A Different Proposition Pt. 02

Author’s Note: When writing stories about my main couple, Ted and Jan, my mind sometimes goes down different paths to shape their characters. “How do they think?” “How would they talk about something.” And I sometimes revisit previous stories when these thoughts come to mind.

This is one such short discussion when I thought about how this different loving couple might broach the subject of having sex with others. This short scene would be a precursor to my story “Lifestyle Ch 04: Mentors”.


I came home from work and Jan was sitting in the living room in her usual swivel chair with her tablet computer. After thirty years together, she still looked as gorgeous as when we married.

She looked up at me as I entered the living room. “Just in time,” she said. “I was about to get up for a glass of wine. Make it a cabernet.”

“The bitch waited for her slave to enter?” I said as I went to retrieve the wine glasses.

“Not my slave. But if you want to use cuffs and tethers on me later, there’s a price to pay. And you know I’m like Barbie; that bitch has it all.

“And my bitch has it all,” I replied as I handed her the glass of wine and sat in my chair near her.

“… Your old college friend, Eric sent me a Facebook message,” Jan said as she took the glass. “He said to tell you to check your messages.”

“You know I don’t use Facebook,” I said. “I set up that Facebook account years ago, just to see what the hype was about. I don’t need to read the blow-by-blow daily posts of stupid pictures other people find on the Internet.”

“It’s like holding a conversation with others,” Jan said. “We post about things we’ve seen or done. It’s how normal people communicate, geek!”

“That’s right. I’m a socially awkward geek, not a foolish nerd. A nerd might use Facebook, but geeks don’t.”

“Well, Eric’s not a geek or a nerd. He uses Facebook to connect with people, and he found you. So, check your messages!”

I leaned over to the coffee table and picked up my Surface Pro tablet, opening the browser to Facebook. I clicked on the link for messages, found the one Eric sent over a week earlier, and read it aloud to Jan.

“Eric said ‘I was at our old college stomping grounds and ran into your/our old friend, Brenda. Here’s my number. Call when you get a chance.’

“You told me about Brenda,” Jan began, “when we got back together. How does Eric know her?”

“I mentioned getting a VD from her when Eric and I were sharing the apartment at college. He said he was with her a week earlier. He’s the one who told me she was screwing guys at the bar where she worked, and she was into gangbangs.”

“Your best friend told you he was in a gangbang with your girlfriend … and he was still your best friend?” she noticed.

“What’s wrong with that? It’s not his fault she gave me VD, unless he gave it to her. He said he used condoms with her. And it’s not his fault she was into gangbangs without telling me.”

“Most guys would be jealous and angry if a friend fucked his wife or girlfriend.”

“Unless he raped her,” I said “she made her own choices. Why should I be jealous or angry at Eric? And she was still having sex with me. It was just the VD thing, and the fact she didn’t tell me what she was doing that evening when she showed up late and drunk for our date.”

“So, you wouldn’t be mad at Eric if he fucked me?”

“When we got married, you said that’s my pussy and this cock is yours. So, no, I wouldn’t be mad at Eric. You would be the one who broke your promise by letting him use that pussy you gave to me!”

“Okay, Ted. … I’m trying to figure out where your head’s at here. It would be alright with you for your friend to fuck me … as long as you know about it? Do you mean knowing ahead of time? Or do I need your permission?”

“As long as you’re taking care of my need for sex … “

“You know I always take care of you, and I always will,” she interrupted.

“As I was saying, … and I won’t accept double standards! We both have to play by the same rules. So, if you want my permission to fuck Eric, then I have your permission to fuck another woman, too.”

“You can’t just go fuck any other woman. Like Eric is your best friend, it would have to be Marlene, my best friend. And she’s married. So, that’s not going to happen.”

“Well then, I guess it’s a moot point. We’re debating the impossible.”

“Not impossible,” Jan said, “just improbable.”

“You win. English was not one of my better subjects. So, you’re still not fucking Eric.”

“I guess not,” she said as she sighed.

“In your dreams, bitch,” I said and laughed.

Jan laughed. “The ‘In your dreams‘ is one of my lines, geek, when I point out a girl to you. What about if I ask to fuck some other guy, not your best friend?”

“Again, then I’d have your permission to fuck someone other than Marlene. Eric knows where Brenda’s hanging out. And she was just getting good at blowjobs when I broke it off with her.”

“Not with Brenda! I told you not to invite her to your bachelor party!”

“What if I used a condom?” I asked.

“It’s no wonder your second-grade teacher failed you for being weird,” she said and laughed. “What if Eric fucked me in the ass? My ass wasn’t part of that marriage promise.”

“Then I’d get to fuck another woman in the ass.”

“No. That’s not how this works. That’s still my cock you have. So, you can’t shove it in another woman’s ass or mouth without my permission,” Jan laughed and added: “But, I guess you could have someone fuck you in the ass, too.”

“Now YOU’RE being weird, bitch. That’s not going to happen. Maybe we need to renew and revise our wedding vows,” I said.

“Why would I agree to giving you control of my ass, too? What do I get? And I don’t care about controlling your ass. So, I’ll need to think about what I want in return.”

“Wow. You really are manipulative.”

“You knew that when you first proposed, geek. I love you.”

“And I L-word you, too, bitch.”

“But I’m YOUR bitch,” Jan replied lovingly.


Author’s Postscript: If you enjoyed this dysfunctional discussion, try reading more about the wife’s past and why she behaves so differently in “Lifestyle Ch 11: Demons Past”.

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