Adventures of Miracle Steve 3

The rest of Steve’s week was spent studying, since he now had too much time on his hands, he studied. Of course that wasn’t all he did, the yacht naturally had a well equipped gym and Steve had a daily jog on the treadmill and he even started weight training with Kevin. Kevin used to be a defensive linebacker and to keep in shape he hit the gym…hard. Steve felt rather miniature when he worked out with Kevin, the guy easily lifted one hundred and fifty pounds on his bench presses and from there he added more weights, of course Steve only managed fifty pounds, but it was a start for now.

Burk&Bailey have drawn up the documents, which were sent to Jaimie, it was signed and a total amount of $36,890,000 was dispensed between various organizations. This actually impressed Donald, he mentioned that he paid upwards of sixty million for Lucy’s services, this surprised Steve, but then again, like Donald have stated numerous times, money was no problem. Tuesday morning rolled in and sunrise found Steve strapped into the helicopter dressed in a smart dark grey suit, cream shirt and striped tie. He watched as the ocean rolled by underneath them, the shadows shortening as the sun rose up higher. The trip took longer this time as they have sailed further during the week, they landed with about an hour to spare for Steve’s appointment with Sam, as Steve was about to get out, the pilot informed him that he will be there when he returned with Jamie.

Steve got a cab and arrived at Sam&Steve, looking forward to the meeting and to see if his devious little plan would actually work. He entered through the door and the receptionist greeted him with a smile, asking him to take a seat, Steve sat down and after a few moments a dark-haired woman came out of Sam’s door. She was dressed in sneakers, jeans, long sleeved shirt, huge sunglasses and a baseball cap pulled low over her forehead, Steve studied her as she walked passed, she glanced at him and he felt a bit startled, if he wasn’t completely wrong he could have sworn that it was Megan Fox.

“Mister Gordon? You may go in now.”

Steve entered through the door and found Sam still seated, perusing a thick brief, she glanced up at Steve and gave him a bright smile.

“Good day mister Gordon, how are you today?”

He returned the smile,

“Quite good thank you and yourself?”

She motioned for him to take a seat and he sat down,

“Good thank you, let me just quickly put this aside…”

She got up and stepped over to a file cabinet, pulling open a drawer and placing the brief inside, she wore a jade green skirt and white long sleeved shirt, her jacket hung over the back of her chair. Her hair was pinned back and fell like a flowing waterfall of red hair down her back. She turned back to face him and sat down again,

“Let’s get to the point, are you in a position to authorize a move from your client’s current attorneys to ours?”

Steve nodded,

“I have been authorized to handle it on Mr Goldstein’s behalf, his current employ are aware of my status and I have been granted several rights within the organization of Mr Goldstein’s assets.”

Sam shifted a paper that she had in front of her,

“So for this transfer to happen, I would only need your signature on these two papers. I want to be frank with you if I may?”

Steve nodded,

“If this still falls under client-attorney confidentiality, I am sure that you can be.”

She leaned forward, elbows resting on the desk’s top,

“What would sway you in our favor?”

Steve managed to hide his smirk of satisfaction, this was going easier than he had expected, of course he was still on thin ice, he was quite obvious to the fact that he was still young and not THAT experienced with people. He leaned slightly forward, his voice dropping a few decibels

“What would you do to sway me? I know that you do exceptional work; I have done a bit of background checking on you. Impressive clients that you represent, but I know that there’s just as many high profile clients where Mr Goldstein is right now.”

Steve waited with a bated breath, she could call his bluff, but there was a look in her eyes which told him that she had not quite yet seen through it…then it struck him, she was so anxious to get Mr Goldstein as client that she wasn’t thinking beyond that point. He was sure that she had contacted Mr Goldstein’s offices and has found out that he was indeed who he said he was,

“I would do anything in my power; he is the kind of name which will draw more clients…”

She chuckled softly,

“But then again, you probably know that.”

