A Chance Encounter Pt. 02


Part Two of Two




We drove back to Griff’s and pulled into the drive around three. It was a typical day for early fall in San Diego, sunny, mid to high 60’s, a light breeze off the ocean – pretty much idyllic.

When we entered the house, Griff said he had to take care of some agency business and would join us as soon as he could, then headed down the hall to his home office. Elise was in the kitchen making drinks. She was wearing one of Griff’s long-tailed, long-sleeved shirts. It was bright blue and open in the front. Underneath it, she was wearing a skimpy, blue and white flowered bikini. I’d never seen her in anything less than a blouse and shorts, or a pair of long pajamas, so I was caught off guard.

I knew she had a good figure…but damn, she had a nice body – and not the body of a woman in her 40’s who had a 22-year-old son. It was solid, compact, and curvy enough to be sexy. The open shirt revealed ample B-sized breasts, plumped up by the small cups of the bikini bra. She had a narrow waist and almost flat stomach – just the slightest tummy. Her legs would have been the envy of any eighteen-year-old – solid, sculpted. Her hips were flared just enough to give her a womanly shape. She was well-tanned, but not overly so. Altogether, quite sexy.

Elise looked up and caught me staring, but in typical Elise-fashion, she was non-plussed.

“What’s a matter, Bruiser? Never seen a hot, middle-aged woman in a bikini, before?” and broke into a big grin.

“Not as hot looking as you!” I grinned back.

Elise and I always had a very close, brother-sister relationship, but right now it was hard to think of her in sisterly terms.

“Well, wait till you see Dannie in her new suit!” she grinned even bigger. “If you didn’t get the memo, it’s pool ops, kids. Go change and meet me on the patio. Griff will join us when he can.”

“Aye, aye, skipper,” I saluted, and Dannie and I headed towards our rooms.

As we headed down the hall, she whispered, “I don’t know if I can wear that thing she picked out. I would never have chosen it. But she had me try it on and insisted. Said you’d swallow your tongue.”

“I can’t wait,” I whispered back, and meant it.

I changed into a clean set of running shorts and tank top, hit the john, then went out to see if Elise needed any help. Griff’s office door was closed so he was still working.

“Need a hand?” I asked as I entered the kitchen.

“Sure, hon, grab that tray of tapas and that pitcher of ice water. Thanks.”

I followed Elise to the patio where she already had a blender set up on the patio table with a large pitcher of pre-mixed margaritas and a large bowl of ice, covered with a platter. There was a small refrigerator against the back wall of the house. She pulled out three chilled margarita glasses.

“So, how did it go today?” she asked as she filled the blender with ice and mix.

“Smooth, predictable. We i.d.’d the surveillance and their base, and where Dannie’s husband is holed up. Tomorrow, we’ll shake his tree and hopefully wrap this up. I haven’t talked to Griff yet, but I think I know how he’s going to want to handle it.”

“Good, the sooner you can get Dannie out of this, the sooner she can try to put her life together and get past…there she is.”

I turned and saw Dannie coming through the patio slider. She had on a long, diaphanous, kaftan-type cover-up, linen-white with subtle silver threading running vertically through the material – looked expensive, but worth it. It had a high collar that framed her long, elegant neck, and it tied at the waist with a broad silver and white sash. She had her long, silky-looking hair pulled over one shoulder, flowing over her right breast. She looked stunning. I felt a lump in my throat. She really was, is a beautiful woman – those vivid blue eyes, framed by her long, dark, gently arching eyebrows, and those amazing, full lips, right now with the slightest, nervous smile.

Dannie apologized, “Sorry, it took me a minute. I had to, um, do some grooming…”

Elise nodded and winked, “No worries. We were just getting set up. Okay, unwrap the package girl; show ‘im the ‘suit’!” she playfully encouraged Dannie.

Dannie hesitantly fumbled with the sash, then pulled it loose and the kaftan fell open slightly.

“Go ahead, it’s okay,” she encouraged a little more gently.

