“It was raining lightly, the bus was passing through the mountain valleys in the dark!

In the empty bus, she was sitting on my cock and I was kissing her shoulder. , , , , , , ,

Friends, my name is Daniel, I am 32 years old.

It’s been a few years since my wife died and I’ve been single ever since!

Never wanted a second marriage!

So this Norway Sex story has been possible because of my friend!

Actually, after the wife’s death, I had become lonely, did not talk to anyone, lived alone in the house!

Do not go out of the house, away from friends, away from family, alone calm!

Now my friend could not live seeing my bad condition, so he forcibly sent me for a little tour!

He sent me to Norway and such beautiful mountains!

Earlier I did not want to go but thank him that he sent me here.

When I reached Norway, there was a woman in the bus with me, who was with a long journey ahead!

We all tourists together were in the same bus together, eating food at the same restraunt, everyone was talking to each other!

Just that woman and I were silent, laughing at everyone’s words, smiling and looking out the window!

Yes, in between she would look at me and I was hiding that pain in the eyes of both of us, it was clear!

There was a light talk between the two of us while having food at the restraunt !

The pain was hidden in the voices of both, so we tried slowly and removed all the talk inside us!

We both started crying because that woman had lost her family and husband and I had lost my wife!

We cried a lot and took each other’s hands and hugs so that we feel good!

The bus started we got on the bus!

Gradually, people became less and less on the bus because of their stops.

After this, only that woman and I were left in the bus!

She was looking at me with her beautiful eyes and I too was immersed in her eyes!

I was on the last seat and she got up and sat beside me

We both had a fast heartbeat and we didn’t say anything to each other!

Only eyes were talking in the eyes, her hand touched my hand, so she held back!

We would look at each other again and again and face down in shy!

Then I put my hand on her and she started looking at me again!

It started raining lightly and I came closer to her, she is closer to me!

It was dark, the driver had switched off the lights at night in the bus between the mountains!

She kissed my lips and felt like all the pain inside me was coming out!

I also kissed her lovingly and we had a very long kiss which would last about 10 minutes!

The taste of her lips was bringing life to my ruined world!

She stood up and unbutton the jeans of her and slid her panties up to her thighs along with the jeans!

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