She was at a loss of how she could convince him, that much Steve could see,

“You know…it does tend to get very lonely on that boat, surrounded by all those men.”

He had made certain that his words was low, only she could hear him of that he was certain, the words themselves didn’t quite sink in and then she sat back slightly startled,


That one word was spoken in an almost equally hushed tone, but it was clear that it was the last thing she had expected from him. He gave her as innocent a smile as he could muster under the circumstances and sat back in his chair. Oh he was sure that it was not the first time a propositioned to her, a women that attractive did not go through life without a few males making a pass at her. If her mind was an engine, he was sure that he would have seen smoke coming from her ears, he had an inkling of an idea what was going through her mind, if Mr Goldstein really was worth it. There was so many things to factor into the equation that Steve did not even start to think that he knew all the answers, he was very sure that he didn’t even know all the questions.

Sam pushed her chair back and rose to her feet, Steve looked with growing apprehension as she made her way around the desk and to the door, from the look on her face it seemed that he had overplayed his hand and was on his way to get shown out of her office, he shifted in his chair, ready to get up if she told him to leave. The sound of a lock being activated, stopped him, he looked at Sam, she in turn looked at him with a look on her face which made it look like she wasn’t actually sure that she had just done that,

“This stays under confidentiality and I will keep full deniability.”

Steve could only nod mutely his consent as he watched her slender fingers started to work on her skirt, Steve finally realized that he should stop staring and act. He got to his feet, shrugged off his jacket and started with his tie,

“No, we don’t have much time.”

He glanced at his watch and she was right, forty minutes to his appointment with Jaimie and only twenty before he had to get going. The slide of silk on skin made him look at Sam, to say that she was hot would have been an insult, the tailored suits really didn’t accentuated her curves, they displayed them. He wasn’t sure why she would want to do something like that in a male-dominated business, but in retrospect he could think of a reason or two. If a man is staring at your chest, hips or ass he doesn’t really concentrate on the work in front of him.

Not that Steve had much to concentrate on other than her at that moment, he was still not certain how his bluff got him this far, but he was not a man who would complain about his luck and so far it seemed like his luck was holding quite well as her fingers reached for his pants. She seemed a bit hesitant at first, but as his pants and boxer slid from his hips there seemed to be even less hesitation. Her fingers were soft and cool on his hardening shaft and balls, her mouth took him in and her tongue deftly drew him to full readiness. Steve rested a hand on her head, moving it along with her as she slowly slid his cock deep into her mouth and withdrew; she sucked slowly on him, somehow managing to make it even more sensual as what it already was.

He looked down to see his hard shaft sliding between her red lips, she glanced up at him, then she went further, slowly forcing his shaft down her throat. She looked up at him, swallowing him even deeper and the muscles of the throat slowly pulsing around his cock as she swallowed. Her nose pressed up against his trimmed pubic hair, she swallowed a few more times and then slowly withdrew. Steve was in heaven, he barely managed to keep his eyes trained on the erotic sight and coherent thought had flown out of the window for that moment.

He looked down as his cock stretched those luscious lips, her eyes didn’t leave his face for a moment, one hand was slowly stroking his balls, her free hand busy under her heavy breasts still encased in her shirt. He could only imagine what she was up to and what his imagination came up with only helped to harden his cock. He knew that he was as hard as he could get and that there was no more manipulation needed. Fortunately Sam was not just a woman of exceptional beauty, sexy body and wicked oral skills, showcasing a smooth grasp of his situation, she gave his glistening cock one final lick.

Gracefully rising to her feet, her cream colored panties slid down in a whisper of silk, revealing to him that carpet matched the drapes. A sensibly styled strip of pubic hair adorned the top of her bare pussy, clearly the glistening on her fingers and her pussy showed that his imagination was not very far off. For the first time he actually had a moment to take her in, she still wore her shirt, her stockings ended just shy of her crotch and dark heels added that little extra height. She turned around, leaning over her desk, pointing her firm ass in his direction, arching her back slightly to give him an even better view of her offering.

