A Dom Loves Their Subs Ch. 07

Beth put on a pair of red kitten heels that she’d never worn before. With her shimmery, green cocktail dress and Christmas tree earrings, she looked festive. And… very attractive. The dress wasn’t revealing but showed enough skin to tease whoever chose to look at her. She couldn’t wait for Val to see her!

She went to the elevator, hesitating before she pressed the penthouse button. What if Val didn’t actually think she was attractive? What if everyone talked behind her back?

The doors opened while she was debating, and Drew stepped in.

“Hey, Beth.” She stared at them. They were wearing an obnoxious, neon-green outfit. “You look nice.”

“Uh, thanks.” They reached over and pressed the penthouse button. “You have, umm… quite an outfit.”

“Oh, thanks! It’s annoying, right?”

“N–No,” Beth said quickly. “It’s just–“

“Damn it. I knew I should’ve gone with the other shirt.”

“You’re, um, trying to be annoying?”

“Yep! Best way to make fun of everyone.” The elevator door slid open and Drew pranced into the apartment. “Merry Christmas, my good allosexuals!”

“Oh my God, what are you wearing?” Several people squealed with laughter. Beth timidly stepped out of the elevator and the room fell silent. Someone wolf-whistled and she blushed.

“Hello, gorgeous~” Katie purred. She was wearing a sexy reindeer outfit. “Hey, Val, come take a look at this!”

“Katie…” She blushed and smoothed out her dress. The attention started to fade and everyone returned to their conversations.

“What?” Katie laughed. “You look hot. I’m just making sure Sir gets a chance to see it.”

“I think they’re seeing,” Beth mumbled. Val was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, looking hungrily at her. They were wearing a sharp, dark red suit.

“Doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous, Sir?” Katie asked, waving her hands at Beth. “Wouldn’t she look nicer on her knees?”

“Katie!” Beth gasped, smacking her shoulder. She cackled and Val went back into the kitchen.

“You look really nice, Miss Beth,” Roman said.

“Oh, thank you.” She sat on the couch with Katie. Jamie skipped over and sat in the seat next to her. “Hey, hon.”

“My name is kitten, not hon.” Jamie pouted.

“Oh, uh, sorry… kitten.” She looked at Katie, who just smirked at her. Jamie leaned on her shoulder and purred as she stroked his hair.

“So, you joining in tonight?” Katie asked.

“Why else would I be here?” Beth scoffed. Katie winked flirtatiously at her and went to join in the card game at the dinner table. “It’s Jamie, right?”

“Kitten. Master only calls me Jamie when I’m naughty.”

“I see…” Beth looked up and frowned. “Drew, what are you doing?”

They froze, standing over a large pile of shiny, wrapped boxes. Everyone turned to look at them, snickering.

“Drew…” she warned.

“I was just looking,” they mumbled, shuffling away. A few people whistled and catcalled.

“Step on me, Mami!” Julie crowed. Beth looked at her in bewilderment and she laughed.

“Val’s got competition,” Thomas snickered.

“Hey, I wouldn’t mind having a lady Domme around here.” Katie winked at Beth and she darkly blushed. “You can yell at me next time, Mistress.”

“Dinner’s ready!” Val called. Beth quickly got up from the couch, her face still flushed with embarrassment. They gave her a concerned glance but thankfully didn’t ask questions.

An hour later, everyone was laying around the living room, full from dinner.

“I’m gonna explode,” Drew groaned.

“Bitch, that’s your own fault,” Katie snorted. “You’re the one who ate three plates of food.”

“But it was so good~!”

“Here.” Beth handed them a candy cane.

“Thanks. And I’ll take the rest of the box, while you’re at it.”

“Sir, Drew’s not sharing!” Rose whined.

“There’s, like, a million boxes in the kitchen. Go ask the Sir for one,” Drew mumbled, sucking their candy cane.

“The Sir?” Beth giggled.

“Oh, I always call them that. They think it’s funny.”

“Who wants presents?” Val asked. Everyone cheered and they looked at Beth. “Could you give me a hand?”

“Yes! Sexy elf mistress!” Katie cheered.

“You’re not wrong, but what the fuck?” Julie asked. Beth grabbed a couple of boxes from the pile and started to hand them out.

“Drew, these are yours,” Val said. “I’ll let you head out.”

“Thanks, Sir.” They kissed Val’s cheek and picked up a small stack of presents. “G’night, everyone!”

“Bye, Drew!”

“And these are for Rose.” Val handed her a few small boxes. “No opening until everyone has their presents.”

“Yes, Sir,” everyone chorused. Beth handed out everyone’s gifts until there were only a few left for Val.

“These are for you,” they said, handing her a large gift bag.

