Sunday morning, the girls made breakfast. I could get used to this domestic life quite quickly. Over coffee, we discussed the project and its ramifications. We all were aware of the potential for abuse and the danger it posed for ourselves, but we also knew that we were nowhere near the full potential of the process. We couldn’t figure out a way to safely use what we had learned on a large scale.

I repeated my reasons for not publishing, and added that even if we were to market a limited version, say for sleep or study, some bright boy in China would have it reverse engineered in no time at all. Getting a patent, would offer no protection as many Asian countries did not honor patent law.

Despite all the future problems, I felt driven to continue my research, to see how far I could take the process. We went out to the shed where Jennifer elected to be my test subject while Jill worked at typing the contents of Jennifer’s binder into the computer. Jill even copied the drawings and sketches in a graphic program, conferring with Jennifer during her breaks. We were making good progress, when the phone rang.

Jill answered the phone said ‘yes’ a couple of times and pointed to me as she placed the call on hold. I paused my work and picking up the receiver, punched the blinking button. It was Father’s solicitor, he gently informed me that my parents had been killed that morning in an accident on the road to Liverpool and asked me to meet with him, at the house, tomorrow. I dropped the phone in shock. My parents, gone? I didn’t know what to do, what to think. My mind was running in circles, thinking that this was some monstrous joke, rejecting that and went on trying to find some anchor in the chaos my life had suddenly become. Jennifer picked up the phone, identified herself, spoke briefly and set the receiver back on it;s cradle. She hugged me gently as tears filled my eyes and and uncontrollable sobs shook my body. Jill looked on, concerned, while Jennifer quietly told her what had happened. Jill joined in the hug, gently stoking my back.

They got me back to the house, and laid me on the bed, crawled up beside me and holding me gently, shared my tears and anguish. Perhaps an hour later, I gained a measure of control. My only thought was that I had to get home. I grabbed a bag and started stuffing clothes into it, grabbed at random, without any thought of what I was doing. Jennifer gently stopped me, taking me out to the kitchen and poured me a cup of coffee, telling me she would take care of things. I shakily sipped my coffee, hearing bits of conversation from the girls.

“I can get him packed, but he’s in no state to drive, and I can’t drive that car of his,” I heard Jennifer say.

“I can drive the Land Rover,” said Jill, “and he shouldn’t be alone, we’ll both go with him.”

Jill joined me at the table, holding my free hand while I sipped my coffee. Jennifer was in the bedroom, backing for the trip. After a while, Jennifer came in, hugged me and took Jill’s place. Jill called Conner, telling him what had happened and that we would be gone for a few days. I was numb to everything around me. I, for the moment, had no interest in my project, or food, or sex. Either Jennifer or Jill was always with me, arranging to touch me in some manner. This distracted me, to a small extent, from the crushing sense of loss. Other than a distant aunt, who I had only met a few times, I had no family. The girls finally took me to bed, dressing me in pajamas I’d never worn since I had left home, the girls wore nightgowns, Jennifer’s, and just lay close to me through the night.

In the early morning, I was beginning to come to grips with the situation, capable of conversation and responding to their frequent gentle hugs Jill drove us first to her place to grab what she would need while Jennifer waited with me in the car. In only a few minute, she was back, tossing a bag into the back of the car and pulling us out onto the road. Jennifer cuddled with me in the back seat as I drifted in and out of sleep. We didn’t talk much and Jill kept the radio low. I woke fully when I noticed we were only a few miles from home. Jennifer was pointing out turns to Jill and soon we pulled into the drive. I only took three tries to find the right rock hiding a spare house key.

The house was achingly quiet, and everywhere I looked were things that reminded me of my loss. The girls fixed some lunch while I called Father’s solicitor, telling him I was here. He said he’d be here in an hour. After lunch, I showed the girls to a guest room and put my bag in my room.