So perhaps he was thinking with his cock and not with his mind, but a sight like that was something not many men would turn down and since this had been his intention all the while, there wasn’t time for much hesitation. He stepped forward, resting a hand on the curve of her hip, using the other to guide his throbbing cock to the wetness of her pussy and the secret pleasures within. He slid the head of his cock over and then inside her lips, her gasp soft as he entered her, sliding deeper with a thrust, making her groan softly. He surged forward, feeling her part for him, her pussy tight around his invading shaft, her breath catching in her throat as she moved back to meet him, helping his cock to fill her up.

He gripped her hips with both hands, feeling her wince slightly, feeling a barrier, unable to thrust deeper he withdrew his cock and pushed forward again, she moved with him, taking in most of his cock, wincing every now and then if he slid too deep. She was moaning now, her teeth biting into her fist, muffling the sound of her moans. There was no need for words, he knew what he wanted and she was giving it to him in exchange for something that she wanted. His hips was working furiously now, thrusting fast and hard into her, barely registering to not go too hard, too deep. From the sounds issuing from her restrained mouth, he was sure that he was not the only one gaining pleasure from this impromptu coupling.

In fact, he could feel that the tightness of her pussy, even more lubricated now, was driving him on to his point of no-return as well. That very familiar tingling in the base of his cock, the almost numb sensation building in his swinging balls, all of it pointed out to him that he was not very far from exploding. He kept at his pace though, ramming his cock continually into her, feeling her juices coating his cock, dripping from his balls. She delivered a violent shudder, like somebody touching a live wire, her juices flooded his cock, pushing passed and dripped at a more rapid pace from his balls. Her free fist was curled into a fist, softly pounding on the desk as her teeth seemed to bite even harder on the clenched fist in her mouth, muffling the scream, making her almost choke for breath.

He withdrew from her the moment that her scream seemed to end, she wasted no time, turning around, she got to her knees and practically inhaled his cock. She sucked him deep, her nose pushing up against him, her throat contracting around his shaft in a simulation of the way her pussy had tugged at him during her orgasm. Her timing was perfect, the final act that sends him over the edge is her fingers milking his balls, pulling gently as her throat contracted around his shaft. He didn’t warn her, didn’t dare make a sound, but she withdrew and he exploded into her mouth, taking hold of her head and holding tight as his cum erupted into her sucking mouth, rendering his knees close to useless.

He managed to sit down in the chair as the convulsions of his own orgasm died away, she followed him though, mouth and tongue working diligently to clean his cock. She finally popped him out of her mouth and licked her now-less-red lips, watching as his shaft slowly lowered into flaccidity. Then she looked up at him, arching an eyebrow slightly,

“Something like that?”

He managed to clear his throat, “Not quite, but close enough.”

She flashed him a smile and got to her feet, gathering her clothing and slipping back into her panties and skirt, he only had to pull up his boxers and pants, buckling his belt before slipping into his jacket. She had not yet approached her chair, haven’t yet claimed her reward. Instead she stood there looking at him, her eyes unfathomable as she looked at him. Then she reached up and drew a painted, manicured nail over his tie and gave him that dazzling smile of hers,

“Tell you what. You phone me after you have finished your dealings and I will make sure that it is worth your while after all.”

He was caught a bit unaware at that, that was the last thing he had expected walking into this office and now he was leaving with a promise of more sex with a freakin’ hot woman, he cleared his throat and gave her as self-assured a smile as what he could manage,

“Uhm sure.”

This seemed to be her queue; she stepped back around her desk, turned the file to face him and placed a pen down on top of the pile of papers. He knew what the papers said, he had reviewed them diligently, though he didn’t understand all the Greek and Latin jargon, he knew what it said in basics and he signed the papers. A gentleman stuck with a deal, even if he only got his cock sucked, took a quick internal tour and received a promise of a future hook up.