“Oh!” Jamie yelped. Val’s head snapped towards him. “I forgot my gift downstairs!”

“Me too!”

“So did I!”

“Okay, what game are you all playing?” Val asked with mock suspicion. They grinned and waved to the elevator. “Go get them if you have them.”

Several people got up and went downstairs. Val took their small pile of presents and sat down next to the tree. Beth sat next to them.

“Thanks for inviting me,” she said. “Dinner was excellent.”

“Good.” They smiled at her. It was quiet for a minute. “So, are you actually staying for the orgy?”

“What?” Beth looked at them with wide eyes.

“No pressure. You can sit and watch if you want. Or you can hang out in the kitchen. Or leave.” They shrugged. “Do what you’re comfortable with.”

“We’re back!” Everyone ran into the apartment with presents in hand. They gave most of them to Val, but a few other people got presents, too. Katie gave one to Beth.

“Everyone have all their presents?” Val asked.

“Yes, Sir!”

“Then go ahead and open them.” The room was filled with the sound of tearing paper. Beth opened her present from Katie. It was a small, ceramic planter that was shaped like a dog.

“Aww!” she squealed. A few people laughed at her and she blushed. “Sorry. I love dogs.”

“What?” Jamie gasped, pouting.

“Oh, honey, no!” Everyone started laughing as she realized her mistake. “No, I–I– Cats are great, too!”

“It’s fine,” Jamie giggled. He put on a pair of sparkly cat ears, grinning. “Thank you, Master!”

“You’re welcome, kitten.” Val was picking meticulously at a present, trying not to rip the paper. Beth pulled the tissue paper out of her gift bag. She blushed at the sight of what was inside–a pile of sex toys–and quickly shut the bag.

“Val!” she hissed. They looked at her, raising their eyebrows.

“If you don’t want them, that’s fine.”

“I–I don’t know.” They wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

“I’m only trying to help you get comfortable with sex,” they murmured in her ear. “Same with everyone here.”

Beth looked around and saw that almost everyone was holding sex toys. A few people were even on their phones, competing to see who got the most expensive toy.

“Use them if you want. If they sit in your closet for the next five years, that’s fine.” They gently pecked her cheek.

“Sir~!” Julie whined. “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re ignoring us!”

“Jesus Christ,” Val grumbled. “Beth? Joining in?”

“No, thanks,” she whispered. They smiled softly at her and got up, walking over to the couch. Their subs swarmed around them until they were almost completely obscured by bodies. People were feeling up Val, but a few were also making out with each other.

“Miss?” Jamie squeaked, crawling over. He knelt in front of her, sitting like a cat. “Can I play with you?”

“Uh, n–not right now, kitten.”

“Okay. Can I sit with you?”

“Of course, honey.” He grinned and curled into a ball at her feet. She slowly reopened her gift bag, curious. It was full almost to the top. She could see a black, lacy lingerie set, a few small boxes, and a pair of leather handcuffs.

“Fuck~!” Val groaned. She looked up as moans filled the room. She could see Val’s face now, head tilted back and mouth open in a moan. She blushed and glanced away.

“Miss Beth?” Jamie swatted her arm with his sweater sleeve. “Can I have a cookie?”

“You’ll have to ask Val, but I don’t see why not.”

“They’re in the oven. I’m not allowed to touch hot things,” he said.

“Oh, I suppose we can get you some cookies.” She got up and headed towards the kitchen. Jamie trailed after her, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“Beth.” Val snapped their fingers and she looked at them. “Cookies are in the oven. You and Jamie can have first pick.”


“No fair~!”

“No whining. You can all wait an extra five minutes, now.” Beth bit back a giggle and went to take the cookies out of the oven. She set the tray on the counter and Jamie reached for one. She waved his hand away.

“Not yet,” she said. He pouted adorably. “Let them cool off, first.”

She started transferring them to the cooling rack and Jamie hovered over her, chirruping with excitement. Beth patted his head and he nuzzled his nose against her neck.

“Alright. Go ahead, kitten.” He lunged for a snickerdoodle, giggling madly. Beth shook her head and took a chocolate chip cookie. “Cookies are ready!”

“Can we get one now, Sir?”

“Nope.” Val walked into the kitchen, grinning. They were bare-chested, skin shiny with sweat and a few streaks of cum. Beth tried not to notice that part. “Thank you, Beth.”

“No problem.” They leaned over the counter and took a double-chocolate cookie. “Thank you for the party. And the presents.”

“Of course.” She stood on her toes to peck their lips. “Have a good night.”

“Goodnight.” She headed to the elevator, grabbing her gifts on the way out. “Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas!” everyone echoed.

“Come here and get your cookies!” Val called. There was a stampede to the kitchen as the elevator doors closed.


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