Right on time, Mr. Farnsworth pulled up behind my Land Rover. I met him at the door, waving him through ahead of me. He suggested my father’s study for our meeting. I took Jennifer’s hand, leading her with me. After a brief introduction, he agreed to let her sit in on our meeting. He sat at fathers desk, Jennifer and I on chairs facing him, she held my hand. He pulled a thick folder from his briefcase, opened it, and spread papers on the desk.

“James,” he began, “first let me express my condolences for your loss. I knew your father since well before you were born, he was a good friend, and I shall miss him. Pursuant to the terms of their wills, I have already begun several actions relating to the estate.”

I nodded while he separated a few sheets and turned them toward me to sign. The first was an authorization to pay the funeral expenses from the estate. The next three were for the insurance company to pay death benefits to my bank account. One was for father’s auto insurance. Another was an insurance policy to pay the taxes. The last one was for the release of my Grandfather’s trust to my control.

James, I know speaking of your parent’s deaths is probably distasteful to you,” he said, “but most legal matters require that we speak of such things.”

I nodded again, squeezing Jennifer’s hand, she returned the squeeze. Mother and Father had separate wills, both had provisions in the event one or the other of them passed first. They each had taken out life insurance policies, payable to me as well as a joint policy, also payable to me. Both had separate property from before their marriage.

Both wills have directives to take effect if one were to predecease the other.” Mr Farnsworth went on, “these sections are void because they died in the same accident. However, the end result is not changed in the slightest. In essence, you are to receive the bulk of the estate, to include the house and grounds, stocks, bonds, and other investments and other properties. A portion of your mother’s separate property, a house in London, goes to her sister, your aunt. Do you understand what I’ve told you?”

“Yes. Sir.” I replied

“As soon as the firm receives the death certificates, we will file for the insurance, transfers of title and so on,” he said, “it may take a few weeks before everything is finalized.”

I nodded again.

“That takes care of the legal requirements,” Mr. Farnsworth said, “I’s like you to come by my office tomorrow, some of these papers must be notarized. We also are holding a sum of cash to provide for your near term needs that we can release to you immediately. If you don’t want to stay here in the house, I can arrange a hotel for you.”

“No, I’ll stay here.” I replied.

“Here are copies of the wills,” he said,handing me a thick manila envelope, “finally, a word of warning. There are people who try to take advantage of the recently bereaved, do not sign anything without my approval until you have your wits about you. My retainer is covered for the remainder of the fiscal year, that is to say, through next June. Your father spoke highly of you and your good judgment, but some people become quite reckless, financially, when the inherit a deal of money. I caution you against extravagant spending, consider your purchases carefully, try to think further than next month.”

He shuffled the papers back into his briefcase, standing as he snapped it closed. Jennifer and I stood as well, and escorted him to the door. He handed me a card as he left, reminding me to see him tomorrow. We returned to the kitchen table. I asked Jill to make some coffee as I opened the envelope and began to read slowly through the thick pile of paper.

The first page was a letter from Father, apologizing for leaving me on my own and contained many of the cautions Mr. Farnsworth had given me. Mothers will was as I’d been told, the London house to my aunt, the rest, her share of the house and grounds, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and other properties to me with a notation to see an attached list.

The list was an eye opener, as of six months ago Mother’s holdings, other than the London house totaled several hundred thousand pounds as well as a small cottage near Tintagel and a small farm nearby. I gathered the rents from the farm paid a part time caretaker, administered by a solicitor there.

Fathers will was more complex, he had properties around Aberdeen, in Scotland as well as a business partnership and a share in a private business jet. Another attached sheet listed his holdings at well over a million pounds.

Grandfather’s trust was also several hundred thousand pounds, payable to me at age twenty one or upon the death of the executor, my father, which ever came first.

Jennifer was nearly jumping out of her chair with curiosity.

“Well, are you a pauper now and will we need to live in a tent?” she demanded.