Blushing, eyes down, Dannie opened the kaftan and pulled it off her shoulders, letting it fall to waist height, gathering at her hands. For the first time, her long, slender body was revealed to me – slightly wide shoulders framed her moderately V-shaped torso which was dominated by the most perfect, full C-cup breasts I think I had ever seen. The bra cups of the simple, silver and white bikini top were narrow crescents that almost didn’t cover her aureoles, and came up on the sides, pressing her ample mounds together into a provocative cleavage. As my eyes traveled down her torso, I was treated to the gentle curves of her slightly-elongated hour-glass shaped midriff and smooth, flat stomach, highlighted by a sexy, medium-sized, vertical navel. Her bikini panty was cut high on the hip and dipped down to a shallow V at the top hem, that ended just above her mons pubis, with a small V of fabric tastefully showcasing the pubic area without revealing too much. Her long shapely legs were well-toned, subtly-muscled – ‘model perfect’. Some women have nice legs, but then have knobby knees or bony ankles or unsightly feet to go with them – not Dannie.

Her body reminded me of the female form captured in Antonio Canova’s “Three Graces” sculpture – exquisite perfection. I was just gob-smacked, and couldn’t get over her beauty. I’m a pretty jaded guy, in this respect – I’ve been with quite a few beautiful women, but none that came to mind, had anything on her.

My reaction was instantaneous. I caught myself mumbling under my breath, “Hoooly shi…Sorry…I mean…Wow! Um, okay, I’m speechless…Dannie you are beautiful, stunning!” I managed.

Dannie was blushing furiously; her decolletage was crimson.

Dannie dropped her wrap and her hands went to her face, covering it, “I feel naked. I haven’t had a bikini on since college, and never anything like this…”

“Dannie, if I died right now, this instant, I would die happy because I got to see you.”

Elise chimed in, “Awesome, huh? I was going for ‘Venus meets Delilah’ – R-rated version!”

“Nailed it,” I replied.

“Can I put my wrap back on now?” Dannie asked, sheepishly.

I closed the distance between us and reached down, scooped the kaftan up and held it for her to slip in to.

She turned her head to the side as she slipped her arms into the sleeves, “Thank you,” then in a more hushed tone, “So you’re not disappointed?”

I softly said in her ear, “You made my heart stop, Dannie. You are too beautiful for words.”

Elise was unobtrusively watching us, out of the corner of her eye, and smiling, perhaps a little smugly. She triggered the blender. I hate that noise.

We walked over to the table and I pulled a chair back for Dannie.

As she sat, she cleared her throat, “Ahem, I could sure use one of those margaritas…maybe a couple.”

Elise laughed, “Painkiller, comin’ up!”

She poured three glasses of frozen margarita for us. I prefer on-the-rocks, but this is how they like them, which is fine. I just have a tendency to do the ‘brain-freeze’ thing with them.

It was a beautiful afternoon. The breeze was blocked in the back yard by the house and the foliage; the sun dappled the landscape and pool in light and shadow, and the gurgling sounds of the water circulating in the pool added to the ambience. Thoughtfully, the pump and filter system were located at the far end of the yard, behind the cabana, so only presented an unobtrusive, low hum in the distance.

“This is like a daquiri, only better,” Dannie commented as she was finishing her drink, “but not like the margaritas we had in the restaurant.”

“No, I ordered them on-the-rocks, but this is the way most folks like them.”

“Oh. Um, Elise, may I have one more?”

“At least two more is compulsory,” she joked as she poured another.


“There’s my man,” Elise said, looking over my shoulder.

Griff came out and joined us, “Did I miss the party?” he smiled.

“No, but you have some catching up to do, dearie. Grab a glass from the fridge.”

“Catch me up, then,” he said, giving Elise a pat on the shoulder and kiss on the cheek as he sat next to her.

We sat, relaxed, drank and chatted; and I hadn’t felt this good in a long time. We still had Dannie’s problem hanging over us, but being here with my dear friends, I was at peace.

And, at that moment, sitting there, I decided – I was going to make the move. I had sorely missed Griff and Elise since they left. They were the only family I had, and with recent events in my job, my current employment had lost some of its appeal. It finally came up in the conversation.

“Too bad about, Gerry,” Griff sighed.

“Yeah. It pulled the rug out from under me. Didn’t see that coming in a million years…And, so you know, that was kind of the final piece of the puzzle for me. If you still want me, I’ve decided…”

“Absolutely! Damn. Good. I was so hoping you weren’t just coming out here to check things out,” Griff remarked, slapping me on the shoulder.

“Well, I wasn’t totally sure, or at least I hadn’t admitted it to myself yet, but as soon as I got here, seeing you guys, being here; that clinched it for me.”

“What about Gerry? Who’s he?” Dannie asked.

Griff explained, “Gerry was our boss at one time, and our good friend for years. But he got caught up in something…” he hesitated.