When he left, he had a copy of the contract tucked into a legal envelope in his jacket’s pocket, a cab brought him to Jaimie’s house. She didn’t disappoint, she wore a sensible house dress, huge floppy hat and those big lensed sunglasses, she knew that it wasn’t necessary to dress up and like the lady she was, she dressed accordingly. The conversation between them was casual, but for the life of him, Steve could not remember a word of what they had spoken about, what he did find disturbing was that he had to stay behind. The pilot informed him that Mr Goldstein had radioed in, Steve had to stay over until they brought Jaimie back, of course the words “Well deserved break” didn’t quite sit right with Steve, it wasn’t like he had worked himself to death under Mr Goldstein, but if your employer said that you take the day or even the rest of the day off, you didn’t argue.

Handing the pilot the envelope to deliver to Mr Goldstein, Steve suddenly found himself at a loss what to do. Here he was, dressed for business in a city which he hardly knew…slipping on his sunglasses after watching the helicopter depart, he undid his jacket and started walking, strolling would be the right word. He found himself inside a clothing store, the lady who helped him was quite friendly and gave great advice as to what to wear with what. He left the store with his suit in a plastic bag, blue jeans, dark blue shirt and what he could only think of as hiking boots. According to her it made him look much manlier than the “stuck up” suit.

As dusk started to settle in, he found a nice pub, drinking a beer, he watched the people around him. Nobody knew him and he knew nobody, so hardly anybody looked at him, so he made certain not to stare and draw attention. When two hands covered his eyes and drew the back of his head against a soft pair of breasts, he almost spat out his beer in surprise.

“Well, if it isn’t my favorite black mailer.”

He paused, then seekingly placed the beer back on the table,

“Well if it isn’t Samantha.”

Her chuckle was clear and melodious. The hands slid from his eyes as she leaned forward, her arms draped around his neck.

“I told you to phone me when you’re done, imagine my surprise, coming in for a night cap and here you sit in a new outfit drinking beer. Are you waiting for another woman?”

He glanced at her face so close to the side of his head,

“Well not really, I suddenly found myself with too much time on my hands. Speaking of time…”

He glanced at his watch.

“You seem to have skipped office early.”

She grinned at him, kissed his cheek and stepped around him to take a seat at the table he was sitting at. She was dressed in a loose, teal colored blouse, white cargo shorts and plain brown sandals, her fiery hair was loose and only pinned back to keep them out of her face.

“One of the perks of having a firm named after you.”

She ordered a drink for herself and Steve found out that Sam had many other interests outside of making money and gaining important clients. They spoke music, books, movies and even dabbled a bit with politics, but switched to neutral subjects quite quickly. He kept to his beers as she drank Vodka Martinis, it became quite clear that she wasn’t much of a drinker, after the third Martini she seemed to start slurring slightly and after the fourth one, she called halt and suggested that they get out of there and take a drive.

Feeling slightly buzzed himself and not having expected the good company, Steve agreed. She led the way to a silver BMW convertible, as she started up the engine, she pressed the button to lower the top. She gave him a wicked grin and shifted into gear, luckily the BMW had traction control, but even then it fishtailed slightly. Steve at first thought that it was a very bad idea to have her drive, but pretty soon it became apparent that she could drive and drive well even when slightly plastered. The radio was on and pumping out Rock and Pop music, there wasn’t much talking, only her shouting out particular landmarks to him as they cruised the streets. He looked around as she brought the car to a halt outside of a condo unit, even from where they sat he could see that it had a great view out over the ocean. She tossed her windblown hair and got out,

“Come along, time for you to have some coffee.”

He got out and looked around.

“You live here?”