I silently handed the papers to her. Jill raised an eyebrow and I motioned her to the papers as well. They both read them, their eyes as wide as mine must have been. When they finished, the looked at me in awe.

“My God, James,” said Jill, “what are you going to do?”

“First I need to go to town tomorrow,” I said, “there are things to do at Mr. Farnsworth’s office. Then I need to stay for a while, until things are settled.”

“Then we’re staying too, announced Jennifer.

“I can’t ask that,” I said, “you both have school to deal with.”

“We can take extension courses,” said Jill, “and you shouldn’t be alone here.”

I thanked them, agreeing with ‘shouldn’t be alone’ part. I tucked the papers back into the envelope and asked Jennifer to leave it on father’s desk. For the rest of the afternoon I tried to relax, I was exhausted, but unable to nap. I had nothing to do until tomorrow, but was filled with nervous energy. I kept finding myself wandering through the house, touching items that brought back memories, often bringing me to the verge of tears. Jill or Jennifer stayed close, but did not intrude.

After a light dinner, I suggested that Jennifer call her mother. She reluctantly agreed. Jill sat with me while Jennifer used the phone in the kitchen. I could here Jennifer’s voice rising as she talked with her mother.

“No, mother, I am not coming home right this minute,” we heard, “James needs me right now . . . no, mother, I’m a big girl now . . . Yes, mother I know what boys and girls do . . . no, mother, I’m staying right here . . . mother, if you’re reasonable, I’ll be by to visit tomorrow or the next day, but if you’re a bitch about this, I won’t be home again . . . mother . . . Mother! . . . that’s right mother, we’re going to screw or silly brains out . . . are you deaf woman? . . . yes,we’re going to FUCK, mother, I’m going to suck his dick until he can’t walk! Goodbye!

She slammed the phone down, and stormed back into the living room in a high temper.

“That woman!” she almost screamed, “she must think I’m still twelve!”

She paced in a small circle in the living room. Jill was amused, but was working hard at not laughing out loud. I was concerned. Jennifer’s face suddenly fell as she threw herself into my arms.

Oh, James,” she wailed. “What have I done? Mum will be so angry, I’ve ruined everything”

I held her, gently stroking her back. I thought furiously. I could see only three scenarios, Her mother might apologize, highly unlikely, or she might come to the house, demanding Jennifer go home, or, worst case, she’d call the police. I played them out in my mind, deciding how to react to each. I asked Jill to take Jennifer upstairs, to their room, telling her not to Jennifer come down until I called for them. I checked the phone to make sure the police number was on speed dial, then poured the last cup of bitter old coffee and sat down to wait. Perhaps fifteen minutes latter I heard a car pull up, followed by and angry pounding on the door.

“Jennifer Stewart, Get out here!” screeched a woman’s voice, “I know your in there! Come out right this minute!”

I looked at the door, relieved to see the deadbolt was set. Jennifer’s mother, it couldn’t be anyone else, continued to pound on the door.

“James Billings, open this door!” she screeched, “If you don’t let me in, I’ll break it down!”

I hit the speed dial for the police. I calmly explained that a crazy woman was threatening to break down my door and gave the address, asking them to hurry. I sat down to drink my bitter cup of cooling coffee as the pounding and screeching continued. At the top of the stairs a very frightened Jennifer was being restrained by a very determined Jill. I motioned them back and continued to wait.

Sooner than I had expected two cars came up the drive, lights flashing and sirens wailing. The sirens stopped, I heard doors slam, and the pounding stopped. A few moments later, there was a polite knock on the door. I unlocked and opened the door to a pair of police officers. I could see another pair, with Mrs. Stewart, down by their cars, with their lurid, flashing lights.

“Come in, officers,” I said as I stepped back to let them enter, “thank you for coming so quickly.”

They stepped in, glancing around the visible part of the house. One of them listened to a scratchy voice over his radio and murmured a reply into a shoulder mic.

“You are James Billings”” asked one officer.

“Yes, sir.” I replied, trying not too look nervous.

