All her local crystal matrices were in optimum shape and her energy stores felt sated.
It was time for her to begin to expand her knowledge of this new world. Aphrodite had used her vessel to connect to a vast electric knowledge store. It had required her to wait until her vessel was asleep to take command of her body and make the necessary connections. The tome that contained all she wanted to know was a metal and silicate box called a computer. Somehow it rode the rivers of knowledge through electric current. She had dedicated a new node in her matrix to translate the signals into something she could understand. At first she took her time but soon she raced through all the information she gathered. The world had changed beyond anything she had thought possible.
With her new knowledge she adjusted her plans for her vessel and avatar. She gave her vessel, now a full Oracle, new instructions and was pleased to find her Oracle receptive without coercion.

With a shock David woke up, he just had the sexiest dream ever. His neck and back hurt from the position he had slept in, having fallen asleep on the couch last night. When he moved to stand up, he noticed the wet spot near his crotch.
With a sigh he walked to his room, undressed and stepped in to the shower. The water was warm and relaxed him a bit, slowly he worked the kinks out of his neck and back.
Grabbing the sponge he found it cold and wet, already soaped.
Tillie must have showered here he thought as he started to clean himself up.
David paused a moment when he came to his cock, it seemed as big as in his dream.
That’s not possible was the first thought that came up in his mind. He looked again but it was still as big as a moment ago. A panic started to rise in him as he checked his body further, he now had a six pack and a well developed muscle tone all over his upper body. He ran out of the shower and looked in the mirror above the sink. His face was basically still the same but more masculine and defined.
“No way” he cried out as the truth sank in. He had overnight changed physically, something that might happen in one of his supernatural stories but not in real life.
Still wet and naked he ran to Tillie’s room, afraid of what he would find there.

Tillie woke up a bit sore in the groin but intensely satisfied. The pink rock had been right, it was wonderful and her brother hadn’t disappointed her. She wondered why the rock had spoken to her and not her brother but it had assured her that in time it would. For now it would be her secret.
Across the hallway she heard David step into the shower, she grinned as she waited until he would find out what the rock had done to him last night. It didn’t take long and she heard him run to her room.

David entered Tillie’s room and found her on her bed, still under the covers.
“Are you alright?” David asked worried, his mind franticly searching for answers. If he changed to look like he did in his dream then maybe something else had happened to Tillie or worse, maybe he had taken advantage of her for real.
“I am fine David, are you alright?” she replied with a big smile looking at his wet and naked body.
“I don’t know Tillie, what happened last night?” David asked, fearing the answer.
“You fell asleep and when you started to snore, I left for bed, you snore really loud you know” she teased him, looking at his cock.
David relaxed for a second, it really was a dream he thought happy and somehow disappointed at the same time. Then he noticed where her stare was focused on and quickly cupped his cock and balls with his hands. Turning a shade of red he asked her “Do I look different to you? Bigger somehow?”
She took her time looking him over and finally said “No, you look the same only less stressed.”
“I mean, do I have bigger muscles? Look at my face, is it different?” David asked again hoping to hear that he wasn’t going insane.

Tillie got out of bed and walked over to him. She had dressed herself in her regular sleeping clothes an hour ago after she had showered again to make sure no trace of last night was left.
“David, you look the same as yesterday, you have been working hard these last three weeks and lost weight remember?” she said to him as she let her hands glide over his wet arms.
She stood on her toes and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.
“You look wonderful, you really do” she smiled at him “now finish your shower so we can go eat”
David felt himself heat up when she touched him and when their lips met he felt her love for him.
A warm feeling spread through him and all panic and fear disappeared like snow for the sun.
“Yeah I guess you are right” he said “the last few weeks were stressful, I guess I just didn’t notice”
“Thanks love, for a moment there I thought I had lost my mind”
“Like mine was? You better hope not” Tillie replied teasingly “Now go shower and shave, Maggie is coming over tonight, remember?”
David almost hugged but remembered he was still naked so he just smiled at her, turned and ran back to the shower. After a couple of minutes under the shower head David relaxed a bit more.
It must have been stress or something, Tillie was right. Insightful too, she really was catching up quick he thought, somehow not wondering on how it happened.
He quickly finished up and got dressed in comfy clothing, heading down to the kitchen.