She shrugged, “At times yes.” She led the way to a door, up two flights of steps and unlocked a frosted glass door. Inside everything was gray and white with the odd black and chrome breaking up the colour scheme a bit. She turned to him and smiled, motioning him closer, he wasn’t quite sure what she was up to, since he was there to have coffee. What he didn’t expect was her arms around his neck, her lips upon his and her tongue slipping between his lips. Of course when a woman of her particular attraction and obvious wares kissed you, you only resisted if you were morally inclined to do so…he wasn’t.

Their hands were soon stroking each other, her one hand ran over his back, the other not wasting time at softly rubbing his crotch. He, on the other hand, was not so direct. He was stroking her back, managing to stroke her ass through the cargo shorts. When their lips finally parted, both of them slightly out of breath and he could still taste the Martini on his lips, she stepped backwards out of his embrace and without hesitation reached for the hem of her blouse, pulling it up and over her head, she wore a white bra underneath and she smiled at him as his eyes seemed to transfix on her very generous bosom encased in a silky restraint.

“You have seen my car topless; I guess it’s only fair that you see me topless as well.”

Clearly a lady to not waste time, she reached behind herself, giving him an even better view of her cleavage, with a deft movement the cups of the bra released and her breasts sagged downwards, not much, but enough to make him swallow, his mouth suddenly dry in anticipation of what was to come. He looked up at her and she had a rather smug smile on her face, she knew exactly what her little show was doing to him.

“After you.”

First he didn’t comprehend, then he understood and undid the buttons on the shirt, slipping it off and tossing it over the chair to his right, turning back to find her on her knees, her hands deftly working on his belt and button. His cock was out in an almost record time and he watched as she sucked the head into her mouth, her tongue circling and stroking over the head, her blue eyes looking up at him as she licked his cock, slowly sliding the hardening shaft into her mouth, withdrew his cock from her mouth, keeping only the head between her lips, her tongue working on his head shaft the whole time. On hand rested on his buttocks, her other hand was slowly massaging and stroking his balls.

Once more he was treated to an absolute pleasuring of his cock, beyond anything he had experienced in his life so far. Her lips and tongue working on his shaft, sucking him deep, pushing him down her throat, letting up again to rub her tongue over his shaft, her lips forming a pleasurable pressure. He had his hands in her hair, watching her as she sucked his cock with gusto, her breasts slowly swaying side to side, her left hand was gently fondling his balls, the right slowly stroking over her right breast. She was looking up at him, clearly showing off and he loved it. He loved how she deep throated him, sucked and licked on his cock like it was the best ice cream treat in the world. She didn’t keep long at it, she released his cock and stood up, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down for a hungry kiss. He could feel the soft mounds of her breasts and the hard nubs of her nipples pressing up against his naked body.

She broke away and undid his pants, allowing them to drop to the ground, stepping back she undid her cargo shorts and with a slight shimmy they slipped down her supple legs. And there she stood in front of him, a sheer black thong leaving not much to the imagination, naked otherwise and he just had to take that moment to look at her, enjoying the sight. There was not many vistas that he really enjoyed, but this was one he really felt attracted to, a hot red-head standing naked in front of a larger window which looked out on the ocean with little dots of light captured on the tranquil water…it was fabulous.

He didn’t get to stare for very long, she moved over to him and took his hand, “This way.” There was just no way that he would have resisted, not this time and definitely not in the future, well unless she wanted to lead him through dangerous things like courtrooms, acid tubs and lava lakes, but she wasn’t, the door she pushed open lead straight to a spacious bedroom. It had no pictures or any other kind of decorations on the walls, the floor was covered with a soft, white carpet, the huge window’s blinds was open and he could see the same calm ocean beyond. The light was soft, clearly dimmed, to the left hand side of the window was an open door, he glimpsed a shower stall, to the right a half-open door to a walk-in closet.