I explained, “He was taking payoffs, graft. He’d sold out to a local criminal enterprise. I accidentally discovered it, uncovered his connection, his role in some very bad business; been doing it for years it turned out. Broke my heart when I discovered it…And that’s one of the reasons my job has soured for me. The situation has affected the whole department. Internal affairs is investigating everything now, and I’m afraid they’re going to find more.”

Dannie put a delicate hand on my forearm. I looked at her long, slender fingers, at her wedding band. I still wore mine – on my right hand. Only jewelry I owned besides a watch.

“So that is why you’re leaving?” Dannie asked.

“Well, I guess that’s the final reason. A few months ago…well eight months, now, I had a bad situation that led to me shooting a perp…and he died as a result…”

“And getting shot,” Elise put in.

“You got shot?” Dannie exclaimed.

“Yeah, we were questioning some suspects at their residence, myself, another detective and two uniforms. The uniforms had cleared the house, and I was standing in the dining room talking to one of the individuals, when this kid comes out of a pantry closet in the kitchen where he’d been hiding, sees me, panics, points his gun at me and fires. I took the hit in my side, bullet glanced off a rib, cracking it, but no serious damage. I pulled my gun and returned fire. He didn’t make it. First person I’d killed in 14 years on the force. He was 19, no prior felonies, just minor stuff; but he was hopped up, got freaked, decided to bolt and…Anyway, it affected me. Then I had a close call a couple months later; had to draw my weapon, ended up in a stand-off with an armed perp. Fortunately, it resolved without any shooting; but I started thinking maybe time and the odds were catching up with me. Then the thing with Gerry, and…here I am.”

“I think you are so doing the right thing, Quinn, before anything else…” Dannie choked on her words, getting emotional.

“Ditto,” Griff quickly put in, lifting his glass.

“Ditto, ditto,” Elise followed. We toasted.

I guess it was official. I was no longer going to carry a badge…after 15 years. I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about that. I went to the police academy straight out of college, and had never done anything else.

At the crossroads – a new path chosen.


Elise decided to change the atmosphere, which had gotten a little to somber.

“Come on, kids, time for a dip.”

She grabbed Griff’s hand, pulling him up with her and headed to the pool, shirking her cover up and dropping it on a chase. Griff joined her, dropping his shirt off and following her into the pool.

Damn, what a nice ass!

On Elise! Okay?

I looked at Dannie, “Up for a swim? The water’s very pleasant.”

She nodded shyly, “I just feel so…exposed, and it feels a little cool out.”

The temp had edged down to low 60’s.

“Pool’s heated, and you can hide behind me,” I grinned.

She laughed, “Three of me could hide behind you!”

“You sayin’ I’m fat?”

She turned me to her and pulled my head down, “Kiss me, Quinn.”

She pressed into me and tilted her chin up. My lips met hers and we melted together. I was aware of every inch of her womanly form pressed up against me – I slipped my tongue in her mouth, and felt hers in mine, felt the feel of her full, soft lips on mine. It was a slow, sensuous, delicious kiss. I got lost in it. And the feel of her warm, full breasts mashed against my chest did not go unnoticed. My cock began to swell; and Dannie didn’t hesitate, pressing firmly against the bulge. There was a rush of heat between our bodies. I had to stop. I broke the kiss. Her face and neck were flushed. She was smiling up at me.

As we released each other, she casually opened her kaftan and let it fall. I took her hand and we walked to the pool and down the steps together. The warm water felt heavenly as we descended. I was glad to get up to my waist as my semi-erection was then hidden. I had been aware of Griff and Elise’s presence, but just now realized that they were at the other end of the pool, hanging on the side, talking in hushed tones, giving us privacy.

We swam around lazily, enjoying the silky feel of the water on our skin, talking in hushed tones, ourselves, and listening to the birds in the trees overhead, having their own intimate conversations.

At one point, we had sidled up to Elise and Griff, who were then positioned at about the halfway point of the pool, Griff with his back to the pool edge, Elise cuddled back against him, with Griff’s arms resting over her shoulders.

“I found a place you might be interested in,” Elise said.

“A place?” I questioned.