Tillie was already in the kitchen pouring two glasses of orange juice. David greeted her and moved to the stove, getting the ingredients to make pancakes. Twenty minutes later they both dug into their breakfast, chatting about how wonderful their new house was.
David had a hard time keeping his eyes of Tillie. She was dressed in a tight red singlet and short stretch jeans pants. It made her look very sexy and David figured he would have to talk with her sooner than he realized about boys.
Tillie on her part noticed the looks and made sure her brother got a good view every time.
Soon she wouldn’t have to pretend and he would understand like she did she thought, as her mind wondered back to last night and the passionate love they had made.
Bellies filled with pancakes, they decided to take a short walk in the woods, exploring more of their property.
The walk had been pleasant and they both had talked a lot, David had even carefully broached the subject of boys and sex. Tillie had listened but didn’t seem that interested in boys, telling him that he was enough for her and she would want no other. David tried to explain but didn’t seem to get her to understand what he meant. Perhaps I am pushing too hard he had thought, she is improving every day but maybe not as far as I had thought. He dropped the subject after that and they talked a bit more about the porn they had watched last night. David completely missed the fact that she would talk about sex but not about having it with others. Tillie had flashed a knowing smile when she sidetracked him in the conversation, slowly building the sexual tension between them.

That entire afternoon, Tillie made sure she showed of her body at every opportunity.
David was not oblivious to it and by the time it was nearing dinner, he was horny as hell.
Yet every time he wanted to relief himself, she would be there asking a question or needing his help with something. He was glad he was wearing loose clothing as he was hard most of the afternoon.
Tillie was pleased the result, noticing his frequent looks and his huge cock hard and ready.
Soon Maggie would be here and she could start with the second part of the rock’s instructions.
When the doorbell rang, Tillie dashed off to the door greeting Maggie first.
David could hear the girls laugh and talk before they moved to the kitchen.
Tillie had asked Maggie to pick something up at the jeweler’s store and not to tell David as it was a surprise for him. Maggie had agreed and brought the box with her.
In the kitchen, David was working on a feast for the three of them. The scent drifted to the hallway and Maggie looked at Tillie asking if her brother was a good cook.
Tillie just nodded making a uh-huh sound and pulled Maggie to the kitchen.
They entered the kitchen as David took the meat out of the oven and both girls grinned in anticipation for dinner.
David had set the table and placed the oven dish in the middle. Near each plate was a wine glass, one for Tillie as well. Maggie walked around the table towards David and hugged him, giving him a lover’s kiss.
“Oh get a room” Tillie joked when she saw Maggie notice the big boner that David was still sporting.
Both blushed a bit and laughed with her.
Dinner went perfectly, everybody enjoyed the meal and talked animated about the house and other points of interest. After dinner, David made coffee for all and they moved to the media room to relax a bit and let the dinner settle. The girls enjoyed their coffee while David quickly cleaned up the kitchen, being the perfect gentleman.

When David returned, both girls smiled guiltily at him.
“What’s going on” he asked with a mock serious face.
“Nothing” Maggie replied setting her coffee cup down.
Tillie however couldn’t keep a straight face and jumped up to David saying “I got you a present”.
She quickly picked up the box from behind the couch and gave it to him.
“I had it made in town and Maggie picked it up for me” she said “and ehm, you paid for it.”
“That’s okay, thank you Tillie, that is very kind of you” David replied, his voice getting emotional.
He opened the box and inside he found a silver necklace with a pink crystal pendant. The pendant was vaguely shaped like a match or a cock, depending on your mindset.
David took the necklace out of the box and gave it to Tillie, bending down so she could put it on.
She took it and gingerly placed it around his neck, locking it. The crystal felt warm to his skin when it touched him.
David hugged Tillie, lifting her feet in the air and swinging her around.
“Thank you dear, it’s wonderful, now we both have a crystal pendant” he whispered in Tillie’s ear.
“Even more connected” she replied in a low voice.
Maggie smiled at them, remembering her youth and fun times with her brother at that age.