“The woman outside says you are holding her daughter captive.” said the officer, “Son, are your parents home?”

I explained that my parents had died the morning before in an auto accident.

“Is there a ‘Jennifer Stewart’ here?” asked the officer.

“Yes, she is,” I said, and called over my shoulder, “come on down, it’s safe.”

The girls came down, still frightened. I motioned the officers to chairs, and took one for myself. Jennifer sat next to me, reaching for may hand while Jill sat at the end of the table, holding Jennifer’s other hand.

“Do you have an explanation for all this?” asked the officer as he pulled out a pocket notebook.

I explained, starting with my parent’s deaths, the girls driving me home, meeting with Mr. Farnsworth and on to Jennifer’s phone call and her mother pounding on the door. He interrupted occasionally to clarify a point and get the girls names.

He asked for identification, I dug my own out of my wallet while the other officer accompanied Jill up to get their purses. He examined our identification, making more notes. The two officers murmured back and forth for a moment and turned back to us.

“Sir, as you and the two ladies are of age and we see no sign of duress, we don’t have any reason to trouble you further,” he said, “ except for the woman outside. Do you wish to press charges?”

“I would rather not.” I replied.

“We’re sorry for your loss.” he said slipping the notebook back into his pocket.

They got up to leave and I walked them to the door. I stood there as the rejoined the other pair with Mrs. Stewart. There was an animated discussion with a lot of hand waving and pointing. Just as I thought things were settled, Mrs. Stewart swung a round house right to one officers jaw, apparently making a solid connection as he went down for a moment.

“Oh, she’s done it now.” I whispered to myself

They restrained her, put her in handcuffs, and read something to her before putting her in the back of a car and driving away. The girls joined me in the open door. Jennifer noticed her mother’s car.

“Where’s my Mum?” she asked.

“Your ‘Mum’ decked one of the officers,” I said, “I’m pretty sure she got herself arrested.”

“Oh, no!” she wailed, “what do I do now?”

“There’s nothing we can do right now,” I said, “but I know who could.”

I went back to the phone and dialed a number from the card Mr. Farnsworth had left. When he answered, I asked if he could do us a small favor. I explained the evening’s events, suggesting he call the station and explain that Mrs. Stewart had been overwrought and that we would return her car to her house in the morning. He chuckled, commenting that Father had been right about me and hung up.

We spent some time getting Jennifer calmed down. Jill made a cup of some kind of tea, claiming that it would calm her and fixed coffee for herself and I. We went upstairs to bed, Jennifer following me into my room while Jill smiled as she closed the door to the guest room. I excused myself to the bath, all that coffee was getting to me, and returned to see Jennifer in my bed, wearing a shy smile. I turned out the light, undressed, and slipped into bed beside her, that shy smile was all she was wearing.