“Mm hmm, a house. When you said you were coming out, I contacted a real estate friend of mine and asked her to do some checking; you know, just in case you decided to join Griff. I gave her an idea of what I thought might be appropriate, and she called me the other day and she had a place that’s not listed yet, that sounded pretty nice. An elderly gentleman is moving to Encino to live with his daughter. His wife passed recently and he’s not comfortable being alone, now. It’s the same style as this house, a few years older, but in very good shape. It’s a three bedroom, a little smaller than this, but with a larger covered patio, a very nice pool, and an even larger lot than ours. The gentleman let me look at it. He’s selling it with most of the furnishings; he has no use for them. They may not be your taste, or you may want your stuff from back east. You’d have options.”

“Not sure it sounds like something I can afford.”

“Well, here’s the kicker – he’s retired Navy; his son-in-law is a Sheriff’s deputy in L. A. County, and he has great respect for law enforcement folks. He owns the place free and clear and is willing to sell it to someone like you for what my friend says is about 20 per cent under current market. How are you ‘equity-wise’ in your house?”

“I don’t know. I mean we bought it almost twelve years ago; never did any seconds or refi’s, and I guess the market’s gone up quite a bit since then…”

Griff put in, “Try tripled or more since you bought it.”

“Hmm, well I’ll need a place to live…and I would like a pool.”

“It’s in the foothills about 10 minutes from here. It doesn’t have a view of the ocean, which helps the price, but it is a beautiful area. When this business is taken care of,” she nodded towards Dannie, “why don’t we take a look?”


Dannie squeezed my hand under the water. I guess she thought that was a good idea. I hadn’t even thought about the whole relocating deal, selling a house, buying a house, et cetera.

As the setting sun disappeared behind the rooftop of the house, the pool lights came on, and we headed for the patio. We were all getting hungry. It was time to put steaks on. Griff and Elise went up the steps ahead of us, and I once again admired Elise’s body, couldn’t help it.

Then Dannie went up and I was presented with the amazing view of her from the rear in her bikini, a view I hadn’t had the pleasure of yet. Though the panty was cut high on the sides, it swooped down in back, cradling her buttocks, but the sheer, wet material clung to her cheeks, like it was painted on. What an amazing sight. She had a fuller, slightly rounder ass than Elise, but it was solid, firm. I watched, mesmerized, as her butt and leg muscles flexed with each step she took, rivulets of water running down the subtle contours of her legs. When she got to the deck, she realized I wasn’t with her and turned.


“Um, yeah; I’ll be a second.”

“Something the matter?”

“Mmm, I just watched the most beautiful derriere I think I have ever seen, ascend these steps in front of me, in that thin, wet, formfitting…thing, and, um, it had an effect,” I said, briefly glancing downward.

She gave me a brief, puzzled look, then broke into a grin.

Behind her, I heard Griff chuckle, and Elise couldn’t resist, “Somebody have a problem? Lose control of something? Just don’t chip the plaster!” she cracked and started cackling. Griff and Dannie joined her.

“Go get dinner ready,” I groused playfully, and turned and started on a couple laps.

Elise again, “Bet you can’t swim a straight line.” More cackling.

When I had calmed down, I got out and Dannie met me with a towel, eyes surreptitiously dropping to my crotch.

“Everything under control?” she coyly asked.

I made a face, “It was all your fault.”

She leaned up next to my ear and breathily whispered, “Well, maybe I’ll have to make amends for that, later.”

“No, no, no. That’s not going to help. I didn’t hear that,” I quietly joked.

She kissed me on the cheek, “Come on, let’s put on dry clothes and come back and help.”

After we all changed to dry clothing, we gathered in the kitchen, chopping, slicing, tossing, basting – getting dinner put together. Griff fired up the grill, and when everything was ready, he put the filets on and we set the table. We ate inside, enjoyed a delicious meal and had a pleasant time, except for occasional references to my earlier predicament.

After dinner and cleanup, Elise whipped up margarita mix and we gathered back at the dining table. Griff and I formulated our plan for tomorrow. We decided to get a hotel room for Dannie and have the meet there. She and Griff would be waiting in the room, Griff out of sight. I would follow the husband, surreptitiously, and wait till Dannie let him in, then come in a beat after. I’d have my own key. To lose the surveillance, Griff would call a friend at the local P.D. and set up a pick-off, a ‘routine’ traffic stop, just long enough that the shadows would lose Richard.

We had Dannie call her husband and tell him to meet her at her hotel at two p.m.; that she would give him the address just before the meet. We retired early as Griff had to get to the office before business hours to do some catching up, then get set up before our rendezvous with Dannie’s husband.


As we headed to our rooms, Dannie informed me she was going to rinse the pool water off before going to bed, and I said I would be in after her.


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