David set Tillie down again and sat down in a chair, facing the two girls.
He felt like a lucky man to have such wonderful women in his life.
Going for his coffee, he settled back and relaxed while the conversation got going again.
After a half hour or so, Tillie suggested that they play a game.
Wondering in what box he had packed the few board games he had he almost choked on his coffee when Tillie said “I want to play truth or dare” with a big grin.
Maggie laughed at the proposal and David’s mishap and said “sure why not Tillie.”
Already outvoted, David nodded while he cleaned himself up.
“Who starts? “He asked Tillie who was having a great time with his discomfort.
“I do, and I am going to ask …” Tillie answered, waiting for dramatic pause “Maggie.”
“Truth” Maggie answered and Tillie’s face showed she was thinking hard.
“How did my brother’s sperm taste?” she asked Maggie with a straight face.
Maggie had to laugh hard and while looking at David said “It tasted great, nice texture and a lovely smell, I actually missed the taste these last few weeks.”

David sank in his chair, uncomfortable with this turn of events. He had hoped to keep his mind from wandering to sex again but this made it impossible. His hard cock had only deflated a bit during dinner and it was starting to get annoying, now it was back at full strength.
“My turn” Maggie said, turning back to Tillie “Truth or dare?”
“Dare” Tillie responded with a wicked grin.
Maggie thought for a bit and then said “Okay, you have 5 minutes to change into an outfit that would make every man alive either get an erection or want to fuck you.”
Tillie didn’t say anything, she just ran up the stairs to her room.
Aphrodite adjusted her feelers a bit, making the increase in lust slower and more delicate.
The Oracle was following her instructions with creativity and focused intent, this pleased her tremendously. Soon her avatar would be ready and with the addition of the second female, the sexual energy released tonight would be a feast again. The connection she had set up with the knowledge tome of internet had shown her that these people had a preoccupation with carnal lust and she would use these new ways to regain her full former glory. Soon she thought, very soon.
David meanwhile looked shocked at Maggie who just smirked at him and moved her dress up, showing her garters in place. Giving up the fight against his feelings, he relented and walked to the liquor cabinet to pour some drinks while they waited for Tillie.

Within five minutes she came walking down the stair, David recognized the sound of high heels on wood but was sure Tillie didn’t have high heeled shoes.
Tillie walked in the room wearing her hair in a ponytail, her face made up and wearing a red leather corset body with suspenders going to her black fishnet stockings. To finish it all off she wore 5”red high heeled boots with silver buckles on the side, stopping just below the knee. The heels did for her legs what the corset did for her breasts, they showed them of in a spectacular fashion.
Maggie and David were speechless as Tillie walked in front of them like a street walker looking for a John. Maggie composed herself first and said “That outfit is fantastic, where did you get that?”
Swinging her booty in front of David she answered Maggie “I ordered it from the internet, it just arrived yesterday, I have loads more upstairs.”
“You have more?” was all David could say, being too stunned by his sister in such an outfit.
Tillie just nodded and asked David this time, truth or dare.
“Truth” he answered with a firm voice, having decided to play along with their game.
She didn’t think for a moment when she asked “Would you like to fuck me tonight?”
“Yes, I think I would to fuck you tonight” he told her and was watching Maggie’s reaction at the same time. Maggie felt the heat rise between her legs when David answered Tillie, thinking back to the good times with her brother. She nodded her approval to David who was visibly relieved.

