hands wrapped around her hips and grabbing her ample butt in an attempted to keep her body close to mine to restrict the length of my shaft withdrawn from her pussy with each stroke. This does not help much, her playing with my balls and shaft earlier has made me more sensitive. Her tight pussy just rubs my shaft in the most perfect way and as much as I try it does not take long until my balls tense up and then my stomach muscles tense and relax like on a tens machine as my cock pumps her tight pussy with my cum. With each stomach tense my cock pulses and pumps into her, 4 or 5 strong contractions until my balls have emptied into her.

After this I lay on top of her limp bodied, still holding her sexy butt in my hands.

Heavy breathing from both of us for a bit. I gently kiss her neck for a bit while laying with her while I wait for my throbbing cock to go limp. Holding her and being close to her sexy body it takes a little bit for my cock to subside but does not go fully limp.

I can withdraw my cock from her now very wet pussy and even withdrawing my cock it feels very sensitive as I pull out. After pulling my cock from her tight pussy closely followed coming from her pussy is some of my thick cum. It felt like a decent amount had been pumped from my balls into her tight pussy and some was now escaping. I do like see my cum from her pussy and mound was glistening in the sweat between us as we made love.

I have never had such strong feels of please from having my balls and cock played with or the feelings from my cock inside a pussy that my fiancée can give me.

Nothing compares to her!


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