Hello my dear creators!

Welcome to my page where you will get to know how you can send us your story! Before that, let us tell you how and how you send the story to us, you need to know some rules! This will help you in presenting your story better!

You can mail us your story at literoticastory.org@gmail.com

Rule :

This website is just for fun! So your story should be just for fun!

You do not get any money or remuneration from this!

Do not copy the story in any way from someone else’s article! No article will be accepted from you if caught!

Story should be in English only!

The story should be at least 800 words and if your story is too long, then send it in two parts!

If you don’t have a real story, you can also send us a made-up story!

Your story should not be based on characters, animals or forces under the age of 18.

Story must not contain any type of address, be it office, school, home, college, business place, phone number or email ID!

There should be nothing against any religion in the story!

There should not be any kind of sexual invitation in your written story!

Don’t send incomplete story, full story should be well written with punctuation marks!