“My turn” David said “Maggie, truth or dare?” his eyes darting between the two women.
“I’ll take a dare this time” she responded with a voice promising sexual delight.
“I dare you to kiss Tillie like you would kiss me”
“Is that a dare or a pleasant gift?” Maggie said while standing up and moving over to Tillie.
She cupped Tillie’s face with her hand and brought their lips gently together. Twisting her head a bit she pressed closer and both their lips parted, their tongues slowly exploring each other. Tillie moved her hands to Maggie’s hips, pulling her a bit closer so their breasts would rub against each other.
It didn’t take long for the kiss to turn passionate and David was in heaven watching the girls kiss, staining his loose pants with the pre cum he produced. It was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen, his 15 year old sister kissing a 45 year old milf.
They caressed and explored each other with a slow simmering burn, each movement meant as a further moment of arousal.
The kiss lasted almost 5 minutes and when the girls broke it off, they were both breathing raggedly.
Neither one said anything when they sat down, but the look of lust was obvious on both their faces.
Tillie was the first to break the silence by saying “Look, he’s leaking for us” while pointing to David’s pre cum spot on his crotch. Maggie laughed out loudly at the choice of words and the effect they both had had on David. Tillie and David joined in the laughter and the mood became more relaxed without losing the sexual tension that existed between the three of them.
Maggie was still grinning when she asked David the truth or dare question again.
“I suppose a dare is in order now” he replied with a sly grin.
“Oh a dare” Maggie said narrowing her eyes “I dare you to shave your cock and balls bold”
David just looked at her, not expecting something like this.
“You can keep a bit of hair on your pelvis but the rest must go” Maggie finished.
He just smiled, stood up and said “Okay, glad you didn’t give a time limit though.”

Making his way up to his room to shave his privates, he could hear the girls giggle downstairs.
It took him about 15 minutes and when he was done his cock looked even bigger. Luckily he hadn’t nicked himself and after a full body rinse, he dried himself of and put on a clean pair of jogging pants.
When he came down, he saw that the girls had turned on the TV without sound and were watching the porn that was on, commenting on it in low voices.
Both heads turned when he entered and Maggie just said “Show us.”
David dropped his pants and his clean shaven cock came into full view, standing hard and pointing towards the girls. Maggie stood up and walked over to him smiling. She reached for his cock, letting her hands glide softly over his shaft. This produced a gasp with David and when she fondled his balls another drop a pre cum flowed from his cock.
“Nice and smooth David, very well done” Maggie said and playfully gave him another caress on his cock head, taking the pre cum with her and sucking it of her fingers.
Maggie sat down on the couch again, leaving David to stand there with his pants down.
He was thinking hard on who to ask and what when suddenly an idea popped in his head.
“Tillie, truth or dare?” he asked with a wicked tone in his voice.
Tillie had waited for this and felt the rock’s influence on David, answering him “Dare”.
“I dare you to make me cum without using your hands or mouth” he said.
She looked at him and said “Hmm, I could just ask Maggie to do it but that would be cheating wouldn’t it”. Tillie got up and walked to the computer, turning it on. She moved the table to the side while the computer booted and when it was done, logged on and started to browse YouTube.
When she had found the song she wanted, she turned the volume up and removed the crotch piece from her body showing her shaven pussy.

The song started to play and unfamiliar music started with a high techno beat and heavy guitars.
Tillie started to move on the music, throwing her hair around and moving her hands over her body.
She released her breasts by removing the leather cups that held them and they bounced with her on the energetic music. Moving with a sexual grace, she came closer to David. When she reached him, she danced around him rubbing her tits and ass against him. The music sped up and she rubbed her ass up and down his cock, pressing it in her crack. David gasped and almost grabbed her tits but refrained at the last moment. This would be her dare, he would not interfere.

Tillie moved a bit away from him, grabbed the bottle of scotch of the table and removed the cork.
She drenched his cock in scotch, the alcohol giving him a burning sensation after the shave.
The music slowed a bit and she threw her left leg almost straight up, letting it rest on his right shoulder. With a quick hop on her right leg she moved her pussy on top of his wet shaft.
Her left leg moved back down slowly while she moved her pussy up and down his cock.
When it was down, she was partially suspended on his hard cock, trapping it on her pussy between her legs. The pressure together with the scotch and her pussy was making David moan in pleasure.
Tillie looked up into his eyes and licking her lips in the most arousing way, started to grind his cock.
David was lost in her eyes and the sensations she was giving him on his cock. She was jacking him off with her body in a way he didn’t knew was possible.
The music sped up again and Tillie moved her hips on the rhythm, speeding up as well.
David was flooded with new sensations, the vice like grip on his cock, the jacking, the burning from the whiskey and the heat from her pussy. It was too much, before the song had ended he came with a deep growl. Tillie felt his cock twitch between her legs and looked at his face, caught in rapture of the orgasm she had given him.