We took each other in our arms, as much as I needed her, to steady myself against the chaos and grief left by my parents passing, she needed me, to help her with the fear and guilt of her mother’s arrest. I kissed her forehead and eyelids, gently. I kissed away the tears, dried on her cheeks. I kissed the tip of her nose, and finally, I kissed her lips. She opened her mouth, inviting me in. As our tongues danced together, I gently stroked her back and hips. She hugged me tighter, pressing her body against mine, crushing her breasts against my chest. She wrapped a leg around my waist, pulling me even closer as my cock began to rise. I moved down to kiss her neck, hearing her whisper a fierce ‘yes’ as the tilted her head back. Her hips began a spasmodic twitching against me as I moved down to her breasts, smaller than most, but round and firm and, to my mind, perfect, showering them with gentle kisses. I stroked my tongue across her nipples feeling the rise and stiffen. Her arms held my head against her breasts, tightening as I kissed and gently sucked her nipples. I moved further down, leaving a trail of kisses across her stomach. Her hips were making a small circular motion her need driving her body toward her ultimate reward. I moved down through the light curly hair to her pussy, already wet, pausing to gently lick her clit, standing out from it’s little hood of flesh and inhaled her scent. She drove her hips up at me, silently demanding more stimulation. I licked along the folds of flesh, tasting her as she spread her legs wide, opening herself to me. She was moaning softly and cooing like a dove. I gently pressed my tongue past her folds, plunging into her, licking all around her pussy as deep as I could. I pulled back just enough to lick her clit again, making her gasp, and went back to licking her pussy as I held her ass cheeks, pulling myself into her pussy as she had her hands on my head, also to pull me closer. She pulled her legs up rotating her hips slightly allowing my tongue to probe even deeper into her. She moaned even louder, bucking her hips against my mouth. I moved back to her clit, licking and gently sucking, letting my teeth lightly graze over it, making her gasp and let out a soft urgent growl. While sucking her clit, I ran one finger in a feather touch over her puckered little asshole. She jumped and gasped, her moans and growls began to climb the scale, I slipped two fingers into her pussy as I licked and sucked her clit. She drove hr hip up rising them off the bed, holding herself ridged, gripping my head with both hands, making a growling his as her fluids flooded across my face. I gave her clit another gentle lick feeling her body jolt under me, one more lick and she jolted again, she pulled my head away from her pussy, as she went limp on the bed. I pulled my fingers from her twitching pussy.

“Stop!” she whispered, between gasps, “too much . . .”

I worked my way back up to her breasts, kissing her nipples made her body jolt again.

“Oh, God,” she whispered, “stop for now, but I really needed that.”

While she fought to catch her breath, I grabbed my t-shirt from the floor by the bed, wiping my face, and gently dabbing at her soaked crotch. Folding it to a clean spot, I wiped the sweat from her forehead and tossed it back to the floor. I propped myself up on one elbow to admire her breasts jiggling ever so slightly on her heaving chest for a moment then lay beside her, wrapping her in my arms once more.

As her breath returned to normal, I held as still as possible, trying not to think of my aching rock hard cock.

“Are you falling asleep on me?” she asked.

I pulled her hand down to my cock.

“I guess not,” she said,

She rolled up onto me, straddling my waist and bent down to kiss me. She moved down to kiss my nipples, sliding her pussy along my cock as she moved down. She paused, holding my cock in her hands, and kissed the tip msking my cock jump in her grasp. He licked the pre cum from the head of my cock then licked along the length of my shaft, gently massaging my balls. She took my cock into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around me as she slowly pumped my cock with her mouth, sucking hard, hollowing her cheeks, she pushed her mouth down over my cock,letting it slide into her throat then holding still as she worked her throat muscles, milking my cock. She pulled back till only the head was in her mouth while she ran her tongue over the head and drawing a breath. I had my hands on her head, fighting the urge to pull her down on my cock and hold her till I came. She drove her mouth down on my cock again, taking me into her throat again and pulled back slowly, running her tongue along the underside of my cock while drawing breath again. She continued to pump on my cock, down fast, up slow, each time holding my cock deep in her throat, being squeezed by her throat muscles. I was rapidly approaching my climax. I felt my balls tighten as she started back down. I held her head, pulling her down around my cock. She let me slide into her throat, working those muscles as my back arched, my breath caught in my throat and I jetted a thick steam of cum down her throat. As I started to relax, gasping for breath she pulled back and lashed the head of my cock with her tongue causing me to gasp and spasm. She gently licked me clean and crawled up to cuddle while I caught my breath. After a moment my breath returned to normal.

“I don’t know about our silly brains yet, but I’m pretty sure I can’t walk right now” I told her.

“You listened.” she said in mock accusation

“You were a little loud,” I said

She giggled, then jumped up and ran out the door. She was back in moments with a sleepy eyed Jill in tow. She tucked Jill in behind me and got back in bed. She gave me one more kiss and we got ourselves arranged to sleep. With the girls cuddled up to me, I fell asleep.

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