The main feature of the room though was the bed, luminous white bedspread dark wood base and headboard, the bed stands on the other hand was basic stainless with glass tops. A bed lamp stood on each bed stand, with flat bases and twisted stems and white shades they seemed like part of each bed stand, the slightly futuristic look should have clashed with the almost Spartan look, but in a way it actually lend more character. Of course he could have studied the effect for a while longer if given the time, but Sam had other ideas. A few moments later he found himself on the bed, feet still dangling over the side and Sam climbing on top of him.

In no particular rush, she tossed back her red hair and looked down at him, to himself he seemed scrawny, but apparently that did not bother her. She leaned forward and gave him a toothy grin, making him think about the joke that attorneys was sharks, “I’m a woman that keeps my promises.” He could of course not disagree and it seemed like she was very adamant to keep her promise as well, her soft hand wrapped around his still hard shaft and with deft manipulation he felt her slide herself down his shaft.

She settled down onto her knees, her insides twitching and moving around his invading shaft, she rested her hands on his stomach, just below his ribs and started a slow, sensual rocking of her hips, resting more on her knees, she kept the pace slow, not allowing him to move at all.She did not stop his hands from grasping her breasts though, his fingers dug into the soft flesh, his palms pressed against the hard nipples as he slowly massaged her breasts. She leaned a bit forward, arching her back to press her breasts into his hands, her hair slipped from her shoulders and partially framed her face as she slowly swivelled and churned on his shaft.

Not once did their eyes break contact, she looked down at him with a simmering passion, a same heat reflected in her actions. She was going to draw this out and he for one was not one to complain, what sane man would complain if a beautiful woman was straddling him and slowly working his cock in, out and around her pussy? He supposed that he was sane, though the situation was practically insane, how he got here was insane, of course he wasn’t thinking of any of that right then. He was just enjoying the view and the feeling of her breasts against his hands, the warm, wet, velvety feel of her pussy and the slight pressure of her hands pressing down on him.

He was not sure how long they were moving together, not sure of how long it took before his hands had left her breasts to sway with her slow rhythm and not very sure of how his hands came to rest on her well-rounded ass. Somewhere during this time she had leaned forward though, using this leverage to lift herself from him and to force herself down on to him again. The pace had gone from slow and sensual, to a bit more of a lusty fuck, he could feel her breath on his skin, knew that she was not the only one breathing hard. Pulling her down with each thrust of her own, pushing upwards to meet her, her moans and soft gasps filling his ears, inflaming the passion, but not yet spilling it over into that frenzied motions which they had shared earlier the day.

“Oh God yes.” The words was loud, he could feel her body starting to convulse, was surprised to realize that his own orgasm was not very far off, he could feel his balls tighten, could feel that very familiar pressure at the base of his cock. She cried out his name, tossing back her head as he body went into convulsions, instead of slowing her down, it seemed to drive her on to higher peaks as she rode his cock harder and even faster, gasping for breath. He knew that he should warn her, tell her that he was about to cum, but he was so close to the edge when her orgasm had hit, that he didn’t have the time to warn her, he wasn’t even sure that she’d have heard him. Gripping hard onto the firm muscles of her ass, he arched himself into her, felt the surge and then pleasure erupted through him as his cock jerked, sending his cum into her.

“Yes! Yesyesyesyes!”

He wasn’t sure if she was still lost in her orgasm or if she approved of his seed pumping into her, not that he actively cared at that moment, he was lost in the euphoria of his own orgasm as it washed through him, taking him to that high that few other natural substances could achieve.

As his orgasm slowly subsided, he found himself under a pleasurable weight, an almost gasping breath in his neck, his arms wrapped around her and his own breath sounding like a rushing locomotive. They stayed like this for the long moments that it took their breaths to return to normal, he felt his cock slowly growing limp, allowing their mingled juices to slowly slip from her and drench the bedding under him. She finally managed to push herself on to her elbows and looked into his eyes from a few inches away. “You do know that I’m not done with you right?” Her almost wicked smile brought a smile of his own to his lips, “Now I do.”

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