Maggie had moved in behind them during the last part of the song, catching all of David’s cum in her scotch glass, almost filling it with the amount of cum he had produced. She had fingered herself during the show Tillie had given and was so close to orgasm herself that it was almost torture for her not to finish it.
Somehow Tillie noticed the state Maggie was in and with a flick of her wrist she pressed hard on Maggie’s clit. Through the clothing she found the spot directly and let Maggie come hard.
Maggie gasped when her orgasm came, totally unexpected she fell on her knees howling her delight.
The glass in her hand barely keeping its content in it. Tillie grinned when she heard Maggie’s orgasm.
The room was silent, only the ragged breath of Maggie and David could be heard, the song had ended.
The scent of sex was incredibly strong and Tillie was the first to move, letting David’s cock slowly slide against her pussy when she moved back.
She looked triumphantly at David who was grinning back at her. She knew then that she had him, for now and ever, he would be hers.

David just stared in amazement at his sister, she was a sex goddess he thought as even now his cock twitched with the dying sensations of his orgasm she had given him.
Maggie on her part got up and hugged both David and Tillie thanking them for coming into her life.
David didn’t bother getting dressed again and Maggie just stripped down to her hoses and pumps.
They all sat down on the couch as Tillie poured the glasses again. David wasn’t bothered by this, if he could have sex with her, who was he to tell her not to drink. But he did decide to keep an eye on her, making sure that she didn’t drink too much.
Maggie had her glass full with cum and scotch in front of her and smiled when she said “bottoms up”, drinking the glass in one go.

Tillie was about to say something when Maggie leaned over, kissing her and sharing the cum in her mouth. A little cum dripped down Maggie’s chin giving David a clue what was happening.
He drank his glass in one go, turned on the couch and pushed Maggie on top of Tillie.
Grabbing his cock with one hand he maneuvered Maggie until he could enter her cunt from behind.
Maggie was pressed on Tillie, kissing her passionately when she felt David ram his cock in her cunt.
She gasped and yelled “Fuck me, fuck me you big dicked bastard, give it all to me”.
Tillie moved a bit beneath Maggie so her pussy would be rubbed by Maggie’s leg as David fucked her.
Both girls felt each impact as David fucked Maggie’s wet cunt with great force.
David was still a bit sensitive after the great job his sister had done on him but Maggie’s cunt was demanding his full force and attention. Improving his position to enter her even deeper, David suddenly became aware of the stimulation his cock was giving Maggie. He could see and feel where her pleasure was concentrated, what areas were sensitive and where she could be pleased best.
Not only was he able to sense it in her cunt but her entire body as well. Tentatively he adjusted his trusts to reach the spots that indicated an increased sensitivity and was rewarded instantly by the louder moans Maggie produced. David started to caress Maggie’s body as well, following the patterns he could sense. More than once his hands met Tillie’s and she gave him a knowing look when their eyes met.

Soon he was fucking Maggie while instinctively following the ever shifting patterns of pleasure.
Maggie had stopped being amazed by the administrations she was getting and just rode the edge of orgasm these two kept her at. After what seemed an eternity of being at the high point of an orgasm, Maggie couldn’t take it anymore and begged for David to let her come.
David stopped pounding her for a second, removing his cock from her cunt.
“Nooo” Maggie screamed followed by an “Oh my god” when David entered her ass.
It took him four deep pounces in her ass for Maggie to have an earth shattering orgasm.
She screamed at the top of her lungs and her cunt unleashed a tidal wave of juice.
Shaking uncontrollable, her breath ragged and shallow she experienced aftershock after aftershock from her incredible orgasm. Completely satisfied, Maggie whispered a thank you before falling asleep on Tillie.
“A little help would be nice” Tillie said, pinned underneath the sleeping Maggie.
David just laughed and gently picked Maggie up, carrying her to his bedroom. He cleaned her up as best as he could and tucked her in. With a final smile at her sleeping form he went back down again to continue the sex play with his sister.

She was sitting on the couch, her legs spread and pumping a big dildo in and out of her pussy.
“I am sorry David, but I was so horny and you took so long, I just had to play with myself” she coyly said to him, a finger pulling her lower lip down in a look of innocent lust “you don’t mind do you?”
“I can’t say that I do sis” David responded and sat down in the chair opposed to her.
He tried to sense the same thing he had sensed in Maggie but now in Tillie.
After a few moments he could feel where she was sensitive and where she would become sensitive.
Tillie was following David’s action with interest, wondering what he would do next.
David focused his mind more on the hotspots, trying to see where they lead or to what they connected. He tried to visualize the hotspots when he noticed he could alter them.
A big grin appeared on his face when he joined several hotspots, making Tillie orgasm instantly.

Tillie had expected him to experiment a bit more because she was caught off guard, her orgasm intense and wild. True to form she sprayed her juices in an arc on the floor, the dildo lost in her thrashing and barely managing to stay on the couch in the side split she was still in. Her voice sounded strange to her when she screamed her delight but the forced sensation in her cunt was phenomenal. She was still in the wake of her orgasm when David got up and moved towards her.
He pointed his cock at the still dripping cunt of his sister and held her legs down as he entered her.
The thick cock entering her cunt brought a pleasurable after orgasm and the promise of more.

Tillie looked up and connected with David’s eyes. He stopped halfway in her cunt, smiling at her.
“You know that you can keep me on the edge that way too right?” she whispered.
“Build up an orgasm that would knock me out or leave me begging for more?”
“Make my nipples as sensitive and connected as my clit?” she continued in her sexy low voice.
David kept eye contact as he slowly moved deeper in her wet cunt, trying to feel and sense what she told him. With the gentlest of motions, he continued to fuck her while he tried out what she told him.

At first he just altered her feelings of his cock moving in and out of her cunt, lowering and heightening the sensitivity. Her gasps and movements told him he was successful.
With some more confidence he increased the sensitivity of her clit and moved the hotspot to her right nipple. With his cock as deep in as it could go he bend over and licked the nipple.
“Oh that’s nice, that’s very nice, please suck it, bite it and don’t let me come” she gasped as her chest came up to meet David’s face.
David flicked his tongue over her nipple, sucked softly and bit down hard.
She twisted beneath him and he could sense her orgasm coming, using what he just had learned he kept the final connection lose, keeping her on the brink of orgasm.
Forcing herself deeper on his cock, her free hand playing with her clit nipple she desperately tried to come but David kept her on the edge.
He copied the feeling to her other nipple, licking and sucking that one as well, building the force of her orgasm. The areas where he sensed her sexual energy was growing became bigger and more forceful. David intensified the sensitivity of Tillie’s cunt and started to fuck her for real.
With his mouth of her left nipple her other hand went to play with it. She was gushing juice now, her arousal at inhuman heights. All she could do was gasp for air, unable to moan or cry out.
David felt the areas getting closer to each other and when they were almost touching, he released his hold on her orgasm.

Tillie went limp and silent for a second or two, her eyes big in surprise, her mouth opened but no sound came out. Then she trembled and shook, hollering “yes, yes, yes” between her gasps. Her cunt forced David’s cock out, following it with an enormous amount of juice. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, her face red with excitement.
Her hands still on her nipples, she kept herself riding her orgasm wave for another three minutes before her body gave out and she fell back, exhausted.
David had been watching her the whole time closely, seeing the changes in energy in her body as she came and came again. He took some of the energy and tried to duplicate the pattern of her orgasm.
Tillie was finally done with her orgasm when David gave her one more. She cried out so loud that David was happy he took the most secluded house.

“That was naughty brother” Tillie said when she came back to earth.
“It was but I’ll be damned if that wasn’t the most sexy thing I have ever seen” David grinned back.
“You are a quick study, I almost fainted from the feelings you gave me, Goddess that was intense”
“Did you like it, being held back like that?” David asked wondering how it felt.
“Next time, I’ll let you feel it as well meanie, but yeah it was wonderful, very special” Tillie answered.
“You did that to Maggie too, didn’t you?” He stated, sure of it that she had.
“Yup, I did, she was in need of a good one, I could feel it” Tillie said.
“So bro” Tillie continued “what shall we do next?”
“Well” David started “I would very much like to fuck you without too much eh, special additions”
“Fine by me” Tillie said and stood up “lie down then and let me ride that glorious piece of man meat.”

David lay down on the wet couch, Tillie’s aroma strong in the air.
She straddled him, sitting down on his cock in one go saying “oh sensitive still” with a big smile.
Placing her hands just above his shoulder, she moved down to kiss him softly on the lips.
In a oval motion she started to ride his cock, her cunt muscles clamping down when he went in and loosening up when he went out, giving him an amazing feeling in his cock.
“How did you learn this” David had to ask, as the feeling was driving him insane with lust.
Tillie moved her head next to his ear, licking it and said “tonight all will be revealed my love.”
Moving up again, she increased her speed and force, coming down with an audible slap.
David started to moan and reached for her tits to play with but Tillie moved further back, placing her hands on his knees, bucking up against the bend of his cock. He gasped loudly when she did that, thinking how nimble and athletic she was while almost coming from the sensation it gave.
“No you don’t bro, not while they are still as sensitive as my clit” she panted still increasing the speed. He could feel she was holding him back and that he was ready to come. The sensations in his cock head went from pleasure to yearning to burning and when she almost was ready to come, she released her hold. His cry was as frightening as it was wondrous, his orgasm had been given a voice.
David felt his orgasm race over his body, every nerve in his body lit up in pleasure, every throb of his cock gave him a piece of heaven and when the final cum shot out he felt Tillie come as well.

They both lay on the couch, Tillie resting on top of David in his arms. His cock was still hard and buried in her cunt but they felt more comfortable that way. The joining of them was complete.
“That was wonderful” David whispered and gently kissed Tillie’s lips.
“Yes it was, it will only get better love but this was special, very special” she replied kissing him back.
“So, what will be revealed, I know something happened, I mean, I would never have taken advantage of you like this normally” David said with a bit of guilt in his voice.
“Aphrodite will come to us and she will explain all, but please my love, don’t feel guilty, just feel love, I wanted this when I was still trapped in my own mind, I fantasized about his for years.” Tillie whispered, looking him straight in the eyes “I wanted to be your princess and you would rescue me, you would take my virginity like you did last night and we would be happy forever together, for me it has all come true, so please, be happy and say you love me”
David saw the tears well up in her eyes, hugged her tightly making his cock throb in her cunt and said “I love you with all my heart, now and forever sis.”
After a few minutes of caressing and sweet words the heavy emotional charge turned back into lust.
“Feel up for more bro?” Tillie asked not waiting for his reply and started to move on his cock again.
“You bet I do but let’s get cleaned up a bit first.” David grinned wickedly.

Aphrodite was surprised and pleased, the energy from the first encounter was more than enough for what she had planned but her Oracle had taken things one step further. She had bonded with the Avatar on her own, using her love for him as a focus for her power. He had not resisted and welcomed the change, Aphrodite could sense his confusion and questions but she would answer them later. For now, the Oracle had made the Avatar whole and tonight she could finally for the first time in ages become corporeal again. With the energy gained from the love making between her Oracle and her Avatar she could even make it last a week. Aphrodite turned to the mind of the Avatar, seeking the form that would please him the most. When she found the person she was surprised to see that it was her Oracle so she adjusted her search for the form that would make him most receptive to her sexual advances. It was a professional woman in the sex industry. She liked his taste and started to form the body, it would take another hour or so but she would be ready soon.
Her crystal body was buzzing with light as the body started to take form.

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